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Watching Tyranny Unfold

Posted by V the K at 3:09 pm - July 3, 2015.
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Just posting this quote from Sultan Knish that Annie put in the comments because it’s so true and because I’ve got stuff to do.

The left does not care about gay rights. If you doubt that, consider how many of the left’s favorite Muslim countries have gay rights. The left has recently divided its campaign passions between gay marriage and defending Iran. Iran denies the existence of gays and hangs them where it finds them.

The USSR treated homosexuality as a crime even while it was recruiting gay men as spies in the West. Cuba, the darling of the American left, hated both gays and blacks. The ACLU backed the police states of Communism. If the left supports an enemy nation, the odds are excellent that it is also a violently bigoted place that makes a KKK rally look like a hippie hangout.

To understand the left, you need to remember that it does not care about 99 percent of the things it claims to care about…….

…..The purpose of power is power. The left is not seeking to achieve a set of policy goals before kicking back and having a beer. The policy goals are means of destroying societies, nations and peoples before taking over. If you allow it a policy goal, it will ram that goal down your throat. It will implement it as abusively as it can possibly can before it moves on to the next battle.

It’s not about gay marriage. It’s not about cakes. It’s about power.

More fundamentally it’s about the difference in human nature between the people who want to be left alone and those who want power over others.

You can’t work out a truce with tyrants. You can give in or stand up to them. There’s nothing else.

Whenever someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton starts talking about “unity” or “Coming Together,” what they actually mean is “All of you should just shut up and do as we tell you.”

Anyway, I guess tomorrow we can celebrate living in a country where the Government can destroy you for failure to comply with the demands of political correctness.

The Michael Sam of Science Fiction Has an Opinion on the Supreme Court

Posted by V the K at 3:42 pm - July 2, 2015.
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George Takei has an opinion on the qualifications of Justice Clarence Thomas

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there,” Takei said, later adding, “This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America. I’ll say it on camera.”

Ah, tolerance and enlightenment.

Clarence Thomas grew up in extreme poverty in the segregated south and rose to become an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

George Takei sat next to Walter Koenig pushing buttons and griping that he wasn’t as prominent as William Shatner.

The left considers one of these men worthy of respect and veneration.


Polygamy and the Price of ‘Dignity’

Posted by V the K at 8:32 am - July 2, 2015.
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A Montana polygamist family has filed for a marriage license.

It has already been decided in the Supreme Court (Reynolds v. United States) that anti bigamy laws are Constitutional. But that was before Justice Kennedy discovered a right to “Dignity” somewhere in the Constitution, and further concluded that the Constitution compels the states to recognize, certify and validate any relationship between people claiming to love each other.

One expects the gay marriage activists, having pushed open the door to redefining marriage while claiming there was no such thing as a slippery slope, to shrug this off with a “not our fight” while they push on to other things; like pushing the progressive socialist agenda.

Here is what this queer movement is doing next:We are queering Living Wages and Affordable Healthcare and Transgender Justice and Getting Old Queerly and Total Immigration Access and HIV Activism and Ending Incarceration and the Possibility of Dangerous Sexual Desires. We need to create a movement that says: Join us. Dream with us. Dare with us. Go for broke. Change the world.

State-sanctioned gay marriage came with a pretty big price tag; all your liberties belong to the State now, and as such are subject to state regulation now. And the politicians you elected because they were ‘gay-friendly’ are going to import tens of millions of units of cheap foreign labor to suppress your income, while strangling  the American economy in regulation. Their welfare policies will continue to drive the Government into an inevitably Greek bankruptcy. The activist groups you designated as ‘allies’ now want to turn criminals loose on the streets to prey on you. And I don’t even want to ponder what they mean by “Dangerous Sexual Desires.”

I hope it was worth it.


Posted by V the K at 7:55 pm - July 1, 2015.
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Well, this is depressing.

A new survey conducted in the wake of the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage last Friday found that 19 percent — or one in five Americans — believe that “religious institutions or clergy should be required to perform same-sex marriages.”

More specifically, 26 percent of Americans under the age of 40 believe that churches and clergy should be forced to preside over gay nuptials.

Combined with the Supreme Court’s discovery last week that 4 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner is valid Constitutional law and our country is ruled by Obama’s intentions and not the plain language of a law, I think we can pretty much stick a fork in the United States as a Constitutional Republic.


About That New Right to “Dignity” the Supreme Court Just Found in the Constitution

Posted by V the K at 5:28 pm - July 1, 2015.
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Nobody is ever allowed to discriminate against anyone else about anything ever.


Phony “Hate Crime” of the Day

Posted by V the K at 11:15 am - July 1, 2015.
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Unfortunately, phony hate crimes tend to lead to real diminishment of freedom, it’s all part of the plan.

21-year-old man from Utah, Richard “Rick” Jones, was the apparent victim of a series of vicious anti-gay hate crimes.

The openly gay business owner in Delta, Utah reported to local authorities that he was attacked and beaten at his family’s pizza business before the attackers held him down and carved the words “die f*g” into his arm. However, lawyers for the man have now come forward and released that the entire ordeal was faked and that it was actually Jones who had carved the words into his own arm.

Meanwhile, On Facebook…

Posted by V the K at 10:14 pm - June 30, 2015.
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So-You-Think-That-Rainbow-Makes-You-Look-CoolHat Tip: Christopher Cantwell


Gay Left Angry That People Aren’t Applauding Gay Marriage Enough

Posted by V the K at 9:28 am - June 30, 2015.
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The Atlantic has the madz because there wasn’t enough cheering for the Supreme Court’s gay marriage order.

The vast majority of teams from the four major professional sports leagues in the United States stayed curiously silent after Friday’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling.

Because it’s the job of the professional sports industry to cheer for gay rights, apparently.

Progressive Fast Food Chain Markets to Promiscuous Gays

Posted by V the K at 8:59 am - June 30, 2015.
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Chipotle has been handing out some provocative coupons at gay pride parades around the country.

The coupons are printed with the phrase “?Homo estas?” above a photo of a burrito. Below the burrito, there is text that reads, “Which way do you sway?” with arrows pointing to two buttons. One button reads “I eat tacos” and the other reads “I eat burritos.”

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said the company has used the tagline in support of Pride events for several years “and it has always been very well received in the LGBT community.” “If there are some who find it insensitive, we certainly apologize for that,” he told Business Insider.

Call it a hunch, but if Rush Limbaugh made a joke like this, there would be protests and boycotts.

There’s No Pleasing Some People

Posted by V the K at 9:50 pm - June 29, 2015.
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Some gay activists are whining that the end of the gay marriage struggle has left them… unsatisfied.

The more victories that accumulate for gay rights, the faster some gay institutions, rituals and markers are fading out. And so just as the gay marriage movement peaks, so does a debate about whether gay identity is dimming, overtaken by its own success.

“What do gay men have in common when they don’t have oppression?” asked Andrew Sullivan, one of the intellectual architects of the marriage movement. “I don’t know the answer to that yet.”

“The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” said Lisa Kron. “Because the traditional paths were closed, there was a consciousness to our lives, a necessary invention to the way we were going to celebrate and mark family and mark connection. That felt magical and beautiful.”

Oh, dear, what will they ever do now? What is next for the gay left. Reparations, perhaps?


The MFM Are Wrong; Last Week Was Not a Good Week for Republicans

Posted by V the K at 7:43 pm - June 29, 2015.
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The Media/Establishment consensus seems to be that losing two major issues at the Supreme Court (Obamacare and Gay Marriage) was actually *good* for Republicans. If the SCOTUS had held Obamacare to the actual language of the law and struck down the subsidies, Republicans would have quickly restored them; all the while trying to pretend that they weren’t really saving Obamacare. Gay marriage is now “off the table,” the “know-betters” tell us, and this is also good for Republicans.

No, it isn’t. Here’s why.

Imagine there were two restaurants in town, the Democrat Bistro and Cafe Republican. Imagine that the two restaurants were basically the same, except that Cafe Republican serves red meat and Democrat Bistro removed it from their menu back in the 90′s and has become increasingly vegetarian ever since. Cafe Republican has been told for years it needs to stop serving meat to be competitive with the Democrat Bistro. In fact, the Yelp reviews for Cafe Republican are filled with bad reviews, mostly from customers of the Democrat Bistro, most of them attacking Cafe Republican for serving red meat.

So, finally, Cafe Republican relents and takes meat (i.e. Social Conservatism) off the menu. And they won’t replace it with anything else, they’re just taking it off the menu.

If you were customer at Cafe Republican and meat was your main reason for eating there, why would you keep eating there?

And suppose Cafe Republican kept promising you that they would replace the meat on its menu with something you would like just as much, but instead they just copied stuff off the Democrat Bistro menu; claiming it was necessary to bring in Democrat Bistro customers.

If you were a customer at the Democrat Bistro, why would you switch to Cafe Republican?

Is the metaphor obvious enough?

The GOP has a very discouraged base because their Senate and House majorities have done little but advance the Democrat agenda; fully funding Obamacare, fully funding Executive Amnesty, confirming all of Obama’s appointments, and granting Obama unlimited trade authority. A Democrat Congress would have done exactly the same thing.

Further, the social conservative segment of the base may well decide “why bother?” It’s bad enough fighting for a lost cause; but when a former ally becomes neutral, there’s no point in being on their team.

So, social conservatives abandon the GOP. The GOP thinks this isn’t a problem because they’ll be replaced with moderates and maybe some Democrats. So far, in the northeast and California, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Rethinking the Tax Exempt Status of Churches

Posted by V the K at 8:17 pm - June 28, 2015.
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With last week’s decision imposing gay marriage on the entirety of the country despite lacking any legitimate Constitutional authority to do so, the Supreme Court has put the radical left within striking distance of one of its most ambitious objectives; the taxation (and regulation) of religious institutions and houses of worship.

Drew M. at AoSHQ doesn’t think it’s a bad idea.

US bishops have spent decades advocating liberal big government programs (ObamaCare, as long as they are exempted and amnesty spring to mind) all while enjoying an exemption from its effects or sharing in the burden of the costs via their tax exemption.

Well they are going to get a taste of what they’ve been building and they aren’t going to like it one bit.

While I will lament to loss of an important American value, it won’t be the first progressives have killed. But I will laugh as they and others like them are shocked that the government they are so happy to sic on others turns on them.

Added: In the interest of interfaith comity I should note I’m looking forward to synagogues and mosques being taxed as well.

90-95% of your congregants vote for Democrats? Well, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to be subject to even more of what they impose on the rest of us.

Time to Pop the Corns

Posted by V the K at 8:05 pm - June 28, 2015.
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A Gay Pride Parade in Chicago (cough, silly anachronism, cough) was disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protesters; who are angry that teh gheys get what they want, but nobody’s agreed to disband the police or cough up slavery reparations yet.

While You Were Busy High-Fiving Each Other

While American gays were wallowing in self-centered narcissism and spite

On Friday my phone was blowing up with messages, asking if I’d seen the news. Some expressed disbelief at the headlines. Many said they were crying.

None of them were talking about the dozens of people gunned down in Sousse, Tunisia, by a man who, dressed as a tourist, had hidden his Kalashnikov inside a beach umbrella. Not one was crying over the beheading in a terrorist attack at a chemical factory near Lyon, France. The victim’s head was found on a pike near the factory, his body covered with Arabic inscriptions. And no Facebook friends mentioned the first suicide bombing in Kuwait in more than two decades, in which 27 people were murdered in one of the oldest Shiite mosques in the country.

They were talking about the only news that mattered: gay marriage.

Not all the gay lefties were high-fiving each other; some were being bitter and hateful. So, I guess, it was just another day to them.

And the Award for Stupidest Response to the SCOTUS Gay Marriage…

Posted by V the K at 3:23 pm - June 27, 2015.
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… surprisingly, the winner is not Andrew Sullivan but Foreign Policy magazine, which asks Can Gay Marriage Defeat ISIS, and stupidly concludes that it can.

Do you want to fight the Islamic State and the forces of Islamic extremist terrorism? I’ll tell you the best way to send a message to those masked gunmen in Iraq and Syria and to everyone else who gains power by sowing violence and fear. Just keep posting that second set of images [of gay people celebrating the gay marriage order]. Post them on Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and in comments all over the Internet. Send them to your friends and your family. Send them to your pen pal in France and your old roommate in Tunisia. Send them to strangers.

That’s the lesson of history: Brutality and fear can keep people down for only so long. The Nazis learned this; the Soviets learned it; the Ku Klux Klan learned it; Pol Pot learned it; the Rwandan génocidaires learned it.

I had no idea that the Nazis and Soviets were defeated by hashtags and idiot transparent rainbows on facebook profile pics. This must be from the “Underwater Gay Sailor” school of strategic thinking.

Hat tip: Sooper Mexican

Random Thought Without Any Links

Posted by V the K at 8:09 pm - June 26, 2015.
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If you take all the white guys who are running for president as Republicans out of the mix, the quality of the field improves markedly.

Sure, Why Not?

Posted by V the K at 8:08 pm - June 26, 2015.
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Gay marriage is legal mandatory now in all 50 states, so why not polygamy?

Now that we’ve defined that love and devotion and family isn’t driven by gender alone, why should it be limited to just two individuals?” he writes. “The most natural advance next for marriage lies in legalized polygamy—yet many of the same people who pressed for marriage equality for gay couples oppose it.”

DeBoer agrees with Chief Justice John Roberts that the reasoning in Obergefell v. Hodges could just as easily apply to polygamous marriages as gay marriages. He notes that now that child-rearing has been rejected as the rationale for marriage, traditional arguments against polygamy have been weakened.

It’s hard to find fault with his reasoning.


Well, Now What?

Posted by V the K at 11:27 am - June 26, 2015.
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Was asked this morning if now that the gay rights special interests have what they want, they will be happy?

Of course they will not be happy. They cannot afford to be happy. Does anyone really expect the Professional Activist Class to fold their tents and look for jobs in the Obama economy just because five social justice warriors in black robes have usurped democracy to impose their preferred social policies on a nation of 330 Million?

Does anyone expect the gay left to be gracious toward their defeated opponents? If you were taught about American history in a pre-Common Core school, you know how the victors treated the defeated after the last civil war. If not, Google “Reconstruction.”  (Spoiler alert: Not very well.) Or simply consider the recent experiences of Christian bakers and florists who did not wish to participate in gay weddings.

Does anyone expect the activist left to be satisfied with their political victory?  If you’ve studied the history of the Civil Rights movement, you know they didn’t stop after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. There are plenty of new frontiers for the Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarians to pursue and keep the donations to the Sharptons and Jacksons of the HRC and other professional activist organizations rolling in:

  • Banning disagreement or criticisms of gay behavior through “anti-bullying” and “hate speech” legislation
  • Mandating school curricula to include “gay history” as well as museums and monuments to be demanded to gay heroes like Harry Hay, Larry Bruckner, and Harvey Milk
  • Forcing religious institutions to recognize gay marriages
  • Churches must be forced to perform gay marriages or lose tax exempt status. (Mosques, probably not)

No, this is not the end. This is nowhere near the end. This is just another milestone on the road to our social Pyongyang. The Supreme Court has rejected the rule of law twice in two days in favor of the whims of a Judiciary Politburo.

Here’s some irony for ya, though. In Justice Roberts’s dissent, he writes “Under the Constitution, judges have power to say what the law is, not what it should be. ” Which is exactly right, but in his Obamacare ruling yesterday, he was arguing the exact opposite.


The Next Target for the Left’s Cultural Purge?

Posted by V the K at 8:32 am - June 26, 2015.
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As Confederate Flag hysteria reaches new heights, some have begun to wonder if the television series ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ will be memory-holed from our culture. Beyond featuring a car with the Confederate Battle Emblem on the roof named the ‘General Lee,’ the Dukes of Hazzard was a celebration of rural southern culture. Back when the southern states were solidly Democrat, the national culture was a lot more supportive of southern culture. Only since the south has turned red has the media culture turned against them.

There was another show in the 1970′s that was iconically liberal; M*A*S*H. M*A*S*H was steeped in the left-wing ideology of the time. War was never the answer. Patriots were buffoons. The communists were the good guys. Women were strong and empowered. All of the pieties of the 1970′s Hollywood left were on full display.

Nowadays, M*A*S*H would run afoul of the PC Police.

  • Alan Alda’s Captain Hawkeye Pierce (a 1970′s Liberal icon) would be a serial rapist by contemporary feminist definitions of the word.
  • The character of Corporal Max Klinger would be deemed offensive to the transgendered because his cross-dressing is intended to demonstrate mental illness.
  • In early episodes, there was a black character whose name was, I am not making this up, “Spearchucker.”

One generation’s liberal pieties are the next generation’s abominations. It demonstrates what a fickle, emotion-driven beast modern liberalism is. It’s not based on a set of proven values, but on whatever is trendy at the time.

One can foresee a time when all pre-Obama television shows and movies (except maybe for scifi shows and things set in “alternate realities”) are simply banned lest people be reminded how free and prosperous America was before Obama.

A bitter Klinger

A bitter Klinger

More Make-Believe Stuff You Will Be Required to Care About

Posted by V the K at 7:58 am - June 26, 2015.
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In the fantasy world inhabited by the radical left, it is apparently possible for men to menstruate.  (And to claim that men cannot have periods marks you as an “anti-science” bigot or something.