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Economist: US Military Should End DADT

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:54 pm - February 28, 2005.
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Thanks to Charging Rhino for bringing this Economist editorial to my attention.

Gay warriors – Economist

President Bush make some real progress with the gay community by either directly or indirectly allowing DADT to fall by the wayside. After all, under Bush DADT-related discharges are at an all-time low anyway…. after the spike under William Jefferson Clinton (the Gay Messiah).

The problem of course is the Gay Street activists loathe Bush so much and refuse to even work with the Administration (and instead calls him ‘evil’). If there were more open dialogue, perhaps there’d be a chance to bring DADT to a quiet end. The other problem is even if DADT ended, you know the gay lefties would find someway to criticize Bush and continue to call him evil.

But I have some hope. DADT isn’t as red-hot of an issue as gay marriage… and the discharges of the gay Arabic-speaking analysts in a time of war certainly resonate in Red State America, in my view.

Might we see some movement here? Let’s hope.

Promising Log Cabin News from Maine

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:47 pm - February 28, 2005.
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This comes from a GayPatriot correspondent in the snowy state of Maine. (We are everywhere! *evil laugh* Heh.)

Anyway, I thought this was some good information that the GP reader agreed I could pass along to y’all.

A couple weekends ago Jeff Cook, the national field director for Log Cabin, was in town to discuss the launch of a Maine chapter. I was one of just four people to show up! (On the bright side, I?ve heard there are about 30 or so interested people.)
Part of our discussion focused on our concerns that LCR was too liberal, with all (four) of us agreeing that LCR should have endorsed Bush last year. Jeff told us that LCR?s support for Social Security reform has really helped mend ties with the White House, and they?ve had regular meetings. Then Jeff talked about the upcoming convention, and when he mentioned that Chris Matthews was going to be there, I pointed out that he?s a Democrat. Jeff said that Chris would only be facilitating a discussion (in his famous Hardball style), and not really giving a speech, which is why he?s in. (I know you had mentioned it on your blog, so I just wanted to pass on to you a reply right from LCR.)

The meeting left me optimistic about LCR?s current direction, and I?m seriously considering getting involved with the new Maine chapter. And if worst comes to worst, and it turns too liberal on me, at least I can resign in protest! Anyway, love the blog; I check it several times a day. Keep it up!

Oscar Night Regurgitation

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:22 am - February 28, 2005.
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I use the term “regurgitation” on purpose. The evidence that Hollywood is out of step with America, and even more self-absorbed than it has ever been, was on display last night at the Oscars.

Three prime examples:

1 – Chris Rock’s anti-Bush rant in his opening monologue. Hey, Chris…. we won the election by over 3 million votes. And people across the Middle East are in the midst of a democratic revolution. But more importantly, we won the election. And don’t try the “support the troops” comeback after you have just demeaned the Commander In Chief that the troops adore.

UPDATE:USA Today’s Review of Chris Rock

Unfortunately, what many viewers are most likely to remember ? particularly those who feel Hollywood is out of touch with many of its customers ? is Rock’s lengthy attack on George Bush.

It went over big with the crowd, and if you voted for John Kerry, you probably found it amusing. But that routine had nothing to do with the Oscars, either, and it very likely sent half the audience fleeing from what was otherwise a politics-free evening.

As PatriotPartner said last night after the Bush rant… “if you weren’t going to blog about this, I’d be changing the channel right now.”

2 – Number of on-stage participants wearing the American flag in at least an attempt to support our troops in a time of war: One — Adam Sandler.

3 – Number of times last night that an Academy Award winner thanked God for his/her talents: ZERO.

“Using homophobia to destroy a Republican operative”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:23 pm - February 25, 2005.
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A few months ago, I wrote that Lou Chibbaro Jr is “quite possibly the best reporter writing for the gay press.” Today, in “THE WASHINGTON BLADE,” he once again shows his sterling journalistic qualities, writing a piece on the debate over the newsworthiness of the sex life of gay journalists.

In a previous post, I made clear my opposition to reporters (or bloggers for that matter) invading the “private lives of individuals in the public eye.” My blog-league has made that point of numerous occasions, most recently here. On this one at least, we agree with Andrew Sullivan. (I tend to find Andrew at his strongest when he stands up against such invasions of privacy.)

In Lou’s piece today, he covers both sides of the debate, even quoting his own editor acknowledging that their paper erred: “in retrospect, our reporting went considerably further than necessary to raise the ‘hypocrisy’ issue for readers.”

Lou gets it right when he reports:

Had the Guckert story remained focused on whether he had been operating as a conservative shill to promote the president’s agenda, it most likely would have died a quiet death, most media commentators have said.


Friday Afternoon Hate Mail

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:17 pm - February 25, 2005.
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You know this Ridor guy is very obsessed with commenting on this blog. He insults other commentors to the point that I’ve repeatedly asked him (nicely at first) to stop visiting her. But he is like a stalker, so I’ve had to ban him from the site. But now, he still sends me hate mail like this (spelling and grammatical errors left intact):

you re typical loser — you lcaim to be reputable. but you lack the
name of your own — just like jeff gannon.

get a life. i can always hop on a public computer and gets in your hair. simply like that.

Woo weee…. let’s hop on that publik computre and gits in me hair, fella.

Sheesh. And he wants ME to get a life. LOL.

Gannongate and Homophobia of the Left

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:35 pm - February 25, 2005.
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Has Andrew Sullivan been reading GayPatriot on our GannonGate comments?? Here and here and here and here. It sure seems like it!

Daily Dish – February 25

In any case, he hits my anger at this hypocrisy of the left right on the nose.

The real scandal is the blatant use of homophobic rhetoric by the self-appointed Savonarolas of homo-left-wingery. It’s an Animal Farm moment: the difference between a fanatic on the gay left and a fanatic on the religious right is harder and harder to discern. Just ask yourself: if a Catholic conservative blogger had found out that a liberal-leaning pseudo-pundit/reporter was a gay sex worker, had outed the guy as gay and a “hooker,” published pictures of the guy naked, and demanded a response from a Democratic administration, do you think gay rights groups would be silent? They’d rightly be outraged. But the left can get away with anything, can’t they? Especially homophobia.

You got it, Sully. We’ve been making that case on saying that here for weeks on a variety of subjects.

UPDATE: A GP Reader notes that this cartoon is up at “Would the gay left find this cartoon funny if the shoe were on the other foot?” Of course not, there would be outrage all over Gay Street.
Why is homophobia now a talking point of the left wing? And they call me self-loathing! *grin*


Anti-Americanism on USA college campuses

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:20 am - February 25, 2005.
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I have noticed a disturbing rash of anti-American sentiment, and blind academic acceptance of that sentiment, growing on our college campuses.

Everyone is familiar with the outrageous Ward Churchill controversy where he equated the victims of 9/11 as the same as Nazi bureaucrats. But there is much more going on in our nation’s liberal bastions of knowledge.

There is this somewhat dated item from Michigan. The speaker, author Walter Mosley, said at a Martin Luther King symposium that thousands of black people he talked to after the attacks of 9/11 said they understood why the terrorists attacked us because they too had been oppressed by the US government like the hijackers.

When Liberals Collide – Black Gays vs. White Queers

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:23 am - February 25, 2005.
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Here’s an interesting column in today’s Washington Blade.

White privilege harms struggleIrene Monroe

Check out the racist code language in here. It is absolutely obvious and hysterical! White gay people are privileged “queers”, but don’t mess with the “African-American LGBTQ community.” If such language were used in a column by a conservative columnist, you know there would be hell to pay.

And, you can’t get through a liberal gay column without our good friend, the Victimization Complex, having to pay a visit.

Leaving out the voices of LGBTQ people of color, the same-sex marriage debate is being hijacked by a white upper class queer universality that not only renders these marginalized queer communities invisible, but ? as it is presently framed ? also renders them speechless.

Wow, what power these white queers have!!! According to this columnist, they are practically putting the African-American LGBTQ community under Free Speech house arrest! Oh, the outrage. I’m surprised that Ms. Monroe was allowed to buy a pen from the evil white queers to even write her column.

As I said regarding the Grease Truck incident… we have come a long way out of our “oppression” if this is the type of bull that the gay community is fighting over in Boston.

So, once again this is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the gay liberal radicals. They mouth the words “diversity” but they can’t help falling into their own hate-filled, paradoxical separatist tendencies, can they?

Condi — Our Official Diva

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:24 am - February 25, 2005.
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Got an email this morning from GPW…. he saw this pic on Blaster’s Blog and rightly said that Condi Rice is hot and is his new diva. I agree, and had to reprint the photo. Oh please let her run for President in 2008.


UPDATE (from GPW): When I e-mailed GP, I forgot to tip my hat to Polipundit for alerting me to this picture. Check out Lorie’s post and follow the links both in comments as well as the post for some good stuff on our diva. Guess it’s time to take down my Ethel Merman poster and replace it with a picture of Condi.

Job Discrimination Protection… the real gay “civil right”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:58 am - February 25, 2005.
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Forget marriage. It is the wrong issue at the wrong time. Also, it isn’t quite clear to me anyway why the gay activists have put the line in the sand on marriage and declared it “the ultimate gay civil right.”

No. As a number of commenters have said the past day or so, there are many ways to protect you and your partner’s relationship without conquering this titanic struggle over “marriage.” Frankly, I’m wondering if “marriage” has more to do with the Human Rights Campaign raising more money with a sexy issue than anything else? Sorry, they are a bunch of money grubbing cocktail clinking elitists.

But back to my true point…. the REAL gay civil right, my friends, is protection of gays and lesbians in the workplace. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be accomplished if you are harassed or never hired because you are gay. And that is where our sole focus should be, not riding full-speed against the Marriage Windmills.

And in the true spectrum of this gay civil rights struggle…. job discrimination…. there is progress.

Now, I will first admit I saw both of these items in an email from the HRC.

Washington State House Passes Gay Non-Discrimination Bill – Seattle Times

Montana State Senate Passes Bill Barring Bias Against Gays, Lesbians – Great Falls Tribune

But there is a reason why you don’t hear about job discrimination as much as marriage from HRC or the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and others. First, because there is actual progress going on and that goes against the Gay Left’s Victimization Campaign — everyone is against us.

And second, because the Gay Left’s interests are not yours. They are anti-capitalistic, pro-abortion, anti-War on Terror, and anti-religion. Their interests are to raise more money and cast all Republicans as evil concentration camps builders.

So don’t listen to The Advocate and your local shrill gay newspaper when they tell you about all this darned oppression and moving backwards in time to the stone ages. Dig deeper. Ask yourself why the Gay Borg want you to think the way they do… and then look at your wallet and you will know the answer.

Ending gay/lesbian job discrimination is the true gay civil rights struggle we could be winning. But your leaders are abandoning you in the name of marriage.

A question raised by “HOTEL RWANDA”–when should the U.S. intervene against tyranny?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:58 am - February 25, 2005.
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If I were an Oscar voter, I would, like Roger Simon have voted for Don Cheadle for Best Actor and Sophie Okonedo for Best Supporting Actress for their work in “HOTEL RWANDA.” Had that movie been up for Best Picture, I would be rooting for it in Sunday’s ceremony.

While the movie does have a Hollywood moment toward the end, it is far from a Hollywood movie. Indeed, not since “THE PIANIST” have I seen a movie this good that is this difficult to watch. The movie highlights the heroism of Paul Rusesabagina (played by Cheadle) who, in 1994, sheltered hundreds of his fellow Rwandans in a hotel, saving many of them from almost certain slaughter by a radical Hutu militia, allied with the then-Rwandan government.

The world stood silently by as this militia murdered at least 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in three months. Reflecting on the movie in today’s Opinion Journal, Daniel Henninger writes:

The Rwandan genocide was not spontaneous. It was organized, its intent knowable at an early stage. It is plausible, in retrospect, that a limited military intervention in Rwanda–by European or African nations–would have forestalled that genocide. Was there a moment when we could have stopped Milosevic’s militias?

Many of my fellow conservatives fault President Clinton for his failure to act, yet too few of them suggest what we could have done to stop the genocide.

I agree with HRC?!?!

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:29 pm - February 24, 2005.
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After a busy past twenty-four hours, I finally had the chance to get through a backlog of e-mail and discovered among the various missives an op-ed from Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation Vice President Winnie Stachelberg and a link to an HRC press release on the costs of “one of the great injustices and follies of our time,” (the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell (DADT) policy).

While I don’t agree with everything in Ms. Stachelberg’s Op-ed, she’s right that with news of a “possible new, more virulent strain” of HIV, we “need a redoubled effort to create new prevention strategies.” And she makes this interesting observation:

The most recent issue of one of the most popular GLBT magazines had 6 six pages of glossy full-color ads for HIV drugs. There were zero pages of HIV prevention advertising.

Her words made me wonder whether or not these images of handsome and healthy men frolicking about in ads for HIV drugs cause gay men to discount the consequences of infection. (Which could help explain why, even when knowing the risks, some gay men still have unsafe sex.)

“…But I support the troops”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:33 pm - February 24, 2005.
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Do you get as angry with the anti-war radicals who try the PR line “I oppose the war in Iraq, but I support the troops.”

Yeah?….Bull__t! They wouldn’t know how to say “thank you” to an American soldier if Karl Marx had written the instruction book on how to do it. Unfortunately, the gay activist community continually sides with the anti-war, anti-capitalism radicals…. thereby creating another negative stereotype about the “gay community” for America.

Well, this sarcastic column at The Onion article pretty much sums up the reverse position of that pathetic rationalization that the anti-war fascists against Democracy use. (Hat tip – Best of the Web)

Lynn Swann for Governor of PA!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:30 pm - February 24, 2005.
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Okay… sign me up! As a former Pennsylvanian, I am so excited about this prospect I can barely stay in my seat. First of all, Rendell has been a disaster. Second of all, how cool will it be to have an African American REPUBLICAN Governor from the not-Blue-much-longer Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!?! (Hat tip – VtheK)

Lynn Swann Forms Gubernatorial Committee – Channel 4 News, Pittsburgh

GOP’er Protecting Gays from Abortion

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:47 am - February 24, 2005.
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This idea may sound crazy at first, but man what a sea change for this simple, conservative concept to be coming out of a REPUBLICAN legislator. Of course, I’d be more impressed if it were Augusta, Georgia rather than Augusta, Maine. But I like where the inspiration came from, too.

Maine House Bill Would Protect Fetuses Carrying the “Gay Gene” – Magic City Morning Star (hat tip – GayOrbit)

Duprey received the idea for this bill when listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show. ?I heard Rush saying that the day the ?gay gene? is determined to be real, that overnight gays would become pro-life,? Duprey said.

?Most people would agree that to kill someone just because that person might be gay would constitute a hate crime,? said Duprey. ?I have heard from women who told me that if they found out that they were carrying a child with the gay gene, then they would abort. I think this is wrong. Those unborn children should be protected.?

I wish I’d have heard this story before I went on McMullen’s show yesterday!

Welcome to readers of The Corner!

The Arab Berlin Wall Is Falling

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:30 am - February 24, 2005.
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Since you won’t hear this news on ABCNBCNYTCBS… I wanted to make sure you saw it here even though I know other bloggers are covering it…

The Arab Berlin Wall —

Walid Jumblatt, patriarch of Lebanon’s Druze community “and, until recently, a man who accommodated Syria’s occupation” said the following:

“It’s strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq,” explains Jumblatt. “I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world.” Jumblatt says this spark of democratic revolt is spreading. “The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it.”

I doubt the Wall would be falling had John Kerry been elected and delayed the elections in Iraq. Just a hunch.

UPDATE: BoiFromTroy has a photo from a “Free Lebanon” rally in Los Angeles.

Mandatory HIV Testing Redux

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:19 am - February 24, 2005.
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Here is a disturbing story out of New York City (home of the “super AIDS virus”).

New AIDS Shock in NYC —

New York City’s health department Wednesday acknowledged that an estimated 45,000 residents are HIV-positive but do not know it. The figure raises the official count of PWAs by 50 percent. New York already has 88,000 people living with HIV/AIDS.

Last week I commented on a opinion survey showing that a majority of physicians and the general public supported mandatory HIV testing. I said I was very torn about this.

However, stories like this one really get me wondering if mandatory HIV testing might be the only way to help stop the spread. I am obviously very concerned about privacy, discrimination issues, and unfortunate mistakes like the one in West Palm Beach, FL. But at some point, the benefit/risk test must be applied for society as a whole and those who are unaware they are infected.

My biggest concern about mandatory testing is the fact that our healthcare system is not adequately prepared to deal with the privacy safeguards and counseling that would be needed.

But I do have to tell you, I’m leaning toward supporting mandatory HIV testing. We should have cracked this disease through other means many years ago.

Update on Rutgers Gay Thought Police

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:02 am - February 24, 2005.
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I found out that FOX News covered the “Grease Truck” incident at Rutgers yesterday. There is video at this FOX News link about the story.

I’m sorry, I just find this quote from the Grease Truck owner absolutely priceless.

“I’m very upset. We’re all very upset,” he said. “I’ve been selling [Fat] Bitches for 14 years.”

American Flag Retirement Program

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:23 am - February 24, 2005.
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I call your attention to this worthy cause being run by the “Kitchen Table Gang.”

You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you.
Send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors and dignity pursuant to the United States Flag Code Section 8K.
We have been doing this for he past seven years. Our flag retirement ceremonies are held on Flag Day, June 14th each year and are conducted by an all volunteer U.S. Marine Corps Honor Guard led by GySgt. Dan Kelley.

I Survived the John McMullen Show!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:02 pm - February 23, 2005.
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Just ended the interview/call-in segment with John McMullen on SIRIUS OutQ radio. I think it went well, though we got caught up too long in my opinion on the subject of “outing” Congressional staffers — but that is why this blog started.

Interestingly, as my interview was ending, the last caller subtly threw out the usual, but tired “you are a Jew working for the Nazis.” And she suggested we are all headed for those rumored “gay concentration camps” to be slaughtered.

I just laughed and told John that for the past 10 years, I’ve been warned by my gay Democrat friends about these feared gay camps — probably somewhere in Montana.

John said that he had never heard of that…. I said all you have to do is look at any of the left wing bloggers and it is always there. And, I said “that type of rhetoric is simply unproductive.”

So there we go…. I hope some of you were able to listen.