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Heteronormative at Harvard

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 11:12 pm - March 11, 2005.
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Today, I am inaugurating a new topic, “Gay P.C. Silliness.” Under this topic, we will blog on actions or statements where gay writers, activists or leaders make absurd comments in their pursuit of “gay rights” or in their consideration of the position of gays in contemporary society. Please feel free to e-mail us linking us to some of the silly comments you find. Perhaps, we will find some suitable way to honor the person who comes ups with the silliest case of gay political correctness.

The inaugural post on this topic is about a word heretofore unknown to me–heteronormative–which one web-site defines as “Those punitive rules (social, familial, and legal) that force us to conform to hegemonic, heterosexual standards for identity. The term is a short version of “normative heterosexuality.” So, amused was I by the story I relate below that I googled heterormative and came up with more than 35,000 hits.

Last week, I read on OpinionJournal’s Best of the Web about a group of gay students at Harvard upset that actress Jada Pinkett Smith made heteronormative comments, narrowly defining “the roles of men and women in relationships.” Apparently, “some of Pinkett Smith’s remarks concerning appropriate gender roles were specific to heterosexual relationships.” Oh no! A straight woman talking about heterosexual relationships!

Barney Frank’s “sharp partisanship”

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:43 pm - March 11, 2005.
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Although openly gay Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank distinguished himself at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland by taking on the anti-American bias of Eason Jordan, CNN’s then-Chief News Executive, he has recently returned to his narrow partisan ways. Earlier this week, he blasted New York’s Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg for appealing a “state judge’s ruling ordering the city to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Frank, however, did not mention that the Empire State’s likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee for ’06, Eliot Spitzer, like New York City’s Republican Mayor, also favors appealing the state court decision. Nor did he attack either of New York’s Democratic Senators (Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton) who, unlike Mayor Bloomberg, oppose gay marriage.

Thus, like so many gay activists, Barney Frank’s opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s decision is mere partisan grandstanding. It’s not the Mayor’s stand that bothers him so much as the Mayor’s political affiliation. That irritating R after his name. Gay City News reporter Andy Humm got it right when he wrote the Frank is “not unknown for his sharp partisanship.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Quote on lesbians, gay men & politics

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:24 pm - March 11, 2005.
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While my blog-league claims to be a lesbian, I too have been called a lesbian. (If there’s adequate interest, I’ll relate a story where a real lesbian insisted that I was a lesbian.)

Anyway, I’m trying to track down a quote for a post I’m working on. Does anyone know who said this (or something like it): “I’ve heard of women becoming lesbians for political reasons, but never of a man becoming gay for political reasons.” I want to get the quotation right, put it into context and identify the clever individual who initially made this observation.

Please e-mail me or comment if you have information about the source of the expression bolded above.

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

A few seats left at GayPatriot table for Log Cabin/LA dinner on 03-28

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 12:01 pm - March 11, 2005.
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We only have a few seats left at the GayPatriot table for the March 28 Dinner of the Log Cabin Republicans of Los Angeles at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. Conservative Hollywood writer Ben Stein will be the featured speaker and a gay-friendly conservative L.A. columnist will be a guest at our table.

If you’d like to join our table, please e-mail me to hold a place. (And will be allocated on first-come, first-serve basis.) Tickets are $50 a piece ($10 less than if you reserved directly through Log Cabin/LA). The events starts at 6:30 PM, with dinner at 8:00 P.M.

UPDATE: BoiFromTroy has just confirmed that he will be joining us for this dinner.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

9/11 Worries Led to 1,200 More US Deaths

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:12 am - March 11, 2005.
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Interesting! Hat Tip: Right Side of the Rainbow.

Post Sept-11 US Driving…Another Toll of Attacks – Reuters (Ed. Note: the headline was so poorly written, I had to add the “…” for it to make some sense!)

Americans were so worried about air travel after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that they crowded the nation’s roadways, boosting the traffic fatality rate by nearly 1,200 deaths, researchers said on Thursday.

“These additional lives lost on the road represent a cost of terrorism that is more persistent, if less visible, than casualties of the 9/11 attacks themselves,” said the authors of a new study — “The Impact of Sept. 11 on Road Fatalities: The Other Lives Lost to Terrorism.”

NFL: Gay “OK”, Lesbian “No Way”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:06 am - March 11, 2005.
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This one is for all you sports fans out there….

War of words: ‘Gay’ was not OK on NFL fan jerseys, ‘lesbian’ still banned –

At the time, ?gay? was one of more than 1,100 words and phrases deemed off-limits by the NFL, according to a list obtained by Outsports and posted on its site. The list included relatively tame phrases like ?Cocky? and ?Poor White Trash,? along with more eye-popping profanity including ?Ass Blaster? and ?Sperm Herder.?

Gay-affirming phrases like ?Lesbian? and ?Gay Pride? are also forbidden, as is ?Jesus Christ,? according to the list.

So, I’m guessing “homoerotic” probably is a “no, no” too?