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A military blogger comes out against DADT

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:19 pm - April 29, 2005.
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In an e-mail, blog reader Synova linked me to this excellent piece by a military blogger who doesn’t think there’s a good reason to exclude gays from the military:

I think it’s time to stop pretending there are no gay people in the military. Don’t ask, don’t tell is a silly policy that doesn’t give our troops credit for their tolerance. No one gains from this and it gives weasel protestors a meager moral advantage as they oppose military recruiting.

Uncle Jimbo, “Madison’s favorite hawk,” takes issues with Elaine Donnelly’s USA TODAY column favoring the continued exclusion of gays from serving in the military.

Since Uncle Jimbo is a military guy without a gay agenda, his piece carries particular weight. If we’re ever going to get rid of “one of the great injustices and follies of our time,” more military guys like him need to speak out against the ban. When the American people see this as an issue of military effectiveness, they’ll come on board and pressure their legislators to change the law. Jimbo makes a better case than I could ever make on this issue, so just read the WHOLE THING!!


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