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My Thoughts on Sully

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:19 pm - June 21, 2005.
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I share Dan’s sadness and frustration that Andrew Sullivan has taken on his blog and in his published writings. And I agree with one of our readers that Andrew seems to pick the contrarian position on nearly everything when the convention wisdom view has changed, or is muddied.

That isn’t the Reagan way.

Now, I must add in fairness that Andrew has been good to this blog and has stood with us on the issues of forced outings. For that I thank him.

But I note the utter irony of his Tuesday posting regarding HIV’s decline….

African-Americans are still most at risk. But this is good news in general, which is why you won’t read about it in the New York Times. They prefer to hyper-ventilate over one case, rather than a study based on 1,732,419 servicemembers.

Yet that is precisely what Sullivan and Durbin are doing with their exaggerated comparisons of one incident at Gitmo (holding foreign criminal terrorists with no right under the US Constitution) versus Nazi Germany (systematically murdering millions of civilians in their own nation).

-Bruce (GayPatriot) —

Summer Night in Philadelphia

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:25 pm - June 21, 2005.
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It was a beautiful night in Philly…



What Happened to Andrew?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:41 pm - June 21, 2005.
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It seems that the only times I now read Andrew Sullivan’s blog are when conservative blogs link him to wonder at his excesses (as Hugh Hewitt did yesterday). Andrew’s was once the first blog I read (indeed, oftentimes the only blog I read everyday). I knew him when I lived in D.C. and even gave money to his site.

His fall is a sad one. He was the first gay writer/speaker (with a national platform) to challenge the left-wing orthodoxy that pervades the gay community. And now he seems to have become a spokesman for that orthodoxy.

I acknowledge that it is easier for me to speak out as a gay conservative because of the hits Andrew took when he first came out as a gay conservative in the late 1980s.

But, now his overblown rhetoric is appalling. Hugh cites a recent post which Andrew concludes “it’s people like Dick Durbin who prove that some can actually stand up against this stain on American honor and call it what it is. Good for him. Thank God for him.”

Andrew would be right if he merely called torture a “stain on American honor,” would be right to condemn torture when it occurs, but, he’s wrong to praise Senate’s Number Two Democrat for his latest comments. When Andrew (and others like him) so praise Mr. Durbin, Hugh writes, they are “buying into the Nazi/Stalinist/Pol Pot comparison, which simply takes them off the field of serious argument.”

Right-Of-Center Bloggers Declare “Who’s Screwing Up America”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:43 pm - June 21, 2005.
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John Hawkins, of RightWingNews & ConservativeGrapevine and good friend to this blog, was generous in offering Dan and I a chance to participate in his “Right-of-Center” blog survey.

Right-Of-Center Bloggers Tell Us Who Is Screwing Up America – RightWingNews

We were asked to send a list up to 20 people of the folks we think are “screwing up America.” Forty-six other bloggers participated, and tied for first place…


My only complaint about the survey…. can’t I do anything without BoiFromTroy doing it too? *big friendly-competitive-rivalry grin*