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The REAL Torture at Gitmo…continued

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:49 pm - June 27, 2005.
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You may recall in my post last week regarding the hyper-defensive reaction of Democrats to Karl Rove’s correct assessment about their weakness in the War on Terror (Methinks the Dems Protesteth Too Much – June 24)… that I made the following statement:

You have heard liberals/Democrats talk ad nauseum about their “support for the troops” though the oppose the War on Terror’s Iraq Theatre. Really? Then why are elected Democrats wildly exaggerating the abuses at Abu Grahib and Gitmo which, ironically, are the stories Al-Qaeda encourages its members to use in its own “terrorism handbook….I have sources who have contacts within the military who tell me there are abuses going on at Gitmo. People are being punched, people are having feces thrown on them and being spit at regularly.

No, the victims are not the terrorist prisoners….these abuses are happening TO US Armed Forces personnel. You know, the same ones who handle the Koran with rubber gloves. Why don’t we hear the Democrats actually DEFENDING our military men and women instead of just using the words “support the troops, oppose the war.”? Why aren’t Dems outraged at the torture of American troops in our own facilities?

GP Commenter “Dunner” challenged me on that statement here.

I’d love to hear more about your “torture of US troops at Gitmo” stories too, if they’re backed up by more than third-party hearsay (“sources with contacts in the military,” indeed…I have those too, Bruce, and they’re called “the media”). Leave the journalism to the journalists, Bruce. I thought you learned that lesson at SU…?

Well, the details about the real torture going on at Gitmo are emerging…thanks to those who know the truth — US military personnel who have visited Gitmo.

PatriotPooch Reacts to Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:21 pm - June 27, 2005.
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“Um…Dad…. you said the Supreme Court was conservative….”
courtreact (2).jpg

Court Rules Against Ten Commandments

Court Rules to Strip Private Property from Citizens

Court Rules To Protect Terrorists

-Bruce (GayPatriot) —

Random Monday Night Thought

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:42 pm - June 27, 2005.
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How old is “too old” for men to wear earrings?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) —

Belated Portland, ME Pride Festival Report

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:24 pm - June 27, 2005.
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Loyal GP Reader Noah from Southern Maine helped staff the Log Cabin Republican booth during the Portland Pride Festival (June 16-18). He recounted the experience in a recent email to me.

I ended up being in the parade (again), and then it was time for the festival, which was indoors due to rainy weather. The festival went from 1pm to 5pm, and I staffed the Log Cabin table from 3-5. For the first two hours I was able to enjoy the festival, and occasionally I overheard people making comments about Log Cabin being there, ranging from neutral to negative.

I was actually approached by HRC (or rather, a cute boy hired by HRC), and I politely explained to him I felt the organization?s words and actions countered any claim they made about being bipartisan, and they weren?t getting anywhere with the *majority* party. But yes, I?d love a sticker, thanks! I wore the sticker sideways to make a pause sign, and when people asked why it was sideways (or upside-down, as one genius put it), I said it was because HRC wasn?t getting anywhere. (GP Ed. Note: LOL!)

Then it was time to staff the LCR table. Amazingly, only once was I compared to a Jewish Nazi. The new thing I heard, and this really bugs me, is ?You?re too young to be a Republican.? One person actually ripped off my Log Cabin sticker and ripped it up! Anyway, the whole point of the table was a postcard campaign for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would overturn DADT. We collected about 250 postcards, most of which will go to my local rep, Tom Allen (D-ME).

All in all, it was pretty good. James [Dozier from LCR National] said it was better than a lot of other places he?d been too, where people had been more hostile. Maybe my grassroots campaign to educate gay Portland one bar buddy at a time has actually paid off!

And now I?m back in the regular world, fully recharged and ready to face another year of minority complex. Yay for gay!

Keep up the fight, Noah!

-Bruce (GayPatriot) —

Something Wiccan This Way Comes…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:59 am - June 27, 2005.
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I have to give my blogger-in-crime, Dan, credit for coming up with this headline when I told him what I was doing this weekend. Heh.

PatriotPartner and I headed up to the King of Blue States — Massachusetts — for a wedding of an old high school friend. And in a sense, we were at the spiritual center of Blue-ness… a commune/dance therapy place called “Earthdance.” It was odd that the two gay Republicans were — at the same time — very uncomfortable, yet the most mainstream, amongst these idealistic forest nymphs.

John and I did NOT stay at Earthdance, but rather at one of the nicest bed & breakfasts I have ever been to — The Mountain View B&B. The owners are an awesome lesbian couple with the cutest son. We had a blast with them and I’d encourage anyone visiting Western Massachusetts to stay with them!