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My First Dispatch from the Lewis & Clark Meeting

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:41 pm - August 5, 2005.
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Upon FINALLY arriving in Portland (see posting below), I immediately headed to the Lewis & Clark College, site of the Lewis & Clark Train Heritage Foundation’s Annual Meeting, to register for the conference.



Man, the weather today in Portland was incredible. Blue skies, warm (okay, hot) sun… and guess what East Coasters…. no humidity! No wonder Lewis and Clark made it out here… if you can survive a Virginia summer, you can handle anything.

How Much Do I Hate United….

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:11 pm - August 5, 2005.
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Let me count the ways….. But today, Northwest actually cemented the fact that my trip to Portland would start out with a hellish experience.

As Sophia would say….estellegetty.jpg… “PICTURE IT…..”

Philadelphia Airport at 4:45AM on Thursday. An attractive young (ahem) man arrives to find the very first United flight out to their main hub (Chicago) is already late… and he will miss his connection to Portland thereby throwing his entire travel day in jeopardy before it begins….

HRC’s Tepid Response to Roberts’ Pro Bono Work

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:51 pm - August 5, 2005.
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Read it all right here…. Roberts Role in Gay Case Re-emphasizes Need for Full Examination –

Judge Roberts? involvement in the case is noteworthy, but his participation adds little to our understanding of how he would vote on the court. The stakes are too high for guessing games over Judge Roberts? stance.

The Supreme Court makes critical decisions and it is the nominee?s job to guarantee that he will protect individual rights and freedoms on the nation?s highest court. Judge Roberts has consistently argued that as an attorney, he has zealously represented the interests of his client, no matter his personal views. Judge Roberts should make clear where he personally stands on important constitutional principles.

But this photo on HRC’s front page of their website makes it seem they have *already* decided….


Ah, the contortions of the Gay Leftists when confronted with a paradox.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Kathy Griffin Rules!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:36 pm - August 5, 2005.
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I have been traveling all week…. or has it been all year? Anyway, I sure hope I remembered to set the TiVO to record Kathy Griffin’s new show on Bravo, “My Life on the D-List.”


Lucky for me… and all of you…. The Malcontent checked it out, and actually has a link so you can view the entire show! Wooo hoooo!

Of course I haven’t had time to watch it that way either. *pouting*

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Some secret

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:30 pm - August 5, 2005.
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Kevin at Wizbang checked out the Who’s Who entry for Joseph Wilson and found that “the name ‘Valerie Plame’ has been associated publicly with Joe Wilson since the Clinton era – nice secret…” (via Instapundit).

July job growth stronger than expected

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:26 pm - August 5, 2005.
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The Bush Economy continues at fulll steam. “U.S. employers accelerated the pace of job creation last month and dispensed the biggest wage increases in a year.” In addition, “the Labor Department revised its estimates of non-farm job growth for May and June, saying employers added 126,000 in May and 166,000 in June. Previous estimates indicated a 104,000 increase in May and a 146,000 increase in June.

And thanks to the diligence of my readers, I learned that even the The New York Times took notice seeing that the job growth confirms the economy’s strength.