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Sunday Afternoon: My (Short) Journey to the Pacific

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:49 pm - August 8, 2005.
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After the park dedication, I decided to head out and explore more of the Lewis & Clark territory on my own. After all, the rental car (although not the gas) was free! Oh by the way, check out the price of gas in Southern Washington State!


And is there any doubt where our lumber comes from? I saw TONS of trains and lumber yards that were shipping out on a Sunday afternoon. Bad economy, according to MSM, remember?

Heading to a construction site near you!

So I headed north on Interstate 5 to see how close I could get to Mt. St. Helens. By the time my trip was over that evening, I would have covered pretty much the entire length of the Lower Columbia shown here on the map. From Mt. St. Helens to Cape Disappointment, nearly 375 miles total drive from Portland. It probably would have taken Lewis & Clark a week. It took me a half-day.

Click here for rest of posting including photos of Mt. St. Helens and the place where Lewis & Clark first saw the Pacific Ocean. (more…)

Sunday Morning: The Dedication of Cpt. William Clark Park

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:26 pm - August 8, 2005.
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I began Sunday at the LCTHF meeting itself. We were there early to be bussed over to the dedication of the Captain William Clark Park in Washougal, WA.

On their return east in the spring of 1806, the Corps of Discovery spent six days camped near present day Cottonwood Beach in Washougal where they gathered provisions in preparation for their return to the Nez Perce Indians in Idaho, who were caring for their horses over the winter. As the Corps ascended the Columbia River on their return home, they rowed with determination and journal entries stated that they rowed as much as 20 – 24 miles each day against the spring current. They normally spent one night at various beachheads along the Columbia where they prepared their biggest meal of the day, and would then bed down for the night and rise early to “proceed on.”

It turns out there are many many parks and other landmarks across the USA named for Lewis *and* Clark… but this is the first to be named just for Capt. Clark alone. It also turns out I know a “William Clarke” in one of those strange confluences of life and history. Speaking of which, the LCTHF uses the word “confluence” a lot. Just an observation.

Anyway, I got a chance to roam around the not-yet-finished-Captain Clark Park and take pictures before the dedication ceremony.

PETA would loooooove this one….. (a bunch of animal skins…. )

Click here for the rest of this posting, including photos of some notable guests at the event. (more…)

Exploring the End of the Other Trail…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:12 am - August 8, 2005.
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After lingering at the “Encounter” for a bit on Saturday afternoon (See posting below) …. I decided to head out and explore the Portland area on my own. Okay, okay… I was looking to play “Texas Hold ‘Em” at the Spirit Mountain Casino. You caught me.

But first, I stumbed upon a National Historic Landmark that it hadn’t occurred to me was so close to Portland… the end of the “other” trail…. The Oregon Trail. No, not the software game…. the *original* Oregon Trail.

I drove around Oregon City for a bit, and of course got lost. Then it was off to Spirit Mountain to see what I could find. What I found was an hour wait in the Poker Room. I gave up the quest for a Flush and headed back to Portland so I could rest up for what would turn out to be a very busy Sunday.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Saturday in the Northwest

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:19 am - August 8, 2005.
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Hey everybody. Sorry for my tardiness in posting this weekend. I’ve been doing a lot of driving around and exploring of the Portland area (as you will see). One housekeeping note.. we are still working out glitches in the switchover to WordPress. I’m aware of the issue of old “Comments” seemingly lost…. that is the first priority at the moment. Please send other comments and suggestions to me via email.

So on Saturday, the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation’s annual meeting got started in earnest. They bussed the attendees to a local park to see “Encounter at Nichaqwli.” I was quite disappointed. It was more like a vendor show than a “recreation” of a Native American village like the meeting agenda suggested.

Ah well. I then decided to head out on my own and see what I could find….

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

NJ Democrats Manipulated Post-9/11 Security

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:43 am - August 8, 2005.
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This qualifies as the Outrage of the Decade. Once again, the Democrats illustrate why they are more interested in power, for power’s sake… than actually helping the people they are always opining about. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Governor’s Office Steered Terror Aid – Newark Star-Ledger

The homeland security grants sparked controversy in July when The Star-Ledger reported that 93 percent of the $23 million handed out since 2002 had gone to districts controlled by Democrats. At the time, Codey spokeswoman Kelley Heck said the governor’s office “didn’t play a role in the awarding of those grants.”

More than $8 million was allocated for the program this year with 94 percent going to districts controlled by Democrats. The money was part of the 2005 budget approved six weeks before McGreevey announced his resignation last summer.

When the grants were distributed in April, more than $7.8 million went to Democratic legislative districts. Municipalities in Republican districts got $523,454, despite requesting a similar amount as Democrats.

By the way, this pattern of corruption began as policy under Jim McGreevey…. you know the one the gay community wants to hold up as a proud “gay American.” No thanks.

One final note…. the only winner in this outrage is the Star-Ledger. This is the kind of reporting, regardless of which party is doing it, that the media should concentrate on. Not silly conjecture over whether the most photographed “undercover” CIA agent had her cover blown by anyone other than her blowhard husband.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –