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Soldier’s Dad: “Not In My Son’s Name”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:35 pm - August 19, 2005.
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From NRO’s Media Blog:

“Not Once Did They Ever Ask Me If They Could Use My Son’s Name”

On CNN’s Your World Today, Gary Qualls, the father of Louis W. Qualls, held up the white cross bearing his son’s name, which he pulled out of the ground where Cindy Sheehan and her followers had placed it without his permission.

He told YWT anchor Jim Clancy, “Not once did they ever ask me if they could use my son’s name.” He spoke of his son’s sacrifice, of how his son believed in what he was doing, and how Cindy Sheehan doesn’t speak for him.

How many other names on Cindy Sheehan’s crosses are the names of soldiers who would find her politics despicable?

Louis W. Qualls

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Message to Cindy Sheehan….from an Iraqi fighting for freedom

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:24 am - August 19, 2005.
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I think Mohammed at “Iraq The Model” has the best response to Cindy Sheehan that I’ve seen yet. Not only does he have the right message for her, he is the best messenger.

A Message to Cindy Sheehan – Iraq The Model

Ma’am, we asked for your nation’s help and we asked you to stand with us in our war and your nation’s act was (and still is) an act of ultimate courage and unmatched sense of humanity. Our request is justified, death was our daily bread and a million Iraqi mothers were expecting death to knock on their doors at any second to claim someone from their families.

Your face doesn’t look strange to me at all; I see it everyday on endless numbers of Iraqi women who were struck by losses like yours.

Our fellow country men and women were buried alive, cut to pieces and thrown in acid pools and some were fed to the wild dogs while those who were lucky enough ran away to live like strangers and the Iraqi mother was left to grieve one son buried in an unfound grave and another one living far away who she might not get to see again.

We did nothing to deserve all that suffering, well except for a dream we had; a dream of living like normal people do.

We cried out of joy the day your son and his comrades freed us from the hands of the devil and we went to the streets not believing that the nightmare is over.

We practiced our freedom first by kicking and burning the statues and portraits of the hateful idol who stole 35 years from the life of a nation.
For the first time air smelled that beautiful, that was the smell of freedom.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

TGC: The Chickenhawk Slur Arises Once Again

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:15 am - August 19, 2005.
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Since I couldn’t have said it better myself, I’d like to reprint ThatGayConservative’s column in full here at GayPatriot….



ThatGayConservative: Thoughts from the Smoker’s Porch* — The “Chickenhawk” Slur Arises Once Again.

Once again, the liberals are blast-faxing/e-mailing their minions to break out the “Chickenhawk slur again. Jim Hawkins at RightWingNews explains what a Chickenhawk is here:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word or who associate it with its more vulgar meaning, when the left uses the term, they are generally referring to a foreign policy hawk who has not been in the military and is not seeking to join up.

Again, the liberal left is trotting out their tired, worn out arguments of the past. They make the same old claims that Bush shouldn’t have started a war because he never served in the military. Supposedly, you can’t support a war if you’ve never been there. For added measure, they throw in the Michael Moore lies that nobody in Congress has children serving in Iraq or they use the worn out excuse that neither of Bush’s daughters are serving in the military. They’ve also rolled out the failed “Bush was AWOL” story again.

The race for the White House should be about leadership,…We do not need to divide America over who served and how….Are we now to descend, like latter-day Spiro Agnews, and play, as he did, to the worst instincts of divisiveness and reaction that still haunt America? Are we now going to create a new scarlet letter in the context of Vietnam?

John F.You Kerry 30 January, 1992

First of all, American Diplomacy notes that of the 41 presidents the U.S. has had since 1798, sixteen of them, or 39% did not have prior military service. Seven of those, including Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt who presided over both world wars, were Democrats. Most recently, President BJ Clinton deployed the military more often in 8 years than any other president in the previous 50 years while providing less funding.
The American Heritage Foundation explains the problems with that policy here. The hypocrisy here is that BJ didn’t serve. He went so far as to dodge the draft by running away to England and to Soviet Moscow. He even went so far as to send a letter to his ROTC commander that he “loathed the military”. Yet there’s nary a whimper from the liberals that BJ never served.

Clinton’s AIDS scam in Africa

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:53 am - August 19, 2005.
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Why should anyone be surprised that the Clinton Foundation has pulled a fast one on those suffering from AIDS in Africa?

The Real Tragedy of AIDS – TechCentralStation

With great fanfare, the Clinton Foundation last year announced that it had negotiated a price of $140 a year for ARV treatment, about half the typical price in Africa. But that figure is a cruel hoax, as a transcript of a meeting in Mumbai between AIDS activists and officials of Indian drug companies confirms. Hardly anyone pays it.

The representative of Cipla, one of the largest Indian firms, said that the $140 offer had rigid unpublicized conditions, including “large, confirmed irrevocable orders,” which were never met. Clinton promised 200,000 patients by 2005, but another Indian drug official said that the foundation had not produced even 40,000.

An activist from Cameroon then said, “The Clinton deal is not working…. I’m surprised that you believed what Clinton told you.”

Said Cipla: “He is a very good talker.”

I mean, after all, this is the man who was embraced as the “Gay Messiah” by our community; yet repeatedly sent zeroed-out AIDS funding budgets up to Congress only to have them overturned and increased by the Republican-controlled Congress since 1995.

Will our gay leaders everrrrrrrr learn?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Friday Housekeeping

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:29 am - August 19, 2005.
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Whew. It has been a very busy few weeks for me. Since returning from the Disney Cruise on July 9, I have been overwhelmed with a special project at work. So my sincere apologies for the gaps somedays in new postings. I’m hoping things are easing up, but my job is unpredictible.

I am still working out some tweaks on the new WordPress site. If you have any suggestions or comments about the look of, please email me!

Syndication Feeds: For all those interested in having GayPatriot syndication feeds, I wanted to give you that information here since there may have been an interruption when we switched over to WordPress a couple weeks ago.

The options are at the bottom of the left-hand column for your convenience. I didn’t have syndication links on the previous site, so that has been a great new addition with WordPress.

In the coming days, I will be publishing my exclusive US blogger interview with Peter Tatchell, the head of the UK’s gay rights group OutRage!. Peter and his staff have been the target of Islamic extremist threats as reported at GayPatriot a couple of weeks ago. Peter was gracious enough to answer some of my questions about how the gay community should represent itself in the War on Terror… and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post it yet.

Finally, I’ve been getting some really great tips on the NJ 9/11 Fund Scandal lately. Thanks! But please if you have any “non-conventional wisdom” or “anti-MSM” stories… please do email me. Also, if there are interesting and perhaps even wacky stories in your local papers that you think GP readers would find enjoyable…. email them to me as well. Unlike some other gay so-called conservative blogs… I have no problem linking to other bloggers!!!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and as always thank you for your continued support of GayPatriot.

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Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:07 am - August 19, 2005.
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As first reported here late Wednesday night, New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey is now facing the prospect of impeachment due to the growing scandal of political use of Homeland Security funds.

On Thursday, New Jersey Assemblyman Sean Kean began the impeachment process. The full details of this development are printed below from Assemblyman Kean’s press release.

For Release:
August 18, 2005


Assemblyman Sean Kean, in light of the current controversy surrounding the distribution of state homeland security grants, has directed the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) to prepare articles of impeachment against Attorney General Peter Harvey.

“I believe the time has come for Peter Harvey to be removed from his position as Attorney General,” said Kean, R-Monmouth. “The Attorney General has allowed political concerns to influence the distribution essential security funds and should be removed because of misconduct.”
Kean said the charges of impeachment are for malfeasance and the misappropriation of state funds allocated for the protection of New Jersey residents in a time of war.

“The Attorney General, as the highest ranking law enforcement official in the state, had the legal and ethical obligation to award these grant based solely on security needs, not politics,” added Kean. “Politics should have never been allowed to influence the grant distribution process.”

“Mr. Harvey played games with our security and is no longer fit to hold the office of Attorney General,” continued Kean. “His repeated ethical transgressions and illegal misuse of state funding is inexcusable. He must be held accountable for this gaffe.”
Kean also said Acting Governor Codey should take steps to rectify this glaring error.

“As a matter of integrity, Acting Governor Codey should take immediate action to ensure that never again will the grant process be tainted by the ugliness of politics,” Kean said. “I also believe that towns who were overlooked because of political considerations should be allowed to resubmit their applications. Perhaps this time, they will give every legitimate application equal consideration.”

The BadHairBlog is reporting on this as well with more details from the Newark Star-Ledger….. The Democrats’ 9/11 Slush Fund, continued

Stay tuned for more developments on this growing scandal….

UPDATE — Welcome Michelle Malkin, Instapundit & Polipundit readers!

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Republican Named to Head Leading Gay Organization

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:01 am - August 19, 2005.
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Here is some very promising news in the “Maybe the Gay Community Is Seeing The Light” Department. Neil Giulano, the former mayor of Tempe, AZ, who also happens to be openly gay and Republican, was named earlier this week to be the President of Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

Neil G. Giuliano Named GLAAD President –

This is an important step as it appears to be the first time since the November 2004 election that a major gay organization is actually *taking action* to adapt to the reality of America’s perceptions about gay America. Rather than the useless platitudes and phony outreach promises coming from the Human Rights Campaign, and the outright aggression against the will of the people by the head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force….

MATT FOREMAN: Well, fundamentally human rights should never be put up for a popular vote. Even today if we put the freedoms that we take for granted, like freedom of press or religion or speech, up to a popular vote, we would lose them in most of our states — maybe not most, but at least half of them.

GLAAD has actually done something.

Congratulations to Neil, who I have communicated with before wearing another hat, and perhaps we will have the chance to interview him here at GayPatriot in the coming weeks.

Related Story: Log Cabin Invades GLAAD – The Malconent

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –