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“Inside 9/11″ – VCR/TiVO Alert!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:54 pm - August 21, 2005.
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I have arrived in Dallas for a week-long meeting. While I have some spare time (chuckling) on Sunday, I’m trying desperately to catch up with my reading (emails, favorite blogs, etc.)

So I just came across this documentary airing TONIGHT and TOMORROW nights on the National Geographic Channel. And I just spent a painful 20 minutes on the phone helping my Mom (who is dog-sitting) work through recording it on TiVO. Thanks, Mom!

Inside 9/11 – “War on America” – Sunday Episode (9pm Eastern/Pacific time)

Inside 9/11: “War on America” takes viewers into the secret world of al Qaeda and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism dating back to the Soviet-Afghan War.

Inside 9/11 – “Zero Hour” – Monday Episode (9pm Eastern/Pacific time)

Inside 9/11: “Zero Hour” takes viewers inside the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and deconstructs the events on that fateful day.


Barone on the ‘04 elections

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:10 pm - August 21, 2005.
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The Washington Times posts an excellent synopsis of Michael Barone’s reflections on the 2004 elections, culled from the introduction to his latest Almanac of American Politics.

Among his observations:

In the safe Bush states (213 electoral votes) and the safe Kerry states (179 electoral votes), a similar pattern prevailed. In both sets of states, Mr. Bush increased his vote share by more than Mr. Kerry did, prompting Mr. Barone to observe: “The 2004 results showed the red states getting redder and the blue states getting less blue.”

And he noted that Bush won although anti-Bush forces spent “more than $55 million above what the pro-Bush forces spent.”

Now, that I’ve whet your appetite, read the whole thing and get the book!

Hat tip: Polipundit.

“Don’t Feature America First” At Ground Zero Memorial

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:08 pm - August 21, 2005.
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Thanks to Robert for passing this “Take Back The Memorial” update to me. (Link here for full story)

A global network of human rights museums is urging the International Freedom Center to downplay America in its exhibits and programs at Ground Zero, the Daily News has learned.

The outrageous request is the latest controversy to torment the Freedom Center, whose leaders have tried to dispel the perception that it would be a home for America bashers.

“Don’t feature America first,” the IFC has been advised by the consortium of 14 “museums of conscience” that quietly has been consulting with the Freedom Center for the past two years over plans for the hallowed site. “Think internationally, where America is one of the many nations of the world.”

I urge everyone to help “Take Back The Memorial.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

UPDATE (from GPW): In an editorial, the New York Daily News responds to the aforementioned request to the International Freedom Center:

Consider this [quoting from the museums’ group’s request], too: “The Freedom Center is a caricature of the typical American response to everything (telling every story from an American viewpoint).” Exactly what viewpoint is an American museum on American soil marking an American tragedy supposed to express? Oh, right. Bangladeshi.

(via Powerline.)

Let Sheehan Meet The President

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:54 am - August 21, 2005.
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(Hat tip: GayOrbit)

After reading this post from Laurence Simon, I have also changed my mind. Let Sheehan Meet The President…..

I have a very simple solution to the entire Cindy Sheehan affair.

Let her meet with the President.

That’s right. I’ve finally changed my tune.

Let her meet with the President who thwarted the United Nations Security Council and made the case for war.

Let her meet with the President who hindered the progress of United Nations weapons inspectors.

Let her meet with the President who lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that they’d use on Americans.

Let her meet with the President who killed thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Let her meet with the President who came to office in a rigged election, and maintained his grip on power through rigged voting and militaristic patriotism.

Let her meet with the President who turned his country’s media into a mouthpiece for his fascist and discriminatory policies.

Let her meet with the President who transformed his country into a single-party dictatorship, sowing fear and resentment against any who dared to oppose his iron-fisted rule.

Let her meet with the President who proved himself a coward by fleeing when his country was attacked.

Let her meet with the President who should be brought up on war crimes charges for his dastardly misdeeds.

Let her meet with the President who spent billions of dollars on weapons while social welfare programs went unfunded and the poor continue to suffer for it to this day.

Let her meet with the President who has a track record of invading Arab Muslim countries for oil.

Let her meet with the President who knew full well about the bloodthirsty torture and murderous horrors at Abu Ghraib.

That’s right. Let her meet with Saddam Hussein.


-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Islamic Fundraising Connection Illegal Immigrant Project in VA

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:12 am - August 21, 2005.
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This is an interesting development. There seems to be a connection between Northern Virginia Islamic fundraising efforts and the day-laborer (ie – illegal immigrant) worksite pickup project in Herndon, VA.

Brief Encounter At Herndon Store Inspired A Charity – Washington Post (subscription required)

Over the objections of hundreds of residents who fear it will bring crime and disorder to the neighborhood, Herndon’s Town Council granted Project Hope and Harmony permission last week to build and oversee such a site in the parking lot behind a former police station. The coalition expects to have it running in two to four months.

Project Hope and Harmony is itself a work in progress. It is an umbrella group, not a nonprofit organization. Although its members plan to file federal papers to become a nonprofit, the application for a grant of about $175,000 from Fairfax County to run the site was made in the name of Reston Interfaith, one of the groups that is part of the coalition.

For Hossain, helping immigrants, most from Central and South America, is a Muslim issue. Charity is one of the five pillars of Islam. So he raised money from Muslim businessmen in Herndon to buy 400 winter coats for the laborers, brought them food through another charity he started, called Food Source, and even rounded up day laborers to attend a Thanksgiving dinner at an Iraqi restaurant where falafel, not turkey, was served.

Given the Al-Qaeda connections repeatedly found in Northern Virginia after 9/11, is anyone else but me disturbed and more than curious about this direct connection between Islamic fundraising and illegal immigration?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –