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Gay Lefty Uses Bush-Bashing In Manhattan Borough Election

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:39 pm - August 30, 2005.
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This pretty much reinforces everything I’ve been saying about how the “mainstream” gay leaders have joined forces with the “hate America first” crowd of Bush-bashers.

Just what on earth does this ranting prove about Mr. Ellner’s capabilites to be Manhattan Borough President?

Watch the nutty ad here.

UGH! Chad… please do something about this on Election Day, okay?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

United Airlines Is Soooo Bad…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:28 pm - August 30, 2005.
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… that I actually looked forward to flying on US Airways last night. But I’ll get to that in a second.

First, an observation after flying since Sunday afternoon…

I know that flight attendants have to go through the ‘emergency procedure talk’ before each flight. But for God’s sake….should someone actually *be* flying if they cannot buckle a friggin seatbelt by now? Isn’t that like failing a basic IQ test for a job? Or not being able to follow basic instructions on how to punch a hole in a card to vote (Yes, Palm Beach….that dig was at you!)

Keep this in mind….if you are on a plane involved in an emergency (or worse), you will have to rely on your fellow passengers to make sure all of you get out safely. Do you really want your life put in the hands of someone who is so stupid they are incapable of buckling their seat belt? I think it is time to stop the “seat belt” demonstration. If a flight attendant goes through the plane and someone is struggling to buckle the seat belt…kick them the hell off the plane! (/stepping off soapbox)

Now, I never thought I would ever look forward to flying US Airways, but United has been so bad this summer I couldn’t wait to get onto another airline on my flight back from Wilmington, NC to Dulles last night. Nearly everyone who was stuck with me in another United mess on Sunday at Dulles’ Terminal G (G for God-Awful) all agreed that United sux!

First, the desk and flight attendants at US Airways actually seem as though they like their jobs! Big difference where United employees seem to take out their anger at their passengers. Then as I approached the gate for my last leg in Charlotte-Dulles, I had my breath taken away when I was handed (without asking!!) an upgraded seat in First Class. You mean US Airways actually *wants* me to fly with them again? (Hello! United!!!!) And the two flight attendants were, well, HAPPY!

It was such a pleasureable flight especially since every single United flight I have been on this summer has been dramatically late or cancelled — and I’ve been flying every single week since Memorial Day.

Final note for you East Coast travelers….. If you are flying through Charlotte, make sure to stop for lunch or dinner at the Carolina Pit BBQ restaurant in the big atrium between Concourses A/B and C/D. Yum, yum, yum!

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Tornado Watch Update

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:44 pm - August 30, 2005.
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ABC 7 News is reporting possible tornado touchdown in Delaplane, just to the west of Dulles Airport.



Photos Of Katrina’s Approach to DC

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:53 pm - August 30, 2005.
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Just clicked some shots off my porch. The winds are picking up and the sky is now quite dark.

UPDATE (8:05PM) : Just got off this last shot before darkness…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Suddenly In The Path of Katrina

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:47 pm - August 30, 2005.
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I had a very long day of work and just didn’t have the strength to make it to the gym tonight. I wanted to… but thought after about 6 weeks straight of constant travel… maybe I should just chill out tonight. Lucky I did.

I flipped on the TV expecting to catch up on the latest about Katrina’s damage in New Orleans. But to my surprise, I’m finding that Loudoun County is right in the path of a part of Katrina’s remnants.

There is a Tornado Watch until midnight for all of the western counties of the District of Columbia.

According to local TV reports, there are two “Doppler-indicated” tornados just south of Interstate 66 in Rappahannock and Culpepper Counties. The storm is now crossing I-66 heading northeast… on a path toward Dulles Airport… and me!

Updates here:

Nature’s “9/11″ Has Struck New Orleans

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:50 am - August 30, 2005.
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It is becoming increasingly clear this morning that as the result of a breach of the 17th Street Canal levee, has in fact resulted in the beginning of catastrophic destruction of the city of New Orleans. This “after the storm” cruel twist is a blow to New Orleans residents who thought they may have escaped the pre-Katrina dire warnings.

The effect of the breach was instantly devastating to residents who had survived the fiercest of Katrina’s winds and storm surge intact, only to be taken by surprise by the sudden deluge. And it added a vast swath of central New Orleans to those already flooded in eastern New Orleans, the Lower 9th Ward and St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes.

Beginning at midday, Lakeview residents watched in horror as the water began to rise, pushed through the levee breach by still-strong residual winds from Katrina. They struggled to elevate furniture and eventually found themselves forced to the refuge of second floors just when most in the neighborhood thought they had been spared.

“It would have been fine,” refugee Pat O.Brien said. “The eye passed over.” But his relief was short-lived. “It’s like what you see on TV and never thought would happen to us. We lost everything: cars, art, furniture, everything.”

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. I am so sad about what is happening there today. One of my most memorable vacations (the 1988 Sugar Bowl) was in the Big Easy. And I have a special bond with Louisiana as I was born in Shreveport. My heart aches today.

I join with other GP readers who urge everyone to contribute to the charity of their choice that is involved with the disaster relief efforts along the Gulf Coast.

Katrina Aid Agencies listed here.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Good News From Iraq

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:40 am - August 30, 2005.
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Just in case you aren’t a regular reader of Arthur Chrenkoff, here is his latest installment.

Good News from Iraq, part 34 – Chrenkoff

The first international airline flight to land in the southern Iraqi city of Basra in 15 years arrived here yesterday [22 August] receiving a warm welcome from local officials. A Sharjah-based Phoenix Air Boeing 747 arrived from Dubai with 22 passengers on board.

The company will begin two flights a week between Dubai and Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, officials said. “Hopefully flights to Iraq will increase from the region and the world,” said Basra’s governor Mohammed Al Waili at the airport while greeting the arriving passengers. Since the U.N. imposed economic sanctions in 1990 after Iraq invaded Kuwait, no foreign airline has flown to Basra.


Fly into Arbil, the regional capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and you feel that you have arrived in another country.

It is the Kurdish, not the Iraqi, flag that flutters from Arbil International Airport, Kurdistan’s new, glass-fronted “gateway” to the world, which saw its first flights from Dubai, Beirut and Amman arrive last month.

The airport was built on a former military base once used by Saddam Hussein’s regime to bomb the Kurds of Halabja.

Now it brings in investors. Businessmen, scared away from other parts of Iraq, are coming to Kurdistan instead, and helping its economy to take off.

“Before all we saw was war, and planes bombing our cities and villages,” says the airport manager, Kameran Murad, who fought against the regime in the late 1980s.

“Now the aircraft are our link with the outside world. Everything is changing.”

Take the town of Suleimaniya. Its skyline is dotted with cranes. Everywhere you look bulldozers are at work.

“Things are booming. The price of land is ridiculous. It’s just going up and up and up,” says businessman Bettin Saleh, who has two shops in a new mall.

“People have money, people are spending it, they feel it’s safe to spend – and build for the future.”

And that is just a small sample of the entire posting. Funny, I didn’t hear any of this on the CBS Evening News lately…..why?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Virginia Gov. Candidate Shoots Self In Foot

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:27 am - August 30, 2005.
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Catchy headline, eh?? Patrick Ruffini is on top of the huge mis-step of Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Tim “I’m One of You” Kaine.

Tim Kaine’s $87 Billion Moment (With Poll) –

A single moment is sometime all it takes to ruin a campaign. Ted Kennedy’s Roger Mudd moment. Mike Dukakis in the tank. John Kerry voting for the $87 billion before he voted against it.

Candidate for Virginia governor and “sportsman” Tim Kaine roughing it at $400-a-night resorts and challenging his opponents to some competitive hiking and canoeing.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –