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Some Levity After A Tough Week

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:22 pm - September 2, 2005.
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GP Readers Offers Place to Stay

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:09 pm - September 2, 2005.
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If anyone knows of a gay male, or gay male couple, from New Orleans who are in need of a place to stay, please have them email Shawn & Brian at

They live in Bar Harbor, Maine and have offered a room to someone in need.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Is Mayor Nagin New Orleans’ Wilson Goode?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:56 pm - September 2, 2005.
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Those of you of Gen X age or older will remember that in 1985, Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode bombed a poor neighborhood in order to flush out a radical African-American group called “MOVE.” I predict that as the true details of the story of the Katrina failures are disclosed, Mayor Ray Nagin will be seen as the “Wilson Goode” of New Orleans.

It is quite telling that as soon as the Feds were physically able (the key phrase!) to move into the city today, they did so with efficiency and impressive outcomes. Thirty-thousand people were evacuated from New Orleans just today. None were evacuated until the Federal government got involved. But instead, the Mayor whined and screeched for two days. Rudy Giuliani may have been frustrated in the post-9/11 days, but he also must have aired those views directly to those involved, not in front of the TV cameras as a publicity stunt.

I have watched the televised interviews of a range of Federal officials closely over the past 36 hours. You can tell in their eyes that they want to throw Mayor Nagin under the proverbial bus…. but that’s not the way to get things done. Mayor Nagin obviously disagrees.

At Observations of a Gay Conservative, QC notes that New Orleans is a prime example of what happens when an entire class of people become dependent on government for everything – even making life or death decisions. The more ‘entitlements’ people are given the more they want. The more people don’t have to provide for themselves, the less capable they become of doing so.

Mayor Ray Nagin, and the historically corrupt government of New Orleans, were the chief enablers of this mentality — yet let the citizens down when the most needed it. How ironic.

Rich Lowry at The Corner received this email from a reader following his critique of the Federal response yesterday.

It is not [a national disgrace]. It is – or ought to be – a disgrace and an embarrassment to Louisiana and New Orleans. I see the way Florida prepares for and responds to hurricanes; I see the way Mississippi and Alabama are dealing with this one; I’ve seen the Carolinas and Virginia deal with hurricanes, too. I’ve been in Miami and Norfolk when hurricanes hit, though not as severe as this one, and seen folks come together to support each other in the crisis. I see the outpouring of support from surrounding states and from the federal government heading to Louisiana as fast as it can. And then I see citizens of New Orleans shooting, raping, burning, and plundering while their government officials stand by helplessly….

The JunkYardBlog rightly points out that the man responsible for New Orleans’ emergency operations also has misplaced and projected anger at the Feds. Warning– this posting will make you very angry.

How can the Democrat machine use buses to get people in New Orleans to the polls on Election Day, but they can’t use the same buses to move them out of the city when the corrupt Mayor orders a “mandatory evacuation.”

And now, we find out that Mayor Nagin, in his city’s greatest time of need, put politics above all else and paid off his political cronies with one last disgusting move. Shepard Smith on The FOX Report just a few minutes ago reported the following:

A stunning development today to many across the region, who learned that the mayor of this city, Ray Nagin ordered people from the Hyatt (foreign tourists and his staff) were put at the front of the line of those taken from the Superdome. He is being widely criticized for putting outsiders ahead of his own people who were suffering in that building. There will be political fallout.

It is quite clear that Mayor Nagin’s television theatrics against President Bush were designed as a distraction. So no one would realize that he fiddled while his city drowned.

CRITICAL UPDATE: Powerline has discovered that it was President Bush, not Nagin and not Gov. Blanco, that first pleaded that New Orleans be evacuated. Proof is right here.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

In wake of Katrina disaster, stop finger pointing & get things done

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:20 pm - September 2, 2005.
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Like many Americans, I am overwhelmed by the scope of the catastrophe on the Gulf Coast. Let me follow up on pieces that Bruce and I have posted recently, encouraging you once again to support charities providing relief.

While many bloggers, on the left as well as the right, have similarly used their cyber soap boxes to encourage their readers to support relief efforts, others, bloggers as well as members of the MSM and other longtime opponents of President Bush have used this disaster as just another excuse to attack him. As the Anchoress puts in an excellent post detailing the disaster relief and reaction to the president’s efforts:

But it doesn’t really matter. No matter what the President did before disaster struck, no matter what he has done in the aftermath, no matter what actions he takes in the next three years, his actions will always be the wrong actions, they will always be politically motivated, and everything will always be his fault. That is just the way it is for some.

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.) I highly recommend both the Anchoress’s post (from which I quoted above) and Michelle‘s (which tipped me off to it). Read them both in their entirety.

Given the scope of the catastrophe, those providing relief at all levels are bound to make mistakes. The imperative now is to address those errors and provide relief. As my friend Lynda (no Republican she) “everybody screwed up big time, but they need to stop finger pointing and start getting stuff done.”


Frustrated Thoughts About Post-Katrina Efforts

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:12 pm - September 2, 2005.
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On his way to the Gulf Coast this morning, President Bush said the Federal response to the devastation is “not acceptable.” I tend to agree. But I also think all of us need to have some perspective.

I am as frustrated as anyone of the images of desperation in New Orleans on television this week. But roads are flooded, bridges are destroyed, and citizens are shooting at rescue workers and their fellow citizens. Even former New Orleans Mayor Sidney Bartholemy just said on FOX News that the levee system was not designed to deal with anything stronger than a Category 3 hurricane because, “the odds of a 4 or 5 hitting were so low.”

So in a burst of frustration I asked PatriotPartner last night…. “why didn’t Bush just send in the Marines immediately?” And he responded with more logic than my passion sometimes gives me.

Because the Governor of Louisiana has to ask.

Yep, that’s right folks… we do have a Federal system. The Armed Forces do not just march into communities without being asked by state or local officials. It is part of the Constitutional protections and one of the reasons that civilians run our military decision-making.

So I give all of the blame needed to Homeland Security and the President from this point on. But I have some other questions…..

Help Katrina Relief Effort/Fats Domino found alive

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:38 am - September 2, 2005.
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I have been struggling to find words to write about the disaster on the Gulf Coast. Let me just follow up on Bruce’s post yesterday encouraging y’all to contribute. He linked to an Glenn Reynolds’ impressive list on Instapundit. After reviewing a few, I made a contribution to Mercy Corps. I will be checking out other organizations and likely making additional contributions.

Please join me in reviewing Glenn’s list and find the charity which, you believe, can best help out at a time like this.

From the blogs I have had time to read since the disaster, Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin have offered the best coverage. I just learned from Michelle the good news that R & B legend Fats Domino has been found alive and rescued. When I had read that he was missing, I feared the worst. Just a reminder, even at trying times like these, not to give up hope. With generosity, good will and the diligence of emergency service personnel — and other volunteers — we can make the best of this terrible situation.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):