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“US Military Saves The Day” — Now What Do Liberals Say?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:26 pm - September 3, 2005.
Filed under: Katrina Disaster

Uh oh. The murderers of Abu Grahib and Gitmo saved the residents of New Orleans today. What will the anti-American “love the troops” LiberalDems do now?

Thousands Bused, Airlifted From New Orleans – FOX News

I haven’t seen Teddy Kennedy or Howard Dean or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Michael Moore saying “thank you” to the US military for airlifting out tens of thousands of people in New Orleans today. Yet they celebrated the “first anniversary” of the Abu Grahib incident.

The troops that President Bush himself dispatched to bring order to a city the Democrats in New Orleans allowed to fall into chaos saved the day. Here is yet another example of the mismanagement and deriliction of duty of New Orleans officials.

So now the same President who, according to a moronic rap artist, “hates blacks”, sends in the calvary. And 24 hours later the situation in New Orleans is 180 degrees different.

The result is that the “Blame America First” LiberalDemocrats have to face their own smears and lies about the US military and their commander in chief and match them against the facts on the ground — both in New Orleans and Baghdad. How can you believe that all is lost in Iraq when you see our fine men and women working as hard in the French Quarter as they do every day in Tikrit. You cannot look at the television pictures today and believe those LiberalDem lies anymore.

UPDATE: GayPatriot Reader Nicholas says: Did you see how the USS Harry S. Truman and the USS Whidbey Island are in New Orleans to help out the relief effort? Kind of a good thing for them this didn’t happen in San Francisco, huh?

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Herndon VA Sued Over Day Laborer Camp

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:14 pm - September 3, 2005.
Filed under: Illegal Immigration

As I reported earlier, the town of Herndon, VA (Fairfax County, of course) recently voted to set up a day-laborer camp which will concentrate illegal immigrants each day so they can find work.

The project was the brainchild of a local man with ties to Islamic fundraising.

Now, Commonwealth Conservative reports that Herndon has been sued by Judicial Watch on behalf of some town residents who oppose the project.

Herndon Sued Over Day Laborer Site – Commonwealth Conservative

In its lawsuit, the group requests a permanent injunction to stop Herndon from using taxpayer funds to operate the day laborer center. It also asks a judge to declare the site “unlawful and a violation of federal and state law” because the center will “predominantly” serve illegal aliens.

-Bruce (GayPatriot) –

Keep the debate going & keep supporting relief efforts as well

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:30 pm - September 3, 2005.
Filed under: Katrina Disaster

As some of the commentary to our latest posts on Katrina has resulted in a bit of political recrimination, let me remind readers once again of the importance of helping out at a time like this. In a post on Thursday, Bruce encouraged donations and indicated his contribution to the Episcopal Relief and Development charity. In my first post on the hurricane, I noted that after reviewing the charities on Glenn Reynolds’ list, I made a contribution to Mercy Corps.

Please review Glenn’s list and find the charity that, you feel, can best meet the needs of the people in the afflicted areas.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has also provided a list of charities providing relief. I just doubled my donations to relief efforts by making a contribution to United Jewish Communities.

We always welcome debate on this blog, so keep that going, but as you take issue with those commenting here, also take the time to make an extra donation to relief efforts.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):