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Republicans of Rohan

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:21 pm - October 31, 2005.
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At the battle of Helm’s Deep in The Lord of the Rings, the Riders of Rohan, led by their King Théoden who, only days before, seemed incapacitated and unable to control his kingdom, are besieged and outnumbered by the forces of Saruman, orcs, half-orcs and wild men of Dunland. As these forces breach the fortress’s outer wall, it seems only a matter of time before they will break through the final gate, defeating Théoden and destroying his kingdom.

But, in his darkest hour, the good king fretted in what he called a “prison,” longing to feel again “the joy of battle.” Even as he fears the end, he will not be taken “like an old badger in a trap” so, instead of hunkering down, the besieged (and seemingly defeated) leader elects to go on the offensive.*

The great horn of Helm rings out and Théoden leads his loyal troops, riding out to take on their relentless foes. His troops rally behind him while their adversaries “cried and wailed, for fear and great wonder had come upon them with the rising of the day.”

So too has President Bush rallied his base with the nomination early this morning of Samuel J. Alito, Jr. as Associate Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court. I just spent a couple hours reading conservative blogs and news sites and discovered a unanimity of support for this good judge among writers who were only recently divided over the nomination of Harriet Miers. William Kristol, one of the harshest critics of the Miers pick, wrote this morning that the president hit “a home run” in tapping Alito for the vacancy.

While our adversaries have not yet fled in fear as did Saruman’s armies, they have already begun to tremble, wailing at this allegedly “extremist” pick. The president’s opponents will fight, but because the president made a bold move in appointing a conservative jurist, he has put himself back on the offensive. The left is playing defense now. If the president wants to ensure Judge Alito’s confirmation, to continue the progress in Iraq and to accomplish his domestic policy goals, he needs to keep them there.


Happy Halloween!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:45 pm - October 31, 2005.
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In honor of Halloween, I remembered some photos I had taken on our cruise this summer. I was surprised of how many liberals we ran into. I can only assume that they are on the prowl today, trying to scare the money out of my wallet and appease Al-Qaeda at every chance.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – “Huh-huh…. I’m from Searchlight…”

Senator Robert Byrd – (looking through his old KKK scrapbook)

Hillary Clinton

Democratic Underground – “Take us to our talking points… we can’t think for ourselves”


Alito For SCOTUS — Thank You, Mr. President!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:25 am - October 31, 2005.
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Okay, I admit it reluctantly…. I’ve been very disappointed by the start of the 2nd term of the Bush Presidency. There… are the lib readers all happy now? After all, I’ve been accused of everything from being a front for the RNC to a Bush-apologist. But things haven’t gone well recently and I have felt the President was becoming disengaged, and he was beginning to personally let me down. Folks, when the gay Republican who voted for the Prez, despite the whole marriage debate, starts to go soft….the man is in trouble.

So, I was on the verge this morning of writing an “open letter” to the President asking him to grow a spine and start looking more like Ronald Reagan than George H. W. Bush. I was going to urge the Prez to pick a nominee specifically to get into a robust debate with liberals about the direction of the Supreme Court. No need for the letter this morning.

You may note that I was reserving judgment (though Dan opposed) on Harriet Miers until the confirmation hearings. I will do the same with Samuel Alito until the hearings. For example, I have no clue about his views on gay issues…. and I’m not one of those people that automatically connects gay issues with Roe v. Wade.

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese called on LGBT Americans to voice their concerns about the nomination. “Alito is the far right’s choice,” said Solmonese. “His record on Congress’s power to protect Americans and a woman’s right to choose give us a level of understanding as to why he was the far right’s choice. Our Constitution does not belong to one narrow ideology. It belongs to all of us.”

(Hat tip for that quote from Charging Rhino who points out…”Always nice to see that Joe Solmonese hasn’t forgotten that he heads an abortion-rights organization.”)

Hell, I may wind up opposing Alito when all is said and done.

So why am I thanking President Bush this morning? Because it is about time he stood up to the media, stood up to the Democrats in the Senate, and frankly stood up to the Republicans in the Senate…. and took a strong stand to force a loud boisterous debate on the Constitution and the conservative views of “constructionists” versus “activists.”

At this point I could care less if Alito actually survives. I want the DEBATE to happen. Give me a filibuster by the Democrats! That would be priceless. Let’s have a talk about the role of government in regulating abortion and why my tax money should pay for abortion-on-demand with no balance in favor of life. (Keep in mind, I consider myself “marginally pro-choice”… I just don’t want abortion to be used as birth control.) Let’s force the so-called “Republicans” in the Senate (yes, you Mr. McCain) to put a stake in the ground about their political, ethical, moral and Constitutional beliefs. Harriet Miers and John Roberts’ confirmations did not or would not have resulted in such a rigorous debate.

Already, the Left is beside itself in hysteria. Guess what folks, elections matter. This is what winning the Presidency and the Senate is supposed to be about, not nominating your personal friend to the Supreme Court! Having a line in the sand on where Republicans, conservatives, liberals and Democrats stand on the fundamental issues of government and the roles of the legislature and the judiciary. If that is all that comes from Alito’s nomination, this country and Republicans running for re-election in 2006 will all be better off for it.

As ColoradoPatriot told me over the weekend….. he thought Bush was about to go “balls-to-the-walls.” I’m glad he has. Ronald Reagan never shied away from a fight. President Bush needs to keep going now and stop the handwringing over what Democrats might do or say. Hint – they will oppose you and stab you in the back at every turn — even if it means endangering national security. They stand for NOTHING anymore except regaining their own power for power’s sake.

So the battle is on. I for one am just happy that we finally have a battle taking place.

[Related Story: Justice Alito and the Constitutional Option – Hugh Hewitt. Ed. Note – I’ve already called Senator Warner, as a constituent, to weigh in.)
And I’ve called Senators Boxer and Feinstein. While the latter is waiting to hear from constituents, the former has already made up her mind, more interested in opposing the president than in considering the views of those whom she serves–a real embarassment to the Golden State. –GPW

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

For Some Democrats, it’s (Still) All About Rove

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:47 am - October 31, 2005.
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In the wake of the indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby on a variety of charges related to the way he responded to the investigation of the “leak” of Valerie Plame’s name to the news media, many Democrats and some in the media (particularly the folks at 60 Minutes) seem to be regurgitating talking points they had written long before special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald announced the indictment.

Based upon what they are saying, one would expect that Fitzgerald had uncovered a vast conspiracy (aggressively led by the president’s heinous henchman, Dr. Evil himself, Karl Rove) to smear Joe Wilson. Yet, when I read the indictment this weekend, I learned exactly what I had gleaned from news reports (and Fitzgerald’s press conference) on Friday that Libby had been indicted on serious charges, but none of them for the underlying (alleged) crime. And Mr. Rove was not indicted. There was no conspiracy. Indeed, before the investigation, there wasn’t even a crime.

Some Democrats, however, seem to have read a different indictment than I. While Mr. Libby has stepped down, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says Rove should also resign “because of his role in exposing an undercover CIA officer.” Even though, after a lengthy investigation, Rove wasn’t indicted, wasn’t implicated in any crime, Mr. Reid acts as if the president’s longtime aide had committed some great crime. Perhaps that Democrat is just looking to punish him for the great crime of being the “architect” of President Bush’s re-election last fall.