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Rosa Parks–Profile in Courage

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:19 pm - November 2, 2005.
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Like many Americans, I am deeply saddened by the passing of Rosa Parks. By refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in the segregated South, she defined courage in defying an unjust system. Active in the NAACP, she was well aware of the consequences of even this simple act of civil disobedience.

She knew that other blacks had been imprisoned — and worse — for defying Jim Crow laws. In the 1950s, angry white mobs still lynched black men. Cops regularly beat African-American protesters. And if a black woman was raped by a white man, she had little (if any) recourse to the justice system. Thus, the simple act of refusing to give up her seat took great courage. She had no idea what punishment she would face. And no idea that her defiance would rally her community — and inspire the nation.

I am delighted that America today recognizes the significance of her refusal to stand. She was the first woman, the first African-American, to lay in state in the Capitol rotunda. The president and congressional leaders came to pay tribute. CNN covered much of her funeral live.

As we recall this great lady, let us above all salute her courage. Today, we bandy the word courage about to describe anyone who takes a stand. Log Cabin seems to call any Republican “courageous” who disagrees with the GOP on gay issues. And yet, those individuals don’t face the consequences Rosa Parks did for refusing to give up her seat in the segregated South. I should know; I’m one of them. It didn’t take much courage for me to come out as gay to my fellow Republicans.

To be sure, there are many gay people whose very coming out is an act of courage. Those who risk losing the love and support of their families and communities. They are among the true heirs of Rosa Parks. Let us remember Ms. Parks for her simple courageous act which inspired a great movement and helped change America for the better.

And let her also become a reminder of what true courage is — doing what is right when such action likely invites severe consequences.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Hillary Clinton — (Mendacious) Hypocrite

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:19 pm - November 2, 2005.
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Those on the left who get upset at the slightest whiff of hypocrisy among Republicans should be in high dudgeon about Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the indictment of Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. In a statement on Friday, Mrs. Clinton said it was “simply reprehensible” that Mr. Libby “willfully interfered with the investigation into the possible exposure of a CIA agent’s identity.”

Well, it seems Mrs. Clinton did a little willful interference of her own into another investigation, that which independent counsel Robert Ray’s led into an abuse of power in the early days of her husband’s administration, the firing of officials in the White House travel office so the Clintons could give their jobs to cronies. While that prosecutor, like Patrick Fitzgerald, did not bring charges on the underlying offenses, he did find that one of his key witnesses lied under oath. Only Mr. Ray chose not to prosecute her.

In his October 18, 2000 report, Ray “determined Hillary had given false testimony when questioned about the travel office firing.” Giving false testimony certainly sounds like interfering into Mr. Ray’s investigation. By Mrs. Clinton’s own standards, that’s “simply reprehensible.”

Malcontent’s Robbie observed that “For many on the Left, hypocrisy is quite possibly the greatest crime one can ever possibly commit.” Given Mrs. Clinton’s comments and the silence of the left, I would amend that only to read hypocrisy is the great crime Republican can commit because Democrats do it all the time.

Preparing for a Pandemic

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:38 am - November 2, 2005.
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I don’t know about you, but between the President, the Mainstream Media, and the millions of chickens being slaughtered in Asia… .my blood pressure is rising with the prospect of a bird-to-human jump of the Avian Flu. (No, it isn’t Evian Flu…. which is what you get when you taste bad French bathwater.)

Anyway, here are the talking points from the President’s Flu Initiative yesterday. As if my nightmares weren’t populated enough with dirty bombs…..

Safeguarding America Against Pandemic Influenza

Today’s Presidential Action

Today, President Bush Outlined The National Strategy To Safeguard Against The Danger Of Pandemic Influenza. The President discussed the characteristics of the Avian and Pandemic Influenza threat and the Nation’s strategy to detect outbreaks, expand domestic vaccine production capacity, stockpile treatments, prepare to respond to a pandemic, and ensure the health and safety of all Americans.

Ø Because A Pandemic Could Strike At Any Time, The United States Must Prepare Now. Today, the President is requesting $7.1 billion in emergency funding to begin immediately implementing a national strategy for pandemic influenza. By making critical investments now, the Federal government will strengthen our ability to safeguard the American people in the event of a devastating global pandemic – and bring the Nation’s public health and medical infrastructure into the 21st century.

The President’s Request Of $7.1 Billion Will Fund The National Strategy’s Critical Goals Of Safeguarding America. The request includes $251 million to detect and contain outbreaks before they spread around the world; $2.8 billion to accelerate development of cell-culture technology; $800 million for development of new treatments and vaccines; $1.519 billion for the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Defense to purchase influenza vaccines; $1.029 billion to stockpile antiviral medications; and $644 million to ensure that all levels of government are prepared to respond to a pandemic outbreak.

Ø To Help The American People Prepare For A Pandemic, The Federal Government Is Launching A New Website. To equip Americans with accurate information on how to protect themselves and their families, the government is launching This will help Americans stay informed about the government’s preparations and learn what they can do to decrease their risk.


Just a reminder . . .

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:43 am - November 2, 2005.
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. . . that one year ago today, George W. Bush was re-elected with a majority of the popular vote to a second four-year term as president of the United States.

UPDATE: Those of our critics have commented about the closeness of the vote in last fall’s election should note that since the (national) popular vote has been tallied (in presidential elections), only two Democrats in U.S history have won a second (in the case of FDR, second, third and fourth) term with a majority of the popular vote. And it was 104 years between Andrew Jackson’s (1832) re-election and FDR’s (1936).