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Aussies Foil Major Terror Attack Down Under

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:23 pm - November 7, 2005.
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(h/t to Peter Hughes, GP reader)

Chemicals Tip Sparked Raid – Sydney Morning Herald

Reports a group of men were stockpiling chemicals to carry out a terrorist attack in Australia led to raids in Sydney and Melbourne, NSW Premier Morris Iemma says.

Seventeen men have been arrested and charged with terrorism related offences in Sydney and Melbourne, Australian Federal Police say.

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Mr Iemma told reporters: “Intelligence was received that a group was making arrangements to stockpile chemicals and other materials capable of making explosives.

“I’ve been further advised that police believe the group was planning a terrorist attack in Australia.”

Tim Blair has a round-up of the still-developing story — Plans Foiled

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Body Count Begins In French Al-Qaeda Offensive

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:08 am - November 7, 2005.
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French riots claim first victim – CNN

A man who was beaten by an attacker during rioting north of Paris has died, becoming the first fatality since urban unrest started 11 days ago, according to the French Foreign Ministry.

The man was beaten as he tried to put out a trash can fire on Friday in the Paris suburb of Stains in the region of Seine-Saint Denis.

But there’s more from those pesky, restless French “youths” with no MSM-identified ethnicity, religion or agenda…

Among the worst incidents reported — rocks thrown at two buses hit a 13-month-old child in Colombe, an official with the Interior Ministry said. The child was in serious condition.

In the northern city of Rouen, a police barricade was set afire and a burning car was pushed into the police station; and in Strasbourg, near the German border, a school was torched.

A church was set ablaze in the southern fishing town of Sete and another in nearby Lens, Pas de Calais; two schools in the southeastern town of Saint-Etienne and a police station in the central France town of Clermont-Ferrand were torched, as was a social center in the Parisian suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.

More deaths will come at the hands of Al-Qaeda’s ground war in Europe, I fear. Appeasers are not immune from this global threat.

[RELATED STORY – BoiFromTroy has an on-the-scene pal whose blogging in Paris.)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Ocian in view! O! the joy.

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:30 am - November 7, 2005.
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Two hundred years today, Captain William Clarke wrote those words in his journal upon reaching (what he thought) was the Pacific Ocean in a climatic moment to the two-year Corps of Discovery journey.

(click on map for interactive link)

The Washington Post had a commemorative report of the momentous day in their Saturday edition.

Lewis & Clark Mapped It — Then The Nation Remade The West – WashingtonPost (subscription required: Email address:, password – gaypatriot)

William Clark, who scribbled these words in his field journal on Nov. 7, 1805, was not a man to get carried away with exclamation points. He was a woodsman, a waterman and a sober-minded maker of maps.

Yet, if ever there were a time and a place for extravagant punctuation, it was here 200 years ago where the Columbia abruptly widens to embrace the Pacific. Having crossed the continent as co-leader of the most important road trip in American history, Clark believed he could finally see and hear the ocean (he was mistaken; it was about 18 miles away).

More important, Clark and Meriwether Lewis and others in the Corps of Discovery were in exclusive possession of geographical intelligence that would soon demolish three centuries of guesses, rumors and dreams about the character of the West. They knew that what President Thomas Jefferson had sent them to find — a “direct & practicable” water route across the continent — did not exist. They had instead observed, mapped and painstakingly described what was actually out here, in all its punishing vastness and exclamatory wonder. Their journals — historian Donald Jackson called the Corps of Discovery the “writingest” explorers in U.S. history — would recast the nation’s conception of itself.

Today is one step in that history changing expedition that should be marked with more attention, as should the entire journey, by our public education system. The volunteers on the Corps are true American heroes and served as examples of trailblazers that came before and after them from our American family.

I have been lucky enough to have seen and walk on many miles of the Lewis and Clark Trail in the past three years when my imagination was initially captured on a trip to Montana. Just this year, I too saw the Pacific at the spot that the Corps (eventually) stood.

I’d like to mark this historic day in our nation’s history, science and exploration with a salute to the most underrated heroes in our American experience.

Captain William Clark and Captain Meriwether Lewis.

[Related Story – Army to mark Lewis & Clark milestone – Army News Service]

[Resources: Discovering Lewis & Clark, National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial homepage]

Professional Gaming Athletes

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:50 am - November 7, 2005.
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Here’s something I didn’t know was going on out there….. this guy is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a professional video game player.

Game Boy – BusinessWeek

Unbeknownst to almost everyone over 30, professional game playing is becoming a very big deal. There are worldwide tours with stops from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul. Celebrity players are hounded for autographs and compete for high-stakes prizes. At the CPL World Tour Grand Finals in New York in November, players will compete for a total of $500,000 in cash.

I’m wondering if there might be a future of moneymaking in being a professional blogging athlete? Wishful thinking.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)