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MSM Distortions…Again

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:35 am - November 8, 2005.
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The print edition of the Washington Post had the following headline to this story:

Australian Police Arrest 17, Claim to Foil Attack

Because those innocent Muslims could have been creating a chemistry set for their college course paid for by Australian tax dollars, right?

They have changed it online now to the less offensive, but still suspecting:

Australians Say They Foiled Terror Attack
The Associated Press
Tuesday, November 8, 2005; 9:53 AM

I’m supposing the NY Times had the following headline?

Roosevelt Administration Claims Pearl Harbor Bombed

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Tampa Gay Rights Group Shows Bush As Hitler

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:04 am - November 8, 2005.
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(click on photo to view QueerTampa webpage)

In a email-distributed newsletter and on their website, the so-called gay rights group “Queer Tampa” visualizes President Bush, who freed 50 million Muslims from tyranny, as morphing into Nazi dictator and mass murderer of millions Adolf Hitler.

One member of the email distribution list protested the photo and asked to be removed from the list. Here is the response he received from Queer Tampa. Please note that no individual at the organization had the courage to put their name on this ridiculous and hyperbolic email.

Thank you for your input. We are indeed sorry to see you go as the result of one provocative graphic.

Although our opinion is that it is tough to point to any positive developments in the past five years in our Nation’s Safety, Economy or Civil Rights, we do value everyone’s right not only to their opinion but also to their right to express it. Our hope is that we all remain vigilant in preserving that right and that we continue to fight for equal protection under the law for all citizens, not just the heterosexual ones.

I suppose no repeat attack on our mainland since 9/11 doesn’t count for them? And I guess the many recent pro-LGBT Supreme Court decisions, including yesterday’s, fell under their radar screen? Methinks this group knows about them wicked gay concentration camps being built in Montana by John Ashcroft!! After all, where has he been for the past two years??!!

Likewise, we support the Constitution Of The United States and the “Separation of Powers” and find ourselves frightened by any attempts to thwart that document, to abuse the Bill of Rights, make unjustified acts of war, allow the looting of our economy by private enterprise or attempts to limit the free press either by bullying tactics or the use of misinformation via government sponsored propaganda campaigns. Any attempt to rescind The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 is in our view a crime against the people of the United States and clearly a precursor to a police state. Additionally, the use of fear or “terror” to gain control of the masses is nothing short of Hitler and Stalinist tactics and should be questioned and resisted by all free thinking people.

Let’s see, Congress authorized all military action that took place since 9/11, thereby following the Constitution. And the only people we need to fear are those that have been trained by a worldwide Islamist movement to kill innocent Americans, like this delusional un-named lefty from Tampa who speaks for “Queer Tampa”.

We hope you will respect this alternate opinion.

You mean just like you “respect” other people’s opinions that stray from the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist Leftist party line? Yeah, right.

Best Regards,
Tampa’s Most Visited Gay & Lesbian Website
Established April 2, 2000

I’d encourage all of you to email Queer Tampa and let them hear from people who still believe America is the greatest country on earth and the “last great hope of mankind.”

It is precisely this kind of venom and exaggeration from the gay community that will result in continued rejection by the American people of improving gay rights. It is amazing that the HRC, NGLTF, and QueerTampa haven’t figured that out by now. At least pretend you love your country!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Al Franken: “I’m glad the homosexual got killed”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:25 am - November 8, 2005.
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I’m good enough, I’m white enough, and dog-gone it, Stuart Smalley likes me!, by Mike Adams @

Here’s an example of a “fair mean” joke made by Franken himself:

“I just don’t like homosexuals. If you ask me, they’re all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.”

For those who don’t get this “fair mean” joke, Franken is attacking Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club, which is a humorous dramatic society – one that never invited Franken to join while he was at Harvard. So, naturally, when you are snubbed by an organization, it is “fair” to rejoice when one of its members is murdered. This is especially true if the person murdered is gay and the person snubbed is liberal.

< ...>

Perhaps offended gay liberals will say that Franken’s anti-gay remarks provide evidence that he is actually gay himself. Maybe they will back this assertion by saying that he “looks gay” – something conservatives have thought for years but were not allowed to say under the prohibition against “unfair meanness.”

And, who knows, maybe homosexual liberals will start to throw quiche at Franken when he speaks on college campuses. Food throwing is an example of “fair meanness,” largely because conservatives don’t do it.

We all know that gay liberals will give Franken a pass. It is better to be a liberal homophobic bigot than a Republican, right?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)