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If It’s Sunday, It Must Be…. San Diego!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:18 pm - November 13, 2005.
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Yep, I’m in one of my all-time favorite American cities until Tuesday!!!

I’m here for a medical conference for work.

I had an interesting dinner last night. It was as if the hotel restaurant knew all about me and decided to punish me. The food was great. But the caberet singer sang old ’60’s folk songs (think about it… they are 40 year old songs now!!!) and a song in FRENCH. Ugh. I had to take an Ambien to get the whole thing out of my memory banks.

….what was I saying?…..

Anyway, hello San Diego!!!

New York City is next on my agenda this week for the big launch Wednesday of the Pajamas Media (with new name) venture. The GayPatriot blog is a Special Contributor… or something like that. I’ll be live blogging from the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockefeller Center on Wednesday. Judy Miller ex-of the New York Times, Glenn Reynolds, Roger Simon, Michelle Malkin and Charles Johnson (LGF) among many others will be there. It is a blog-feast right before Thanksgiving. Rumor also has it that GayPatriot and BoiFromTroy will come face to face!!! *grin*

But first I have to soak in the warm Southern California sun for the next couple of days…. or breathe in the stale air of the convention center is more likely.

-Bruce (GayPatriot on the road)