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Gay Republicans — an oxymoron?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:15 pm - November 14, 2005.
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“If I had to choose between joining a crowd or making a difference, I would choose to make a difference.”

That’s the closing quote in an interesting article on Gay Republicans just published by the Gay & Lesbian Times.

Read the whole article…. it is worth it. One interesting recurrent theme is the overwhelming personal hostility borne by gay Republicans by their own “tolerant” gay community. Thus, the final quote.

I couldn’t agree more.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Log Cabin Republicans Respond to Foreman’s ‘Immoral’ Comment

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:39 pm - November 14, 2005.
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Just passing along this response I received from Chris Barron at Log Cabin Republicans earlier today. I’d have posted sooner, but I’m on Pacific time… and have been on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center all day. (Feet…hurt….make…pain…stop…)

Patrick never comments directly on the opinions of other Executive Directors. Log Cabin’s position, however, is clear. LGBT Americans and organizations must reach out to Republicans, conservative Democrats, people of faith and red state Americans. We need to build grassroots so that our wins occur not only in courtrooms, but in legislatures and ballot boxes across the country.

It at least appears that Log Cabin doesn’t believe American democracy is “immoral”…..

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

US Gay “Rights” Leader Denounces Democracy As ‘Immoral’

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:23 am - November 14, 2005.
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Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and self-described socialist, is now in the hunt to replace Howard Dean as the Fortune 500 Left Wing Loon of the Year.

“What I really want people to understand is rather than seeing these as political contests, these are really profound, unfair, bordering on immoral elections,” Foreman told Reuters on Saturday. “Imagine if this was being done to a minority in Kosovo — people would be outraged.” (Hat tip: Right Side of the Rainbow)

So let’s see….. when you lose an election because you haven’t changed people’s opinion… they are the ones who are immoral. When you subvert the democratic process and storm into the court system to force feed gay marriage without reaching out to mainstream America…. they are the ones who are immoral.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Foreman to move to a country he is more comfortable with? One where they embrace socialism, border on anti-capitalism, border on anti-Christian, and have fully embraced their “minority” population….

So now I would like to demand that Matt’s comrades-in-gay-marriage, Patrick Guerriero (Log Cabin Republican president) and Joe Solomonese (head of the Human Rights Campaign), to publicly state whether or not they believe American democracy is “immoral.”

If they do not, they need to publicly condemn Mr. Foreman’s words and demand an apology.

Mr. Foreman does not speak for me or millions of other gay Americans who love this country, revel in the freedoms we do have, celebrate capitalism, celebrate religious freedom, and look forward to the day that gays are more accepted in our society as they are more and more each day. I value my rights as an American, even if you do not, Mr. Foreman. If France isn’t to your liking…. what about Iran? Sometimes you value the things you take for granted the most when you don’t have them anymore.

In any case….Mr. Foreman — Do Not Speak In My Name.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)