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Mother Sheehan Cashes In On Son’s Death

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:13 pm - November 20, 2005.
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‘Peace Mom’ Sheehan to Release Book – Washington Post

“I never wrote anything more than a note to excuse my kids from school before Casey was killed, so to see something I wrote in print with my name on it is amazing,” Sheehan told The Associated Press by phone from her home in Berkeley, Calif.

Sheehan plans to go on a book tour, but first she wants to resume her protest in Crawford this week as Bush spends Thanksgiving at his ranch.

“The Camp Casey movement will not die until we have a genuine accounting of the truth and until our troops are brought home,” she wrote. “Get used to it, George. We are not going away.”

I wonder what Momma Sheehan thinks about the 403-3 vote in the US House on Friday to keep troops in Iraq?

Notice there is no word in the WaPo article how much dough Sheehan’s coffers will be getting.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Reports Suggest Zarqawi May Be Dead

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:07 pm - November 20, 2005.
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OpenSourceMedia has a compilation of the reports coming in this afternoon of a fierce battle in Mosul today where eight al-Qaeda members blew themselves up rather than be caputured by US and Iraqi force.

Is Zarqawi dead? – OpenSourceMedia

I’m reluctant to get too excited yet. But this news sounds promising.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

You Won’t Find Mosul in Vietnam

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:51 pm - November 20, 2005.
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-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Important Reminder About the Internet

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:05 pm - November 20, 2005.
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These guys will never be able to escape this video….. for the rest of their lives. (h/t – Polipundit)

(Warning.. don’t have anything your mouth when watching this….)

UPDATE: Apparently Chinese student lipsynching is a fad. But you must need the requisite, bored uninterested friend in the background.

PS – Thanks to Google Video for ruining the past two hours of my life….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Is 2006 Hollywood’s Turning Point?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:06 am - November 20, 2005.
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After watching this powerful and, frankly emotional, trailer for “Superman Returns“, (h/t – Malcontent) it made me think of Dan’s posting a few months ago.

A Screenwriter’s Solution to Hollywood’s Slump – GayPatriotWest

Dan highlighted a column by his screenwriter friend Craig Titley about Hollywood’s slump and the need to get back to more traditional, pro-American movies. From Craig’s piece about 1985’s successful movies:

[T]hese films were optimistic in a time of fear, and they didn’t endlessly bag on their own country or send a negative message to the world implying that America is full of corrupt, greedy, selfish, dishonest, Capitalist pigs and that the Russians have every right to hate us and nuke us. On the contrary, these films wore the flag proudly, celebrated American valor and the American spirit, and used the real world villains as the reel world villains.

There has never been a film screen character that epitomizes American values more than Christopher Reeve’s “Superman.” Based on what I’ve seen in this trailer, Brandon Routh (a Midwestern boy like Clark Kent himself) has channeled Reeve in a way that is nearly mindboggling. I hope “Superman Returns” lives up to this trailer and helps Hollywood rediscover the America it is a part of.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)