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In Advocating Gay Marriage, Gay Groups Need a Reality-based Approach

I believe that one of the (various) reasons gay activists are losing the battle to promote acceptance of gay marriage is that they fail to understand the opposition to this significant social change. Too many contend that all who oppose gay marriage do so out of bigotry. They ignore that many who oppose gay marriage are not necessarily anti-gay.

Bruce noted recently how Matt Foreman, Executive Director of NGLTF (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force), defined state referenda on same-sex marriage as “bordering on immoral.” The Human Rights Campaign blamed “divisive politics” for the overwhelming passage earlier this month of a Texas constitutional amendment precluding state recognition of same-sex marriages — and domestic partnerships as well.

Echoing HRC’s rhetoric, Log Cabin’s outgoing Political Director Chris Barron called the Texas referendum “politics at its worst. Folks are tired of this divisive politics.” Yeah, Americans (including 76% of Lone Star State voters) were so tired of such divisive politics that they repeatedly vote in favor of referenda precluding same-sex marraige.

Such comments, which Log Cabin highlighted in its November 17 “Inclusion Wins” e-mail, shows that this group, like other gay groups, has excluded itself from what Michelle Malkin has called the “reality-based community.” While I agree with Log Cabin in opposing such referenda, I do not support their rhetoric of opposition.

Does A Vacant Book Signing Tent Make Any Noise?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:07 pm - November 27, 2005.
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Polipundit: The Sixteenth Minute…In Pictures

*crickets chirping today in Crawford, TX*

More photos of the Sheehan book signing disaster at Sweetness & Light.

By contrast, here is the reception the President and First Lady received from our troops in South Korea last week.

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