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Gay Lefty Moonbat or Log Cabin Prez?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:20 am - December 2, 2005.
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As I pack up and hit the road for the move to Charlotte, NC this morning, I thought it might be fun to post a short quiz for everyone to take.

The quiz is called “Gay Lefty Moonbat or Log Cabin Prez?” Below are quotes from either radical Gay Leftist “reporter” Rex Wockner or Patrick Guerriero, Log Cabin (Republican) President. As difficult as it may be, try to determine who said what….

Ready? Set? Go!

A “Yes, it’s ugly. Yes, the theocrats control the [Republican] party apparatus. Yes, the President has been a humongous disappointment, particularly his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment.”

B – “There are days when I wonder if I will be able to stay sane these next four years. Not only is this truth-challenged primate our president, but 51 percent of the voters I walk by on the street reelected him. I just can’t come to peace with that. Three months later I still hurt, and I still cringe when I see his smirk on television.”

C – “I’m concerned about the misinformation around weapons of mass destruction. I want us to figure out an exit strategy that doesn’t leave Iraq in a civil war and leave terrorists to use that experience to bolster their activity around the world.”

D – “Hey, whatever it takes to get rid of the Bushies is A-OK with me. I just don’t understand why Bush’s outright lying about Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” — and, um, his starting a WAR in order to seize or wipe out these nonexistent weapons isn’t enough reason to bring down the administration.”

E – “It would be easy for folks to run away from the battle going on in the Republican Party right now — a party that is too often controlled by theocrats.”

F“This current administration is very beholden to that subgroup of Republicans, so it kind of puts all gay Republicans in a tighter bind than they might have been in under a less-religious-right-co-opted administration, like Bush number one, when it wasn’t like this so much.”

Not as easy as you might have think given one of these men is supposed to be a Republican. The answers are:

Guerriero: A, C, and E; Wocker: B, D, and F

Recently, Guerriero has been on what appears to be a public relations blitz of the Gay Leftist Media. First this nauseating puff piece in the current issue of The Advocate. (Dan commented on the Advocate piece earlier in the week).

Not only did it expose The Advocate for its Gay Left Echo Chamber/Non-News Credentials… (What? No questioning of Patrick about the million-dollar defamation lawsuit from one of Log Cabin’s former high officials??)… but it cemented Patrick’s total abdication of Log Cabin’s ability to create positive change from within the Republican Party.

As my fellow blogger Dan says, calling Patrick a Republican is like putting a wig on a trucker and calling him a drag queen.

Oh, but I’m far from done…..


GP Friday Mailbag

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:03 am - December 2, 2005.
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Dan and I have been getting a lot of supportive emails lately. Which is good because it helps counteract the moonbattery of our liberal commenting panhandlers of late!

Here is a nice sample. Thanks to all of our readers for continuing to support this unique voice in the American political dialogue.


I was browsing some of the other gay blogs and stumbled across Gaypatriot. I’m THRILLED so see something out there that mirrors my thoughts and opinions. Keep up the excellent work!


< ....>

Bruce, I am a happily married father of two who reads your blog almost daily. Your perspective as a gay conservative is very interesting to me.
I am a former Democrat who left after their treasonous behavior soon after the war in Afghanistan began. Iraq just confirmed it. That, and the realization that my fairly conservative views were no longer welcomed by Democrats. How a major political party can make abortion their #1 issue is beyond me.

I wish I could contribute financially, but with an autistic son, our extra money is very short. Keep up the good work, and pass on the well wishes to Dan also.

Indianapolis (Red state, flyover country!)

< ....>

Bruce & Dan,

I came across your blog via Michelle Malkin’s. Wow! Talk about courage! It is one thing to be gay in America, but to be a conservative? You are going way beyond the scope ever imagined by the left in terms of “diversity” and so-called “tolerance” Now you are in for it! Do you have any friends left?

I applaud your courage. I am a straight white Republican Conservative and am used to the vitriol and insults due to the shirts I wear and some of my bumper stickers, (not to mentions the placards supporting Bush last election which were destroyed by my compassionate rivals), but you guys…man!

You probably know this already, but prejudice based on political stances has morphed and “evolved” in the last ten years or so. Guess who is the new “Fag”, “Kike”, “Ni__er” etc…, ? You got it!….Conservative Republicans!! I sure hope that you are in for one tough ride. You are going to be shunned like a leper during the first century! You will be considered the most despicable traitors!

What people might find strange is that the majority of Conservatives harbor no prejudice towards gays. Even the ones that do harbor some feelings of nonacceptance, show at the least a certain “tolerance” so espoused by the left. A “tolerance” that the liberal faction certainly will NOT show towards you!

Welcome to the hard road guys! You will find that us Republican Conservatives will support you ferociously and will stand by you to help the oncoming onslaught that waits before you. Just knowing you exist gives me joy and comfort that my views are not completely ignored by groups that are normally against me. I thank you and hope to hear from you.

Seattle, Washington

< ....>

Just a note of affirmation. I have GayPatriot in my RSS editor because of your steady voice of good sense and insights. I didn’t see a donation link on your blog–did I miss it? Thank you for being true to your core beliefs, and for being a three dimensional blogger.

Plattsburg, MO

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Bruce (GayPatriot…. en route to the new GP Headquarters of Charlotte, NC)