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Democrats Want To Retreat; President & Soldiers Want to Win

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:17 pm - December 7, 2005.
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I couldn’t think of a more appropriate and yet sad posting as December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) comes to a close across the United States.

Sgt. Trevor at The Will To Exist brings the contrasting platforms on the War on Terror in full focus by highlighting the difference between the strategies of the Democrat National Chairman (retreat and defeat) and President Bush (victory and democracy).

Two different parties, two different men and two different outlooks. Which one do you prefer? As a soldier, I’m certainly not going to support the guy who tells me that it was all for nothing, let’s get out while the getting is good. All those deaths were meaningless. All those shattered limbs for nought. All you soldiers who fought, sweated, cried and worried in the dirt of Iraq – it doesn’t matter. All those children you passed candy and toys too – abandon them. All the water pipes you laid, all the generators you installed, all the buildings you built – abandon them. The Iraqis you trained – say goodbye, they’re on their own. Terrorism has won. The head choppers and their ilk are just too persistent for us.

Or, I could support the guy I didn’t vote for, President Bush, who despite all the things I disagree with him about, has my respect in this matter. Despite the long hours here, despite that fact that my feet hurt every day and I have a knot in my back the size of Texas. Regardless of the loud booms and the bags under my eyes. Despite missing my wife terribly and wishing I was someplace else half the time.

You can’t come to the game and then throw down the ball halfway through, give the bird to your teammates and walk off the field. Because that is what losers do.

It is also what appeasers do. I thank God everyday that for whatever reasons Al Gore and John Kerry did not become President and I didn’t have to worry at night that my life and the life of my friends and families are in the hands of a liberal President.

After Pearl Harbor, we didn’t immediately invade Japan. We strategically went after Germany in the European Theater. Those that still don’t realize the significance of taking the war to Iraq after September 11th must also have their heads in the sands about the implications of this Third World War that was thrust upon us beginning in 1979.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

PatriotPooch Asks For Your Vote

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:49 am - December 7, 2005.
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hi blogging people. dad is busy with some work thing out in arizona while other-dad and i are stuck in this boring hotel room in charlotte. i don’t know why we moved from that nice house in virginia to this small apartment room here. did our taxes go up too much?

anyway, gone-away-dad asked me to ask you if you would vote for GayPatriot today. he has been really whiny about winning and other-dad and i just want him to shut up about this whole thing. but since he gives me food….well, i gotta use my big brown eyes to help out the voting.


its kind of lonely here. i miss murphy the lab puppy in virginia. hopefully i can make some new friends here soon.

oh look! a rabbit!

-Saxby (PatriotPooch)

Fight for Christmas Also Rages “Down Under”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:20 am - December 7, 2005.
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Romeo Mike reports that the fight to save Christmas isn’t confined to the US of A. Australian secularists are on a “purge Christmas” crusade as well. But reason and tradition are fighting back….

Christmas Won Back – Romeo Mike’s

After last year’s furore over the scrooging of Sydney’s Chrissie decorations, this year Clover has gone all out. It’s a win against secularising a Christian tradition, however local socialists deny there was ever a problem to begin with. Just a media beat up, they say. The point is a little undermined when their allies order the re-Christmassing of schools and kindies, thanks Mr Bracks, and challenge those who oppose it, thanks Mr Aly.

Still, Sydney City Council is dominated by progressive socialists, which means political correctness and atheism are the institutional standards. So what do you do when your commie ideology makes you opposed to Christianity, but your citizenry needs humouring with Christmas decorations? Naturally, you go subliminal on them….

(go to Romeo Mike’s to see the Communist-inspired Christmas decorations in Sydney)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

President Acknowledges Gay Community’s Role in Fight Against AIDS; Gay Groups Fail to Take Notice

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 4:32 am - December 7, 2005.
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One reason I am grateful to our readers is that y’all often tip me off to articles I might have missed. Eva Young e-mailed me yesterday a post from Stephen H. Miller on Independent Gay Forum where this good man noted that the president recognized “the gay community’s role in addressing AIDS.” In his remarks on World AIDS Day last week, President Bush spoke about the changing demographics of the AIDS epidemic:

Yet America still sees an estimated 40,000 new infections each year. This is not inevitable — and it’s not acceptable. HIV/AIDS remains a special concern in the gay community, which has effectively fought this disease for decades through education and prevention. And the demographics of this disease continue to change. AIDS is increasingly found among women and minorities. Nearly half of the new infections are found in the African-American community.

The president used the word, “gay” to describe our community, perhaps the first time he has acknowledged our community as president. Indeed, a search of the White House’s web-page for “gay community” yields only two responses. As Steve put it, “For a Republican conservative, that’s a step forward.” He also asked whether any of the national gay organizations would offer “any supportive feedback to the president.

I checked both the websites of HRC and NGLTF and found that neither organization had praised the president’s remarks, indeed, couldn’t find any mention of them there.


Spokane Voters Recall Mayor West

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 3:10 am - December 7, 2005.
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Voters in Spokane, Washington voted yesterday to recall Mayor James E. West from office. With just over half the votes counted, approximately two-thirds of voters favor removing this Republican.

As readers may recall, the Spokesman-Review, the paper of record in Spokane, broke a story in May that Mayor West was chatting with teenagers and young men online. While I believe that it is the Mayor’s own business what he does with his own time (I said as much here), it appears that the Mayor may have used city resources to browse gay web-sites and may have offered some young men jobs in expectation of dates and/or sexual favors. And at least one young man has alleged West molested him when he (the young man) was a minor.

In my second post on the topic, I said these charges “should be thoroughly investigated and, if warranted by the evidence, criminal charges against the mayor should be filed.

Although West “has not been charged with any crime,” voters chose to oust him. Certainly they were concerned about the charges against him. Perhaps, they were also appalled at his poor judgment. In this day and age, he should have known that reporters are always looking for dirt.

In voting to recall Mayor West, citizens of Spokane obviously felt that their city needs a new leader, that the current mayor had compromised his ability to govern by offering city jobs to young men he met on the web. While I have much compassion for a middle-aged gay man who felt so lonely that he would spend much of his free time online, I don’t think Mr. West knew where to draw the line. He should have realized that his duties as mayor required that he conduct himself in a different way.

Apparently the citizens of Spokane thought so as well.