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Weblog Awards — UNITE FOR ETHAN!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:01 pm - December 13, 2005.
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It has been a rough few days here at GayPatriot HQ. Dan is busy with school, I’m up to my eyeballs in digging out of boxes after the move from Virginia, and to top it all off…. the GayPatriot site has been down for technical reasons for the past 18 hours or so. (My apologies for that!)

Meanwhile, the giggling trolls over at BlogActive and Democratic Underground have turned the Best LGBT Weblog Award contest into a GayPatriot vs. BratBoySchool “in-the-family” battle. It seems they are reading a lot into the unintended silence on this site about the contest and mushrooming it into some fantasy battle.

While any self-respecting competitor wants to win a contest he enters, I haven’t been able to campaign they way I wanted to this year. Plus, a number of the nominees lined up behind Ethan @ BratBoySchool late last week.

Now that I finally have a ‘almost-decent’ Internet connection after five days, I’d like to join them and endorse BratBoySchool for Best LGBT Blog!!


The Gay Conservative Bloggers are united to defeat the forces of nuttiness on the Gay Left! Take that, Pam’s House Blend!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)