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George Bush Hates WHITE People!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:30 pm - December 16, 2005.
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Man, this is just too much. This is what is so great about bloggers…. they keep their teeth sunk into an issue until we finally hear the truth.

Where’s White Kanye? – Flynn Files

It turns out George W. Bush doesn’t hate black people after all. He hates white people. Hurricane Katrina killed New Orleans whites at a rate disproportionately higher than their percentage of the city’s population. Blacks, on the other hand, didn’t fare as poorly: African Americans constitute two-thirds of the Big Easy’s population but just three-fifths of the hurricane’s fatalities. “George Bush doesn’t care about white people!” “[T]he world saw the effects of American-style anti-white racism in the drama as it was outplayed by the Katrina survivors.” Bush blew up the levee “to destroy the white part of town and keep the black part dry.” White people in Charleston, Miami, Houston, and other storm targets: Beware! Next time George Bush utilizes his super-secret White House hurricane-making machine (with the aid of his nefarious sidekick Dick Cheney), he may be coming for you!


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

2005 Weblog Award To The Best Blog Readers…..

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:11 am - December 16, 2005.
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The winner is all of you! Though we fell short, I am proud that this “alternative gay” blog has ranked as one of the top LGBT blogs for the second year in a row.

I know I speak for Dan when I say it is an honor and privilege to wake up each day and try to rack our brains to come up with something unique, insightful and witty to reflect about in this crazy world we live in.

So I’m happy to always be the “best man” and never the “groom” in this contest. Because it is great just being here and making a difference each day. Oh yeah, and totally making others in the blogosphere go nuts and lose their hair at a faster rate than I.

Thanks again to the best readers in the blogosphere!

Here is your award from me…. (Click on Chewy to drive yourself crazy!) Hat tip: Cake Or Death.

-Bruce (GayPatriot headed to O’Hare this morning for my flight back home.)

Gnashing Of Teeth In Liberal Hell

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:35 am - December 16, 2005.
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I’m pretty confident that the liberal demons will need some ice water today in their self-created hell. Why, you ask?

Three reasons at least….

1 – President Bush’s approval numbers are up significantly in two separate polls this week.

2 – The Iraqi elections were an outstanding success. (Elections that would not have happened under a President Kerry)

So many Sunni Arabs voted that ballots ran out in some places. The strong participation by Sunnis, the backbone of the insurgency, bolstered U.S. hopes that the election could produce a broad-based government capable of ending the daily suicide attacks and other violence that have ravaged the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

3 – Someone in the House GOP has been listening to me ranting at home since November 18th! I’ve been saying… “put the Murtha withdrawal resolution up for a vote in the US House every month!”

(From Thursday evening at The Corner @ NRO) — (AP) WASHINGTON – House Republican leaders drafted legislation on Thursday that rejects calls for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq as “fundamentally inconsistent with achieving victory” and said they would force a vote on Friday.

It would be the second time in five weeks that GOP leaders maneuvered for a vote on the war in the face of Democratic calls for a timetable for withdrawal.

The resolution expresses the commitment of the House “to achieving victory in Iraq.”

Oh what a beautiful morning……

-Bruce (GayPatriot)