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Patriot Act Claims First ‘Innocent Victim’…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:38 pm - December 25, 2005.
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….in his own mind. (h/t – LittleGreenFootballs).

Federal agents’ visit was a hoax –

The UMass Dartmouth student who claimed to have been visited by Homeland Security agents over his request for “The Little Red Book” by Mao Zedong has admitted to making up the entire story.

The 22-year-old student tearfully admitted he made the story up to his history professor, Dr. Brian Glyn Williams, and his parents, after being confronted with the inconsistencies in his account.

Had the student stuck to his original story, it might never have been proved false.

So yet again, the only “innocent” claimed by “excesses” of the Patriot Act is victimized by his own paranoia. I’ve yet to see a real, documented case of anyone, who isn’t breaking the law or here illegally, having their “civil liberties” violated by the Patriot Act. Or wiretapping.

If you aren’t doing anything illegal, are in this country legally and aren’t calling your al-Qaeda friends overseas, you don’t have anything to fear. Except the scare tactics of Democrats.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Favorite Christmas Toy Or Gadget

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:59 pm - December 25, 2005.
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I heard a funny theory on the radio this past week. I wish I’d remember which channel it was. It may have been the Tanner in the Morning program on one of our new favorite country stations, WSOC – 103.7 FM.

But in any case, the theory went that by 2pm on Christmas day, the entire family begins to “gell” around one favorite toy or favorite gadget. For example, everyone wound up playing “Trivial Pursuit” in its heyday.

Well, around the PatriotHouse today, the Magellan GPS handheld and my new Podcasting equipment are high on the list. And we may settle down to watch “March of the Penguins” shortly.

So what is “gelling” everyone together in your house so far today?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Merry PoochMas

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:32 pm - December 25, 2005.
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hi blog people. my dads are busy drinking bloody marys and patriotmom is sunning herself on the porch. i am kinda drunk with a full belly after eating a large rawhide “candy” cane. oh, and all the bacon this morning at breakfast.

i hope y’all got nice gifts like me. if not i can send you a pigs ear…..

-Saxby (PatriotPooch)

Joy To The World…The Lord Is Come!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:09 am - December 25, 2005.
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Merry Christmas to all across this great nation of ours and throughout the Earth.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)