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Last Chance to Vote for Conservative Blogress Diva/Why Gay Men Like Strong Women

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:31 pm - December 30, 2005.
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Just under twenty-four hours remain to vote for your favorite conservative blogress diva. At 6 PM EST (3 PM PST) on New Year’s Eve, I’ll check the vote tally and award the blogress with the highest number of votes (at that time) the title of Grand Conservative Blogress Diva 2006. And since each of the women nominated has now received over 100 votes, all will join the Grand Diva’s court as a conservative (or libertarian) blogress diva in her own right.

And while we thought our list was comprehensive of the conservative blogress divas, we keep discovering new ones. Bear in mind that we define a diva differently than do most gay men. For us, a diva is a strong, confident and talented woman who commands the respect of men. Yet, as the campaign has shown, some of the nominees have shown a quality which defines the more “traditional” diva — a strong woman who loves attention. It seems that some of the top vote-getters delight in promoting themselves. It’s too bad we can’t name them all Grand Conservative Blogress Diva.

As we honor these divas, let me draw you attention to other great blogresses on the right — The Anchoress, Baldilocks and Little Miss Attila. And be sure to check out this year’s nominees: Ann Althouse, Tammy Bruce, Polipundit‘s Lorie Byrd, Jane Galt (Asymmetrical Information), Bridget Johnson (GOP Vixen), Sondra K (Knowledge is Power), Carol Platt Liebau, National Review Online‘s K-Lo (Kathryn Jean Lopez), Michelle Malkin, Betsy Newmark (Betsy’s Page), Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, Debbie Schlussel, Cathy Seipp and Cathy Young.

Because we gay men respect strong women such as these, we should also consider why it is that gay men look up to and often befriend such forceful women. Indeed, I may be writing my Ph. D. dissertation on such a topic, looking at how the Greek goddess Athena serves to bring men together. It is she who effects the reconciliation between Odysseus and his son Telemachus in The Odyssey. And, in perhaps my favorite classical play, AeschylusThe Eumenides, this feminine representation of wisdom says, “but for marriage, I am always for the male.

Perhaps, we so revere strong women because we, who pursue romantic relationships with other men, need a means to let the feminine into our lives. It often seems that the gay men with the great problems, emotional, sexual and whatnot are those least in touch with the feminine, both in terms of their relationships with others and their understanding of themselves.

As you cast your vote for grand conservative blogress diva, please join me in pondering why it is that so many gay men honor strong and confident women.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

George Bush Hates Old People!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:17 pm - December 30, 2005.
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Remember how thousands of poor people were dying under the bridges as the hysterical Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper were reporting live during the Katrina aftermath in New Orleans? Remember how Kanye West spouted out the LibDem talking points during a television tribute concert declaring, “George Bush hates black people!” ?

Well, as has been the case in the Katrina situation and most other major events that the MSM has covered lately… the pre-event assumptions of the liberal reporters and editors have been crushed by the facts yet again.

In fact, we now know that George Bush must hate OLD people!

Katrina affected elderly the most; Analysis: Assumptions on victims were incorrect – Knight Ridder

Four months after Hurricane Katrina, analyses of data suggest that some widely reported assumptions about the storm’s victims were incorrect.

For example, a comparison of locations where 874 bodies were recovered with U.S. census tract data indicates that the victims weren’t disproportionately poor. Another database of 486 Katrina victims from Orleans and St. Bernard parishes, compiled by Knight Ridder, suggests they also weren’t disproportionately African American.

Both sets of data are incomplete; Louisiana state officials have released no comprehensive list of the dead. Still, they provide the most comprehensive information available to date about who paid the ultimate price in the storm.

The one group that was disproportionately affected by the storm appears to have been older adults. People 60 and older account for only about 15 percent of the population in the New Orleans area, but the Knight Ridder database found that 74 percent of the dead were 60 or older. Nearly half were older than 75. Many of those were at nursing homes and hospitals, where nearly 20 percent of the victims were recovered.

Now that is just shocking! After all, the elderly are never warned when a cold snap or heat wave comes. And they are never a special risk group when the flu breaks out. Come on…. we all know that the elderly are always disproportionately impacted by a disaster. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist… or a New York Times reporter…. to figure that out.

Fact is we need more objective journalists in positions of power at the TV networks and our major papers. Their biases are clouding their judgements and creating “fact” in the minds of the American public that are outright lies.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

John Adams & the Gipper — Conservative Revolutionaries

Perhaps it was seeing 1776* in fourth grade that has made me such a fan of John Adams. I was delighted when David McCullough’s biography of this great man quickly climbed to the top of the bestseller charts when it was released in 2001. (I highly recommend the book.)

Yesterday, while listening to the Barnes & Noble “Portable Professor course,” Patriots: Brotherhood of the American Revolution, I heard Professor Joseph J. Ellis (author of Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation) describe the man who would become America’s second president as a revolutionary in a conservative sense. I like that description of this great patriot — conservative revolutionary.

Such a term shows how one of Adams’ greatest successors as president was following in his footsteps when he launched what others called the Reagan Revolution upon his election in 1980. Ronald Reagan, our nation’s fortieth president, just his Eighteenth Century predecessor, was also a conservative revolutionary. And just like many other proud Americans, we gay patriots look to these great men for inspiration.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

*A movie musical about the writing/adoption of the Declaration of Independence–what better show for a budding gay patriot!