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Peter Shalit faults GLAAD for Defaming his Father

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:47 pm - January 9, 2006.
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Bruce just forwarded me a link to this Advocate article quoting a letter Peter Shalit, Gene Shalit’s openly gay son wrote to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), making clear that his father “is not homophobic. Actually the truth is the opposite.”

Peter Shalit offered a similar perspective to the one I offered in my second post referencing GLAAD’s overreaction, Shalit is troubled that GLAAD refused to contact him — or his father — privately:

I am disappointed that you did not do a little background research on my dad, or try to contact me, or attempt to reach my dad through me, before issuing your press release this past week calling him homophobic because of his review of Brokeback Mountain.

His initial reaction to the press release was that it was “silly” and adds:

We may disagree with his opinion of a movie and his interpretation of a particular character, but that is his job as a critic to give his opinion. He may have had an unpopular opinion of a movie that is important to the gay community, but he defamed no one, and he is not a homophobe. It is you who have defamed a good man, by falsely accusing him of a repellent form of bigotry. It is ironic and sad that an organization whose mission is to combat defamation has committed such an act itself, an act which amounts to character assassination with so little consideration of the repercussions.

Click here to read the full text of Peter’s letter which confirms my initial evaluation of the brouhaha (which James Taranto might call is a kerfuffle). This letter should serve as a reminder to gay activists not to jump so quickly to conclusions when they first hear a public figure making a critical comments about an individual or character who happens to be gay.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Holding Hands in West Hollywood

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:10 pm - January 9, 2006.
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About six months ago, Bruce linked a column by Dale Carpenter, a man who is rapidly becoming my favorite gay columnist, nothing how he and his date got “nasty looks” when holding hands in Minnesota. His word struck me today when running errands in West Hollywood. I did a double take when I saw two men walking down the street holding hands.

I did a double take because I realized that even here in West Hollywood where the main commercial area is devoted to things gay, that I only rarely see couples holding hands. They would clearly not face the scorn that Dale did in the Gopher State. At the Pacific Theaters at the Grove, which probably attracts the largest gay crowd of any commercial movie theater in Los Angeles, it seems that gay couples almost never hold hands. Indeed, when I saw Brokeback Mountain there, the only couples in the audience holding hands were male-female ones. (I noted how one particularly attractive guy, buying popcorn at the same time as I, instantly seized the hand of his female date when he returned to his seat.)

Back when I lived in DC and was sitting on 17th Street, sipping coffee with friends, one of our number noted a passing couple holding hands and commented how infrequentlys he sees such things, even in the heart of gay DC. Is it just us or do others find that gay men rarely hold hands in public?

Soldier Beaten, Booted; And Gay Media Tells only Part of the Story:

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 2:09 pm - January 9, 2006.
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If you’re reading only what you GayWired feeds you, you’d know that Private Kyle Lawson, formerly of the 309th Military Intelligence Battalion at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, was beaten by fellow soldier Private Zacharias Pierre. You’d know that charges were not brought against Private Pierre and that the military was not seeking further action against him. You’d probably know civil charges had been dismissed and the whole incident had been taken over by, and then supposedly dismissed by the military. You’d know that Lawson is now out of the military for being gay while Pierre goes on unscathed, and you’d be indignant that such an injustice was done.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t have the whole story. For example, you wouldn’t know that Lawson voluntarily outed himself last month and therefore secured his separation from the US Army. You’d also not know that Lawson was coming on to Pierre. You might also not know that, according to his recruiter, Lawson knew exactly what the policy was and had been briefed on what to expect once enlisted. You also might not know that it’s common practice for the military to take charge of a situation that involves only military members and that such decisions and deliberations are by law and practice not open to the public.

Ultimately, it’s the commander’s responsibility to protect the troops under his charge. I don’t know the details about this incident, but it certainly smacks of a lack of discipline and morale within the unit that allows a troop to feel it’s appropriate or even excusable to assault his fellow soldier for any reason. Unfortunately, the leaders of the “Gay Community” have already seized upon this event as an opportunity to attack Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Just as in 1999, when a soldier at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, was beaten to death by his fellow troops, of course gay groups (and Hon., Barney Frank) will jump on the bandwagon and those who don’t appreciate the military sufficiently will miss the more important issue in order to forward a political agenda. It’s a shame that when something as base and simple (and obvious an example of lack of proper commander’s authority and presence) as a soldier beating up another soldier is diffused into simple gay politics. We do a disservice to the military when all we see in a clear-cut case of abuse and lack of esprit-de-corps is who’s gay.

Some Advice To Parents Around The World

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:51 am - January 9, 2006.
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Please stop having your stupid children play with dead chickens! You are going to kill all of us. Small wooden toys and sock puppets should entertain them just fine, darn it!

Five More Human Cases of Bird Flu In Turkey – FOX News

The doctor who treated the children who died said they probably contracted the illness by playing with dead chickens.

Authorities are closely watching H5N1 for fear it could mutate into a form easily passed among humans and spark a pandemic. Birds in Turkey, Romania, Russia and Croatia have recently tested positive for H5N1.

Health officials believe the best way to fight the spread of bird flu is the wholesale destruction of poultry in the affected area. But this can be difficult in places like Dogubayazit — the home town near Van of the siblings who died — where they often roam free.

Parents.. look outside right now and call little Sally inside immediately if you see her playing with a friggin dead chicken, okay??!! And take a switch to her and tell her she could cause the death of all mankind. (I’m not paying for her therapy bills though… its all on you!)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)