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Send A Valentine To Our Troops!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:25 pm - January 11, 2006.
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I guess I’m an honorary “Soldiers Angel” now… which would be one of the proudest names anyone has ever called me! So I’m happy to help spread the word about a great effort to send our nation’s love to the members of our Armed Forces around the world.

Soldiers Angels in collaboration with Library of Life is mounting a Guinness Book of World Records attempt, called Operation: Love Our Troops, to create the largest digital Valentine’s Day card ever and send the messages to our deployed military. Library of Life is an organization that offers the public a way to celebrate life and share memories on line, through a digital library that will last forever. They are sponsoring the campaign, hosting the Valentine’s messages for free and created a way to raise funds for Soldiers Angels.

Here’s one sample posted already:

“To all the wonderful men and women in the armed forces, Thank you for helping to bring peace to our world. My husband was killed on Sept 11th and I am thankful you are protecting others from this terrible fate. Mark, if you get this , I think of you and your family often. Love & Peace To All, Sally”

I’ve already added my Valentine wish… now it is your turn. Please visit Operation: Love Our Troops and do your part. (I highly doubt Sheehan, Couric, Kennedy, Kerry, Schumer, Streisand, Boxer, or Moore will be participating…which is probably just as well.)

This is yet another chance for certain so-called Americans to truly show they “support our troops” with more than rhetorical lip-service.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


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