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Hillary’s True Colors

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:13 pm - January 19, 2006.
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Shortly after writing my last post on New York’s Junior Senator, I chanced upon yesterday’s first “Quote of the Day” in OpinionJournal’s Political Diary (available by subscription) where New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin reported that Mrs. Clinton had not planned on calling the House of Representatives a plantation:

I don’t think Clinton planned to use the word plantation because she didn’t say it in her prepared remarks, according to my colleague David Saltonstall.

Instead, I think she panicked after a tough questioner said Democrats had been spineless and cited her record as an example. She was looking for an escape hatch and the race card was handy. She played it not because she remotely believes House rules are akin to slavery, but because she knew the word plantation would manipulate the black crowd and let her avoid explaining her support for the Iraq war.

While Hillary tries to cultivate the image as a sensible moderate, when she’s not reading from a speech carefully prepared by her media-savvy handlers, she lashes out at Republicans and shows her own vicious partisan nature. Assessing his New York colleague’s “ridiculous comment” Republican Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, who’s had his own share of troubles from speaking off the cuff offers a similar assessment of Hillary’s two faces :

When she speaks to the Senate, she uses very moderate terms and very low modulation and is very good. When she goes to events like this one and starts hollering and using this sort of, just vicious kind of language, I think it really is a … you know, you wind up having to apologize for it.

(I discovered this quotation via a link in Michelle‘s excellent roundup on Hillary’s demagoguery.) Unlike Mr. Lott who apologized for his remarks, Hillary is unapologetic. It seems that only Republicans can make statements about blacks — or our racial situation — so offensive that they need apologize. At least according to the MSM.

It’s that and more. Mrs. Clinton is unapologetic because this is what she truly believes. In the Senate, she puts on the face of bipartisanship, but in front left-wing audiences, she feels right at home and lets go, revealing her true colors, as a narrow-minded Democratic partisan who has such a negative image of Republicans that she doesn’t let facts in the way of her opinions.


This is Moving On?

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 12:08 pm - January 19, 2006.
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Have you ever suddenly been taken aback by something that’s been around for a while and just never really paid it that much attention before?

Yesterday I was on my way to the gym and must have seen about 5 or 6 “Kerry-Edwards” bumper-stickers. That may not seem like many, but when you consider that it was 443 days ago that Bush trounced Kerry (442 days since Kerry figured it out) with the largest number of popular votes ever by a presidential candidate in American history, you start to wonder: Aren’t these the people who made popular the phrase “Move On“?

Kind of makes me want to do an informal survey: How long did it take you to remove your Bush/Quayle ’92 and/or Dole/Kemp ’96 stickers after they lost?

I’ll go first: It was the next day. For that matter, I removed the Bush/Cheney stickers the next day in ’00 (in spite of the so-called “Constitutional Crisis!“) and again in ’04. You see, in a democracy, you have an election, then you have a president. Do Kerry supporters understand that?