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Bush-haters: Perpetually Stuck in LA Traffic?

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:08 am - January 23, 2006.
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Sometimes when I feel a little low, I recall a moment from when I lived in Paris where I was teaching English and trying to write a novel. Returning home from a private lesson with student who wasn’t doing her assignments (and so was making almost no progress), I felt particularly depressed. As I waited — and waited — in the ugly Métro station near her apartment building, it seemed that the train would never come and I would be perpetually stuck in an ugly place, going nowhere. But, the train did come and I returned to my tiny apartment where I began to feel better.

That long wait in that dreary station provided an image which has from time to time helped me deal with bleak moments in my life. In those moments when the world seems as empty as that Métro station, we have to believe that a train will come and take us to a better place.

On Friday, I wondered whether my feelings of anger against a woman not responsible for the frustrations of the day (but who had something in common with a woman who had previously made my driving difficult) were akin to the angry left’s feelings against the President, I thought back to that Métro station. And compared that moment to the aggravations of being stuck in LA traffic. Perhaps had I not been alone in that Métro station, I might have coped by venting my anxiety onto an enemy common to my companion and myself. Since we both hated that person, we could blame it on him (or her).

In many ways, the angry left resembles someone stuck in LA traffic — or waiting in an ugly subway station. They feel like they’re going nowhere and instead of taking a deep breath and dealing with the situation (or trying to come up with a short cut), they project their frustration onto something that, for whatever reason, they don’t like.

When some on the left feel frustrated with their lives in general or with something going wrong at that moment, they find a “hook” (on which to “hang” their frustrations) in something they don’t like about the president. Perhaps it’s his background. Perhaps it’s his faith. Perhaps it’s his politics. Or maybe it’s the awkward way he expresses himself. Most likely it’s a combination of all these things.

Given the nastiness of the attacks by some on the left (reflected in comments to this blog — and even as Lorie Byrd notes in linking this column in the Washington Post to those who “stray from moonbat talking points“), it seems these people are stuck somewhere. Perhaps, they might raise their level of discourse if they believed that despite the traffic they will reach their destination. And if they remembered that the subway serves even the bleakest of stations.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):