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The Big Question:

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 9:51 pm - January 24, 2006.
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Prelude: There’ll be plenty of opportunities to discuss DADT in the future, and in fact I’ve engaged here many times previously as a commenter on other posts. Undoubtedly many will turn what follows into a debate over the policy, but my goal here simply is to help the reader understand from where I come when that discussion does occur. With that disclaimer, please indulge me in a common situation in which I again recently found myself:

I was talking with a business associate yesterday who, when the topic arose, inquired, “You joined the military? Why’d you do that? You know, as a gay man?” This may seem like a sensible question, and believe me, I’ve heard it countless times during my career. In spite of the frequency with which I am presented this catechism, I’m still surprised by the presumptuous nature of it. How could anybody bring himself to that? they seem to be asking. What gay man would ever do such a thing?

For the longest time my response to this question had historically been a truthful and reflective, “Well, I didn’t know I was when I joined.” However, as time went on and I passed up more and more opportunities to get out of the service (and in fact as a result of certain career choices, I incurred more years of commitment), I came to realize this wasn’t the whole story.

In fact, what I realized was that I love the service and the fact that I am a gay man has no bearing on it whatsoever. When I look at all the sacrifices I’ve made (and I’m not trying to martyr myself to tell you there have been many) to continue my service, I’d have to say that being in the closet (at work, that is), has hardly been the most cumbersome. For some that is asking too much. For others, not smoking pot is asking too much. For some, even having to wear a uniform and have a particular haircut is asking too much. Regardless, the truth is that military service isn’t for everybody, and it’s not simply a career choice, but a calling. It’s a thankless job and what’s equally frustrating is those who don’t understand it who are trying to “advocate” for you and those who don’t understand it who are adversarial to you for having made the commitment in the first place.

Over the years as I reflected more on what the military means to me and what my fellow soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines mean to me, it became much more clear to me what the more accurate answer is to my friend’s question. For the sake of letting you know a little bit more about me, I’ll share with you what my answer is nowadays:

“I love my country and want to serve in her defense.”
And as an old mentor of mine used to say, There’s a period at the end of that statement.

Cheers, All.

Another anti-Bush Government Voted Out

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:24 am - January 24, 2006.
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It seems that just like their neighbors to the South, even the Canadians don’t pay much attention to Michael Moore. Despite the last minute desperate appeal from this anti-American propagandist, Canadian voters yesterday rejected the Liberal government of Paul Martin. Those in the Great White North were not swayed by the Liberals’ fear-mongering that a pro-American government would be bad for their nation.

With 123 seats in the Canadian House of Commons, Stephen Harper’s Tories may not have mustered a majority, so will likely form a coalition government with the Bloc Quebecois.

Just like the Germans last fall, Canadians voted out a government whose leaders made clear their opposition to President Bush’s policies. While the Bush’s critics continually claim that people in other lands share their distaste for our Commander-in-Chief, it seems that when it comes time to vote, those abroad are not as obsessed with bashing the President of the United States as are some of their leaders — and their cheerleaders in the American media and blogosphere.

During his campaign, Canadian Prime Minister-designate Harper has made clear that once in office he will improve relations with the United States. As President Bush works with his new Canadian counterpart to further the longstanding ties between our two great nations, the Left will have an even tougher time proving their ludicrous claim that his policies have isolated our nation.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit reports that Portugal elected its first center-right president since a 1974 “military coup toppled a repressive right-wing dictatorship” (via Instapundit). Two countries rejected Socialism yesterday. Seems like it was a good day for conservatives around the world. I wonder if the MSM will notice.

UP-UPDATE (on 01-29): Reader Mer (comment #104) informs me that “the idea that Harper will form a coalition with anyone given the composition of this Parliament is giggle-worthy.” Apparently, I misinterpreted an article suggesting the Bloc Quebecois may cooperate with the Tories on some issues as meaning they would form a coalition with the Tories. She links this Canadian article on the election returns.