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Where Is Your (Gay) Money Going?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:11 am - January 25, 2006.
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I’m starting to get angry. The Human Rights Campaign has raised tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars with their concentration camp-esque scare tactic fundraising techniques in the decade. They have themselves a beautiful multimillion dollar building in the heart of Lobbyist Row in downtown Washington, DC.

Meantime, the Log Cabin Republican national organization claims to have tens of thousands of supporters and grown its budget from a few hundred thousand a couple years ago to over $3 million, if I recall from my chat with LCR Prez Guerriero last year.

So my fellow gay Americans, I ask you…. Where Is Your Money Going?

A study released today offers up some of the most disturbing figures surrounding the gay marriage debate. Even more so than the actual numbers for which voters approved state bans (ration of 3-1). What is more frightening than the 3-1 ratio of people who feel I should not be granted equal rights is the amount spent on the 2004 campaigns dedicated to the constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. 13 states voted on gay marriage in 2004 and only $13 MM total was spent on the political campaigns. And even more upsetting was the fact that the ban proponents spent more ($6.8 MM) than our (gay) lobbying groups ($6.5 MM).

I’m shocked. I thought we were in this war to win it. I thought that our lobbying groups were fighting the good fight. And by that, I mean spending our money on campaigns to oppose the gay ban on marriage. Where was the HRC, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Log Cabin Republicans, GLAAD? All groups which promised me in their literature asking for my time and donation that they were fighting for my right to marry. What the F*CK did they do with the money I sent to them? And the money YOU sent to them?

The gay lobby only spent $6.5 MM to fight bans in 13 states? No WONDER we lost.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. These so-called gay “rights” organizations have got to become more accountable to their members and those of us who just send money from time to time. We must demand transparency and open books. If it is good enough for Congress (in the wake of the lobbying/corruption scandals), why not HRC, LCR, GLAAD and others?

I don’t give money to any of these groups anymore since they all have become virtual mouthpieces for the liberal wing of the SurrenderCrats. I won’t give any of my hard earned money to Log Cabin until they truly put the “Republican” back into their organization.

But I know a lot of you do support these groups. Friends, you are getting ripped off. Your money is lining the pockets of well-paid lobbyists and PR masters who work for registered charitable organizations. You need to demand to know where your money is being spent. You need to demand accountability and open books. The time is now to demand these answers from our “gay leaders.”

Right here. Right now.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot M.I.A. ?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:50 am - January 25, 2006.
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Nah…. just overwhelmed with work. This week is my company’s national sales meeting in Orlando. (Yes, TGC…I know I’m in your state and I didn’t let you know!!! But there’ll be no time for socializing with blogger friends this week, I’m afraid!)

I see Dan has been doing a great job here with some excellent posts! He even tackled the awesome victory by the Conservatives in Canada yesterday. PatriotPartner was hounding me to do pre-election posts about the obvious Conservative electoral win. It is nice to have our friends up North come around like so many are around the world. We need true allies in both the people and their governments in the global war against Islamic terror.

Anyway, I apologize for my light blogging this week. I’ll try my best… but this meeting is brutal.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Senate Democrats: In Thrall to the Far Left

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:33 am - January 25, 2006.
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So many on the Left are so blind to reality of the modern Republican Party that whenever they encounter a Republican who does not fit their stereotype of the narrow-minded Bible thumper or greedy tycoon, they have to inform us that the radical right controls the GOP. Many of these people claim that they know more about a party whose meetings they have never attended and with whose leaders and activists they have never conversed. But, they know more about the party than those who have actually been involved and so insist that our party’s leaders enforce a strict right-wing ideology and brook no dissent.

With today’s party-line Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court, it seems that the party which enforces a strict ideology is not the Republican Party, but the Democrat – and the ideology is not a right-wing one set by greedy industrialists and intolerant theologians, but a left-wing one set by a variety of D.C.-based interest groups and angry bloggers.

And while Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats voted en masse against a qualified conservative jurist (tapped to replace the court’s “swing” vote), Senate Republicans, members of the party supposedly in thrall to the radical right, did not so vote against Ruth Bader Ginsburg when President Clinton tapped this one-time American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorney to replace a retiring conservative jurist nearly thirteen years ago.

My state’s senior Senator, the normally sensible Dianne Feinstein said that things had changed since the Senate voted on Ginsburg and Clinton’s other nominee Stephen Breyer, claiming that “There was not the polarization within America that is there today, and not the defined move to take this court in a singular direction” (via Powerline). While she’s right that there was not such polarization at that time, she fails to acknowledge that her party which has polarized the process. As John Hinderaker puts it:

Republicans didn’t try to defeat judicial nominees on a purely political, partisan basis, but rather voted for qualified nominees of the President’s party and judicial philosophy. But over the last five years, time after time, the Democrats have been willing to trash our institutions and traditions for the sake of political gain.

And we’ve seen this before. Democrats level accusations while their ideological confreres hurl insults – at qualified conservatives, merely to tarnish their names and so make them less palatable to the American public.