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As Bugs Bunny Would Say…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:20 pm - January 26, 2006.
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… what an Ultra Maroon!

Kerry will try Alito filibuster – CNN

What is it with Democrat Presidential losers who jump the shark after they are defeated in an election?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from GPW): Commenting on Kerry’s call for a filibuster, The Truth Laid Bear writes:

Kerry has become the Paris Hilton to Al Gore’s Nicole Ritchie on the stage of American politics: creatures whose fame has become self-sustaining; and who remain in the public eye not because of any achievement or acumen, but who are simply famous for being famous.

(Via: Instapundit).

UP-UPDATE (from GPW): In this morning’s (Friday, January 27) OpinionJournal Political Diary (available by subscription), John Fund writes:

But there is more than a whiff of absurd opportunism. Senator Kerry already knows his effort is doomed. . . . . Senator Kerry is well known for his political selfishness, and no doubt this grandstanding move will endear him to portions of the loony left as he plans to run again for president.

(Emphasis added.)

UP-UP-UPDATE (from GPW on 01-27-06 @ 8:25 PM EST): As to Senator Kery and the filibuster, urges Senator Kerry to “Bring It On:”

Apparently, this is not a parody. . . . Imagine the political gain for Republicans after a Supreme Court filibuster–with all of its 24/7 publicity–by blue-state liberals against a modest Italian-American with impeccable legal credentials and stainless ethics. Mr. Kerry really seems to believe that the country will rise up in fury when it discovers that Judge Alito believes that the Constitution gives a President wide powers to defend America.

Back on planet Earth, at least three red-state Democrats have now said they’ll vote for Judge Alito.

Read the whole thing!