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The Twisted Imagination of (some of) Our Critics

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:47 pm - January 27, 2006.
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In a recent post, reflecting on how often those who refuse to understand gay conservatives use the erroneous epithet, “Jews for Hitler,” against us, Malcontent observes that the imagination of the anti-conservative fabulists “is the only place where such claptrap is remotely plausible.” Not long after reading his post, I received an e-mail where the writer showed such fabulism. He had initially e-mailed me to note that Canadian Prime Minister-designate Harper “has pledged to re-visit the gay marriage issue.” My response that this is what happens when “you let courts decide such issues” prompted this diatribe:

“You guys are such self-loathers that it gets in the way of your capacity to use any logic. The fact is that Harper is an elected official. Elected officials pass LEGISLATION….(that means law making, in case that word’s too big for you). Harper wants to make gay marriage illegal legislatively –just like your beloved “W” (sooo dreamy!) wants to do The judicial branch of government and the legislative branch of government have turf wars –you like the legislative because it’s emotional and can respond emotionally to hot-button issues and it frequently feeds into anti-gay hysteria. I prefer the judicial because it’s thoughtful and deliberative. I would suggest that they are reflective of our individual perspectives of the world.”


I hope you were not raised in a place where gays are fags, and blacks are niggers….etc. and Democrats are evil and Republicans are saintly… and the world is black and white, and one’s eyes can’t see the color gray. Are you angry because you wound up gay…. and gay is wrong. Gay is twisted. And the rancorous approach you have to the world…. the misanthropic reflection of self-loathing is transparent The world can see those things, my friend. And I’m sure that within the bosom of your own family, they prefer to see you hate yourself (because gay is disgusting)than to see you at peace with yourself? And you’ve accommodated them –because, well, how could you not? You’ve incorporated their own dirty prejudices about filthy gays?And I wonder…. have they accommodated you… (do they even know about you?)? And what would they think of any partner you might fall in love with? Evil seducer? Sexual predator (like Gene Shalit called Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain)…? Jesus pal! You’ve got one life …. I’ve got one life…. we all have only one life.You may be young… and have it all before you… but don’t let your life be UNLIVED… Drop the loathing that manifests itself in 100 ways you might not even be able to fathom Christ, I do care about you, regardless of the snarky political back-and-forth…

At least this guy wished me well at the end. That beats some of my previous hate mail.

Fascinating how he makes so many assumptions about me, but offers no references to any of my posts. He accuses me of anger and rancor, yet the tone of his e-mail is angry and rancorous. He trots out one of the old standard accusations of leftists who refuse to understand gay conservatives, calling us self-hating. And while he hold that that my “loathing that manifests itself in 100 ways,” he fails to identify a single one of those many ways.

Moreover, he seems unable to understand that someone can support a political leader while opposing some of his stands. As we have made clear on this blog, we think the president was wrong to support the FMA, yet back him primarily because of his leadership in the War on Terror.

I could go on and on. Given this man’s failure to reference any of my posts (or comments) to justify his accusations, his angry e-mail is just further proof that left-wingers’ narrow-minded criticism of gay conservatives derives not from the reality of our ideas (or, our lives, for that matter) but from their own fevered imaginations.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Please note that I changed the title of this post a few hours after I first posted it.