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Cindy Sheehan Calls National Anthem A “Hymn To War”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:24 pm - January 31, 2006.
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Yes, originally it was but it is clear in Momma Sheehan’s rant on (did you doubt that she is truly part of the Leftist Fringe and not the PR image of a bereaved Mom?) that she hates America and everything we stand for. Time to take a field trip to Baghdad, Momma! I’ll pack your bags. (Hat tip: Expose The Left)

After the tragedy of 9/11 we were on our way to becoming a fledgling Matriotic society until our leaders jumped on the bandwagon of inappropriate and misguided vengeance to send our young people to die and kill in two countries that were no threat to the USA or to our way of life. The neocons exploited patriotism to fulfill their goals of imperialism and plunder.

This sort of patriotism begins when we enter kindergarten and learn the nationalist “Pledge of Allegiance.” It transcends all sense when we are taught the “Star Spangled Banner,” a hymn to war.

What the hell is a “Matriotic” society? What a buffoon.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from GPW): Calling Cindy a “malignant narcissist,” our pal Tammy Bruce notes how this unhinged activist tried to make the State of the Union address all about her. As with anything by Tammy, it’s best just to read the whole thing.

UP-UPDATE (from GPW): Lorie Byrd has more.

UP-UP-UPDATE (from GPW): Gateway Pundit has even more (along with a picture).

UP-UP-UP-UPDATE (from GPW): While an AP reporter describes Cindy Sheehan as a “mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq who reinvigorated the anti-war movement” while James Taranto describes her as “an anti-American crackpot.” If the MSM reported honestly on Ms. Sheehan, they might more accurately call her the mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq who has recently associated with some of the more radical anti-American zealots at home and abroad.

State of the Union — The LiveBlog!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:00 pm - January 31, 2006.
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**UPDATE** SOTU is being webcast at the White House homepage.

**POST-SOTU UPDATE** — Welcome Instapundit & Tammy Bruce readers! Please check out this SOTU preview from yesterday by my co-blogger Dan, GayPatriotWest.

Okay, I’m the guy that never walks out on the worst movie. But I couldn’t bear American Idol tonight anymore. Horrible. So I’ve switched to the Fox News Channel to live blog the SOTU.

Laura Bush just walked in to take her seat. Love her pink dress! 🙂 Looks like she may have a woman from Iraq sitting with her.

9:01 PM. The Supreme Court is entering. Hey, Teddy…. that is Chief Justice ROBERTS and Associate Justice ALITO walking by you with lifetime appointments. House Clerk, ready the CPR machine!

9:02 PM. Jim Nicholson, Sec’y of Veterans Affairs, is the guy from the Cabinet who was picked to stay behind. That means if Tom Clancy’s fiction ever became reality, we’d have President Nicholson. Oh boy, whoopie.

9:04 PM. FOX is reporting that Cindy Sheehan was taken out of the House gallery in handcuffs for trying to unfurl a banner. Hahahahaha!

9:05 PM. Who are these people coming down the aisle? And it looks like pink dresses are in vogue tonight! (I am wearing a blue robe in case anyone cares.)

9:06 PM. Brit Hume was just saying that there was talk of impeaching the President which reflected the tenor of Congress right now. He also said they didn’t have much political momentum and that rallies to impeach the President this week in Washington, DC have been (his words) “sparsely attended.”

9:08 PM. President Bush has been announced and he’s walking into the House chamber now. Looks like Nancy Pelosi, Bill Frist and Roy Blunt are immediately behind. I’d laugh if Pelosi broke a heel and took a tumble.


State of Union Pre-Game LiveBlog

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:43 pm - January 31, 2006.
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Eh…. American Idol has too many “characters” in their melodic drama for me to do a play-by-play quite yet. But some singers from tonight stick in my head… like the female African-American prisoner guidance counselor who sang, “I’m A Redneck Woman”…. and sang it very well. Me like! Me like!

Then the very overweight guy who kind of looked like a young Louie Anderson was rejected by all three judges bitched and moaned outside the door to Ryan. As he left the room, Simon said “thank God it was a ‘no’… we couldn’t afford the food bill.” Okay, mean… but I admit I laughed. I’m sure the Gargantuanly Large Americans Against Defamation (GLAAD) will put out a press release tonight.

I’m also browsing some other blogs and find more proof our friend Dandy Andy is a Liberal.

Yes: this president! George W. Bush. I repeat: George W. Bush. He thinks we’re consuming too much oil. I’m not making this up. Promise. They just sent me an email.

And look: I know, I know. But the only sane response is to cheer and check the details. Five years too late … but better late than never. Now, how about that gas tax?

Andrew… Al Gore is on the phone for you.


GayPatriot State of the Union LIVEBLOGGING TONIGHT!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:51 pm - January 31, 2006.
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Come right back here to this very spot where I will be liveblogging President Bush’s State of the Union speech to Congress. Don’t expect your typical analysis though. I fully intend to type whatever pops into my head, and err on the side of snarky, un-politically correct comments.

Join the fun right here at 9PM Eastern time. I’ll begin a few minutes early with a post-mortem on tonight’s American Idol episode.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Gay Press Crestfallen Over Alito Confirmation

*cue music*

Advocate sez: “It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

The confirmation troubled many gay rights leaders who opposed Alito’s nomination on the grounds that he would likely vote against the advancement of gay rights.

If Alito were nominated by Bill Clinton, they would have wrote: “Alito’s record is unclear on gay rights, but we are confident the Gay Messiah will anoint him with his Presidential blessing and ensure he upholds DOMA.”

I found this note at the bottom of the Advocate news article quite amusing: ” (AP, with additional reporting by ”

Um, more like with additional editorializing by

Meanwhile I see that the Gay Left is unhinged and has their hate campaign all revved up. (hat tip: Malcontent)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

A Strong State of the Union Speech Could Make 2006 a GOP Year

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:32 am - January 31, 2006.
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About a year ago, to paraphrase one of the great Ethel‘s signature songs, everything seemed to be coming up roses, this time for the GOP. Despite tens of millions of dollars spent distorting his record and trying to defeat him, despite an MSM engaged in similar endeavors, the president won reelection comfortably while our party picked up seats in both houses of Congress. The economy continued to grow while the successful elections in Iraq on January 30, 2005, were a sign of success that even the naysayers, try though they might, couldn’t deny. And the president’s approval ratings were well above 50%.

Some conservative blogs were forecasting GOP gains in the House and Senate in the 2006 elections, then nearly two years away. Perhaps, it was because of the sense of overconfidence — as well as the bitter 2004 elections that the president, as Fred Barnes put it last month “ wanted to soften the partisan edge of his image and be more statesmanlike.” After an acrimonious campaign, the president intended to focus of governing and decided to eschew divisive rhetoric.

But, as yesterday’s Senate vote to close debate on the nomination of Judge Samuel A. AlitoJr., to the Supreme Court showed, some Democrats would rather attack him, his policies and his nominees than put forward policies of their own and work with him and try to effect compromises on a number of issues. Those twenty-five Democrats behaved yesterday — as many of them had all last year — as if they were still campaigning against him and the voters’ verdict in November 2004 meant nothing.

While the president put forward a positive agenda, the Democrats continued to campaign against him. He proposed Social Security reforms; they accused him of lying about pre-Iraq war intelligence. He turned away from such divisive issues as the constitutional amendment barring gay marriage; Democrats accused him of racism in his response to Hurricane Katrina. By last fall, with his poll number tumbling, he must have realized that (again to quote Barnes) that his “nonpolitical strategy was a failure. Democrats picked up on none of his overtures.” So, after Senators (as well as bloggers and columnists) questioned his choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, he needed a bold move in order to change his fortunes.

Like King Theoden hunkered down in the Keep at Helm’s Deep, the president rallied his troops by tapping Sam Alito for the Supreme Court. A few days later, on Veteran’s Day, after enduring months of unanswered accusations that he lied us into war, he again went on the offensive, with a speech responding to those dishonest critics and defending his decision. George W. Bush always seems to do better when he’s down.

Perhaps had he not been so complacent at the outset of 2005, the year might not have been as rough for him. Given what he learned last year, expect him to stay on the offensive this year, beginning tonight in his State of the Union address. With a bold vision — and some positive policy proposals, the president will make clear that he intends to build on the success of the Alito nomination. If the president, the Administration, Congressional Republicans and the party faithful follow through on a strong speech with unrelenting efforts throughout the year, 2006 could prove to be a good year not only for him, but also for our party.