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LA Times‘ Clever Wordsmithing Conceals a Democrat’s Dishonesty

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:38 pm - February 10, 2006.
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It seems that every morning when I pick up my LA Times, that paper leads with some story hostile to the Bush Administration or spins a benign story so that the headline suggests the failure of a Republican policy. In articles critical of the president — and indeed the Governor for that matter, this paper routinely relies on unnamed officials and, what seems to be, speculative reporting. All too frequently, its articles are lengthy opinion pieces masquerading as news.

Its reporting of the Plame leak investigation has been particularly biased. While it routinely reports the accusations that former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV leveled against the Bush Administration, accusing it of ignoring his report finding that Saddam Hussein’s government had not attempted to purchase uranium from the African nation of Niger, it consistently fails to mention that a Senate Intelligence Committee discredited that Administration critic (as I noted here and here).

In an article on the front page of this morning’s paper, the Times does it again. This time, the paper does mention the Senate Intelligence Committee, but only to say that none of the Administration’s claims about Saddam Hussein’s possession of chemical and biological weapons was “backed up by evidence.” The paper conveniently leaves out the fact that the committee found no evidence to suggest that the Administration twisted intelligence. The problem was the intelligence, not how the Administration used it.

And yet again, my local paper treats Wilson’s claims as if they were gospel–even though that very Intelligence panel (whose findings the Times only seems to cite when it can use them against the Administration) “found that Wilson’s report, rather than debunking intelligence about purported uranium sales to Iraq, as he has said, bolstered the case for most intelligence analysts.” In a clever bit of journalism, LA Times reporter Richard B. Schmitt writes:

In a New York Times op-ed article published eight days before Novak’s column appeared, Wilson accused the administration of twisting intelligence about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities.

Yep, that sentence is true. Wilson did say that in a New York Times Op-Ed. It’s just that Wilson’s accusations have since been discredited.

With such clever wordsmithing, Schmitt can introduce Wilson’s claims and make them appear to be facts. Where he succeeds in verbal ingenuity, he fails in reporting. And once again shows his paper to be more interested in making the Bush Administration look back than in honestly presenting its record to readers.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

ADDENDUM: In these two posts, here and here, John Hinderaker and Tom Maguire respectively, address some of the more substantive points in this latest story on the Plame affair.

UPDATE: More on LA Times bias. Hugh notes how our local paper is promoting as “new” an old book by a writer who faults Tony Blair for misleading the British Parliament about Iraq while ignoring a book critical of Hussein’s tyranny.

UP-UPDATE: Patterico, who’s probably done better than any other blogger in uncovering bias at the LA Times, notes how our local paper ignores the ties of former President Clinton to Anthony J. Pellicano, recenlty indicated for “running a vast racketeering enterprise.”

It Doesn’t Work with Gay Men; It Won’t Work with Gay Penguins

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:06 pm - February 10, 2006.
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We’ve all heard a story like this. When we come out to our family or friends, somey say, “Well, you just haven’t met the right girl.” And sometimes, they’ll try to fix us up with a nice young woman. But, no matter how attractive, charming or intelligent that woman is, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re attracted to men.

It looks like German zoo officials are, like our relatives, trying the same trick to “cure” some male penguins at the Bremerhaven zoo who prefer the company of their own sex by fixing them up with some fetching chicks. They’ve flown in a few females “last year in a bid to bring the males to mate.” One of the new females did “cause a couple of males to separate’.” Sounds like a few pushy women I once knew. You now the type, those women who believe that if a gay guy just had a few moments with her, he’d go straight in a jiffy.

Well, from the looks of the photo in the article, these two male birds seem very content, cuddling together. No woman, no matter how hard she tried, could pull apart a truly loving gay male couple. And if these birds are any bit like our species, I highly doubt that any female penguin, no matter how curvaceous her claws, how beautiful her beak or how tantalizing her tail feathers could separate these two lovebirds.

(H/t: Best of the Web.)

Audio of GPW’s Radio Appearance Now Online

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 6:39 pm - February 10, 2006.
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When I announced my radio appearance last week, I promised to provide the link to the archive of the show. Click here if you’d like to listen. Also, when Lores interviewed me, I had mentioned a book by Byron York and spaced on the title. It’s
The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy : The Untold Story of the Democrats’ Desperate Fight to Reclaim Power
and well worth a read. If you check out ThatGayConservative’s new space, you’ll see that our fellow blogger is reading the book right now.

With Cindy Sheehan out of Race, Feinstein Backs Patriot Act

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:53 pm - February 10, 2006.
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I took a little flack from some of our conservative readers when, in a recent post, I said that I once respected Dianne Feinstein, the senior senator from my adopted home state. While Mrs. Feinstein has a largely liberal record, until recently, she had not joined the angry left in leveling mean-spirited accusations against the president.

She has always expressed her disagreements with conservatives in a civil tone and has not joined some of her more partisan colleagues in opposing a policy merely because the president supported it. She was one of the few Democrats to support his prescription drug program, perhaps realizing that even though it was a Republican bill, it was largely a New Democratic policy, the kind of legislation consistent with former President Clinton’s rhetoric.

But, lately, Senator Feinstein has leaned to the left. After saying she would not vote to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito, she did just that. In her questioning both of that good man last month and of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez this month, she seemed to have adopted the tone of her more partisan California colleague. Perhaps, she was worried that anti-Bush gadfly Cindy Sheehan was threatening to challenge her in the California Democratic primary this spring.

On the same day that Mrs. Sheehan announced that she won’t run against Mrs. Feinstein, Feinstein came out in favor of the bill to renew the Patriot Act. At National Review Online’s the Corner, Byron York (whose post alerted me to Mrs. Feinstein’s support), notes that former San Francisco Mayor finds that the revised bill includes “three basic changes” which “improve the bill.”

Because President Bush supports renewal of the Patriot Act, the angry left opposes it. They’re not concerned that failing to renew it might compromise our security. They would see its defeat as an embarrassment for the man they revile. And given how strong a presence the angry left has in the Golden State, support for the Patriot Act could spell doom for a Democrat who faces a primary challenger with strong backing from the far left. With Cindy out of the race, Senator Feinstein no longer need worry about offending the angry left and can return to her roots as a responsible liberal — and a, by and large, decent Senator.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Dean Lied!

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:02 pm - February 10, 2006.
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I today’s Washington Blade, former deputy director for GLBT Outreach for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Ramon Gardehire claims that party chairman Howard Dean lied to Democrats when he “stated in a questionnaire from the DNC Gay Caucus that, if elected, he would retain the office of GLBT outreach.” But, perhaps because of declining fundraising in his tenure as chairman of the DNC, the former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate abolished the DNC’s “office of GLBT outreach.” Gardehire considers Dean’s action “an affront to all progressive Democrats, GLBT or straight.” Given this “progressive” Democrat has accused Dean of dishonesty, I wonder if his supporters on the angry left will treat him as they treat another politician they claim is dishonest.

Don’t bet on it.