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Another Olympic Gold Hottie

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:32 pm - February 13, 2006.
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Congrats to fellow North Carolinian Joey Cheek for a gold-winning 500m speed skate run today in Turin.

What I’m sure the mainstream media will NOT report is that Cheek announced he’s donating his gold-winning cash bonus of $25,000 to a fund to help those being killed in Darfur region of Sudan….another United Nations success story. *sarcasm off*

As you know, there’s been some media but not a ton [about] the Darfur region of Sudan [where] there has been tens and tens of thousands of people killed. My government has labeled it a genocide, and so I will be donating money specifically to refugees in Chad where there are over 60,000 children who have been displaced from their homes.

He just got a whole lot sexier, huh?

GO TEAM USA!!!! More Olympic blogging coverage here at Pajamas Media’s Gold Rush.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Dems Desperate For A Hero

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:09 pm - February 13, 2006.
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DJ Drummond has been one of my favorite conservative bloggers since I “took up the keyboard” in 2004. He is spot on with this insightful post about the demise of the National Democratic Party.

Even the most disgraced Republican President in memory had achievements in his work which commiserate his historical position.

Compare with them the Democrats; the last Democrat to serve as President was impeached, and later admitted to the essential facts in the charges against him. The last Democrat before him to win election, was a one-term Democrat who managed to create two simultaneous conditions which economists previously thought impossible; Consumer Price Index showing Inflation above ten percent, at the same time as wager-earner Unemployment above ten percent. The last Democrat before him to hold office, chose not to run for re-election because his own party said they wouldn’t support him. Not a happy string of terms and results.

Also, there is recent history. Nine of the last fourteen Presidential elections have gone to the Republicans, and five of the last seven. Census reports and public opinion polls show a steady drift from a Democratic preference among party identification to a an even balance. And if trends continue among minority shifts, the exurban control by conservatives and the political death of the liberal bastions at union halls and college campuses, the Republicans may expect to see an effective permanent majority.

When someone mentions the “Bush Doctrine”, people know what he means. Same for Reagan. But no one can explain what, if anything, was addressed by the “Clinton Doctrine”, or the “Carter Doctrine”. No Democrat since Kennedy has been an effective speaker on his foreign policy, or defined a realistic economic program. And no Democrat since FDR has been able to show the promised results. Republicans can point to modern history and current events, once the MSM spin has been corrected. Democrats cannot, even with spin in their favor, show anything for their promises.

Democrats need a hero, because all the ones they could point to on their side have faded into obscurity. And it sure looks like the only heroes on the horizon today, are on the Right side of the issues.

I nearly reprinted the whole piece because I couldn’t cut much out! The Carter Doctrine…. isn’t that selling out your country when any TV camera’s red light comes on?

OT — Tonight, I’m fixed in front of the tube to watch speed skating in HDTV!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

MSM & Cheney Hunting Trip–Eager to Find Scandal in every Administration Error, no Matter How Minor

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 1:30 pm - February 13, 2006.
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If anybody has any doubt about the MSM’s interest in finding scandal in each and every action the Bush Administration, he need only locate the transcript of White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s briefing today. As I listened this morning (Pacific Time), it seemed that with every questions reporters asked, they were certain a conspiracy was afoot. They wanted to account for what one writer (not in the press conference as far as I can tell) called “an 18-hour delay in reporting” the Vice President’s hunting accident on Saturday.

It seems these reporters are back in their Watergate mood, acting as if this delay amounts to a cover-up. One reporter even asked if someone had made a decision not to report this. NBC’s David Gregory (at least it appeared to be he) wondered why the White House didn’t get this information out, given the White House Situation room. One reporter asked if this were a criminal offense. Another reported suggested this reminded him of the levee story while one woman wondered if the Vice President were going to resign.

Scott McClellan calmly made clear that the Vice President, not on an official trip, was not traveling with his normal entourage and that the first priority of those there was tending to Harry Whittington, the man injured. There’s no scandal here, no attempt to cover up. It doesn’t seem a decision was made not to report this, but that the Vice President’s staff handled this in a clumsy manner. Given that this is not a matter of government policy nor of national consequence, it is only a minor misdeed. For the hunting accident is merely an indication that the Vice President, like all his predecessors, is human and makes mistakes.

I would hope the White House Situation Room serves to address issues of national security and domestic policy — and not the imperfections of the Vice President on his own time. The press’s persistent baiting of Mr. McClellan says far more about them than it does about the Vice President or the delay in reporting the story. From the tone of their questioning to the content of those questions, it seemed they were certain this delay amounted to scandal.

That the Vice President — and his staff — did all in their power to see to the health of Mr. Whittington after the accident occurred is evidence enough that there is no scandal here, merely a good man concerned for the health of a hunting companion whom he had accidentally injured. With angry Islamicists stirring up Muslims and an anti-American tyranny trying to get nuclear arms, the press should not dwell so much on an inconsequential delay in reporting an error (unrelated to his official duties) the Vice President made on his own time. And so we add one example (to the accumulating body of evidence) of MSM bias against this Administration — and its zeal to find scandal in every Administration mistake.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

UPDATE: Byron York looks into the Vice President’s delay in contacting the press. Via Michelle Malkin who has video of the press briefing.

Has Iran’s Prez Been On This Tour?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:27 am - February 13, 2006.
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Hat tip — Patriot Partner

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Levels of Offensive

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:36 am - February 13, 2006.
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Which is more offensive to the civilized world? A cartoon….

or this?

Terrorists Clash with Police in Russia – HughHewitt

Hugh’s comment on the story is spot-on: “I think what people have to take away from this thwarted attempt to stage a Beslan II is that there is an Islamist playbook. They liked the way Beslan unfolded. And they would pull one here, if they could. And entry across the southern border is the likeliest way to begin such an operation.”

or is THIS more offensive than a cartoon?

British Imam Praises London Tube Bombers — Sunday Times (hat tip: The Corner)

“A LEADING imam in the mosque where the July 7 bombers worshipped has hailed their terrorist attack on London as a “good” act in a secretly taped conversation with an undercover reporter. Hamid Ali, spiritual leader of the mosque in West Yorkshire, said it had forced people to take notice when peaceful meetings and conferences had no impact. He also praised the bombers as the “children” of Abdullah al-Faisal, a firebrand Muslim cleric, who was convicted of inciting murder and racial hatred in 2003.Ali revealed that the leader of the London suicide bombers had attended sermons in Yorkshire by al-Faisal and tapes of al-Faisal’s teachings were still circulating within his mosque.Al-Faisal, who has branded non-Muslims as “cockroaches” ripe for extermination, is serving a seven-year prison sentence but is eligible for early release next week.Evidence of continuing extremism and terrorist sympathisers in the bombers’ community has been exposed by a six-week investigation by The Sunday Times. It contrasts with the public statements of condemnation by community leaders — including Ali — in the immediate aftermath of the July 7 attacks.”

Or maybe this from our elected leaders? We killed the Patriot Act,” boasted Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, to cheers from a crowd at a political rally after the vote.

Is any of that more offensive than a cartoon? Just askin’.

-Bruce (GayPatriotCockroach)


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:09 am - February 13, 2006.
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First let me say that NBC having Brian Williams do “political color commentary” to Bob Costas’ play-by-play of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was the worst mistake since the network gave the green light to “ALF.” If I heard Williams spouting MSM/Democrat talking points one more time when any nation walked by the cameras, I think my head would explode.

I really expected to hear….“And here comes the folks from Japan. You know, Bob, the United States turned oppressor to the poor Japanese by invading that nation following the slaughter of hundreds of thousands with the American atomic bomb.”

He did actually say: “It is interesting to note that Stephen Speilberg’s movie ‘Munich’ is playing around the world at this very moment.” Big deal. What is the relevance except to drag in the Isreali-Palestinian conflict? Munich wasn’t even a WINTER Olympics, Brian.

But here’s my real beef. Why is NBC using the Italian “Torino” instead of the English-version “Turin.” Did you all know that Torino is the city where the Shroud of Turin is housed in a Catholic cathedral? I had no idea with the Olympics being held in this city of “Torino” I had never heard of before. Is it possible that NBC doesn’t want you to know it is Turin either? Even other networks are befuddled. (h/t: Mediabistro)

‘Turin is the city’s English name,’ anchor Elizabeth Vargas told viewers Friday on ABC’s ‘World News Tonight. ‘Just as we would say ‘Rome,’ not ‘Roma,’ ‘Florence,’ not ‘Firenze.’ ‘” So ABC is sticking with Turin.

With Muslims outraged over a cartoon burning flags of Denmark all over the globe, God help NBC if they even hint to remind people of the Christian faith during the Olympic coverage. After all, they are also complicit in removing more and more references to “Christmas” each year as well.

GO TEAM USA, nonetheless!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

More Hypocrisy from NGLTF’s Foreman

Of the national gay organizations whose releases and statements I read most regularly, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) has perhaps the most over-the-top rhetoric and offer the most frequent distortions of conservative ideas and the policies of conservative leaders. Whenever there seems to be problem in the gay world, its Executive Director releases a statement blaming President Bush and/or social conservaties. Earlier this month when some creep violently attacked the patrons in a Massachusetts gay bar, Foreman was quick to blame the religious right for teaching such behavior.

From the moment the president tapped Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Foreman and his staff have accused the president of having sinister motives in making the pick and Alito himself for his radical record. Foreman claimed the president was dividing the country by naming this jurist and capitulating “to the howling from the extreme, evangelical right.” Later, he called Alito’s record “completely antithetical to the constitutional principles and values on which our rights and equal protection guarantees rest.” When the nomination of this good man to the U.S. Supreme Court was confirmed, Foreman lamented: “The confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court seat of Sandra Day O’Connor is a devastating blow to individual rights, civil liberties and equal justice under law in America.” (Emphasis added.)

While she did acknowlege some of the positive aspects of Alito’s Senate testimony regaring gay issues, Eleanor Acheson, NGLTF’s Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, still considered his appointment to the Supreme court as presenting “a mortal threat to the constitutional protections we have.” Not only is such rhetoric over-the-top, but it also, like much of what NGLTF has said about Judge Alito, distorts that good man’s record.

This is just one example of how NGLTF attacks — and misrepresents — someone on the right of the political spectrum. Given this background, I was amused to read about Foreman’s keynote address this weekend to Salt Lake City’s Winterfest 2006, “a conference sponsored by the local gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender (GLBT) community.” From the Beehive State, the Deseret News reports:

It’s time, [Foreman] said, to stop ignoring “the lies of our opponents, their distortions, their disgusting tactics, and the vile things they say about us. . . . You hear them, you see them, you feel their poison seeping into the public discourse and into young and old minds alike.”

He took exception to what he called the “gay exception” — the notion that “it is OK to say things about GLBT people in legislatures, in newspapers, on TV that no one, no one could get away with saying about another minority.”

It’s time, Matt, that you look in the mirror and consider your own organization’s tactics, NGLTF’s distortions and the nasty things you and your staff say about Republicans and conservatives. Your own rhetoric shows that you (and many, many others on the left) have carved out (what you might call) a “conservative exception” so you can say things about conservatives, particularly social conservatives, that no one could “get away with” saying about people with more liberal political views, particularly in newspapers and on TV.