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LA Times Highlights Abramoff’s Braggadocio in Order to Slime Rove

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 9:42 pm - February 15, 2006.
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When I picked up my copy of the LA Times this morning, it seemed I was looking at the print version of the Daily Kos. So amusing — and biased — did I find its headlines that I thought of setting up a new category on this blog devoted to coverage of bias in my hometown daily and calling it L.A.D.T.D.K. (Los Angeles Dead Tree Daily Kos). I could comment on the paper’s latest on the Vice President’s hunting mishap “Hunter Suffers Setback as Criticism of Cheney Grows,” but given that I’ve already blogged on that here and here and have had a busy day, I’ll focus on the other amusing article.

What really got me going this morning was that a Log Angeles paper would find it newsworthy that disgraced lobbyist Jack “Abramoff Bragged of Ties to Rove.” Let’s see we live in a town where people trying to make it in the entertainment industry routinely brag of ties the business’s movers and shakers. Would it be news that a shady agent, who had plead guilty to siphoning money from his clients, bragged of ties to Stephen Spielberg? Only if the Times were out to “get” Spielberg since such bragging is what agents do every day.

Just as an agent needs high level contacts in order to help his clients, so do lobbyists need similar contacts so that can help their clients influence legalization and government policy. By bragging of ties to Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff was just being a salesman, trying to make himself appear more powerful, in part so he could better attract clients. It might be newsworthy if he had met with Rove in the White House, but the article doesn’t indicate that such a meeting ever took place.

Indeed, while the paper notes thatf Abramoff bragged on numerous occaions about his access to the president’s top political advisor, it does not reference records of a single phone call between the lobbyist and the president’s top political advisor The closest the paper comes is to note that a former Abramoff associate “was the only person to observe Abramoff’s direct contacts with Rove, and he heard only Abramoff’s end of the conversation.” (Emphasis added.) Abramoff has pleaded guilty to crimes involving hiding funds so as to deceive the federal government. A man who deceives the government is a man likely to deceive his associates and potential clients.

No, there’s no new story, just a little more information about the “vaulting ambition” of man I once admired. Just like sleazy agents try to burnish their credentials by exaggerating their access to Hollywood big shots, so do greedy lobbyists exaggerate their access to the powers that be in our nation’s capital. A paper which serves the town where America’s entertainment industry is headquartered should realize that an influence-peddler’s braggadocio isn’t news; it’s the way business (or politics) is done. But, if it could be used to slime the media’s second favorite nemesis (after President Bush), then they’ll try to dress up a shady lobbyist’s boasting up as Karl Rove’s scandal.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

UPDATE: Calling our hometown daily “the Left Angeles Times,” Hugh Hewitt notes how in an article in this morning’s paper, writers Ronald Brownstein and Peter Wallsten “dip into their bag of mystery sources” to slam the Administration’s handling of the Vice President’s hunting mishap. Seems I’m not the only one who finds that in “articles critical of the president — and indeed the Governor for that matter, this paper routinely relies on unnamed officials.” Anyway, Hugh’s got a great piece, so read the whol e thing, indeed, he’s got a number of other posts on his blog with good coverage of the media handling of this mishap.

And Now For Something Completely Better

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 2:51 pm - February 15, 2006.
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Anybody get a look at the March 2006 issue of Men’s Health?
My favorite hottie, Jason Statham graces the cover and a few pages inside:

Some lines that seem to be written just for me: The Table of Contents invites you to “NAIL HIS WORKOUT” on page 122. In the article, Jason urges you to “Pound Your Core” on page 124. Is he talking to me?

Willie Nelson Climbs Aboard The Brokeback Horse

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:11 am - February 15, 2006.
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Ewww. Even that semi-innuendo laden headline gave me the “willies”. Ugh! Another pun!!! I’m guessing this new song of Willie’s won’t be ‘number 17’.

Anyway, PajamasMedia network partner, SayAnything, has the downlow on a new download from Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson just released a song about gay cowboys exclusively on iTunes. It is called “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond Of Each Other).”

I’m kinda not sure what to make of it. It certainly isn’t the sort of thing I expected from Willie Nelson. I mean, he’s always been something of an outlaw with the pot smoking and what not, but a gay cowboy song?


SayAnything has downloaded a clip of the song for your listening pleasure… (or creeped-out feeling where I landed). (LINK HERE FOR SONG) You have to be an iTunes subscriber to have the enjoyment of downloading the whole thing.

I’m afraid it is more than weird. As Simon Cowell would say…. it was “affected.” And, I think I may have to go puke.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Portrait of a Self-Loathing Canadian

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:16 am - February 15, 2006.
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Wow. I can almost taste the bile seeping over our border to the north. I actually feel sorry for this guy. But he’s certainly right at home at the anti-American Advocate. (I ask again, show me I’m wrong with that charge. When does the Advocate celebrate this nation, rather than tear it down?)

Dear America — by Matthew Hays on (Why am I not surprised Hays writes for the America-loving New York Times?)

As a Canadian, I want to apologize. For many years, I looked down on you. I sniffed at your capital punishment, right-leaning government, and massive military. I would comfort myself with the sense that I was better than you. After all, I’m a Canadian.

But all that changed on January 23 when Canada elected a conservative government with ties to far-right organizations. Boy, was I wrong!

Our sense of superiority grew in 2000 when you elected George W. Bush. With that came talk of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, the refusal to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, and last, but certainly not least, the invasion of Iraq. In those six years, I have never felt happier or more proud to be Canadian. And I rubbed it in every chance I got: Whenever I would bump into one of you Americans at a cocktail party, it was attitude, attitude, attitude.

I’m sorry for that—I really am. There can be no more smug attitudes. No more sneering self-righteousness. No jokes about your fascist state. Welcome to the new Canada: Our prime minister, Stephen Harper, says he is opposed to same-sex marriage and is willing to appease his base by reopening the issue—meaning a potential rolling back of gay rights in our country. And he has promised to withdraw Canada’s support for the Kyoto Protocol. Worst of all, when Bush set out to invade Iraq, Harper was the only party leader in parliament to rise and say we should be alongside the United States in that unjust and immoral war.

Ah, what does he know with his beady little eyes and flappin’ head so full of lies? Well, perhaps he could move to San Francisco. I’m sure he’d fit in well there… as long as he doesn’t trip over the taxpayer-subsidized homeless people every six feet.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)