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Andrew Sullivan Notwithstanding, Michelle Malkin is not a Liberal

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:59 pm - February 17, 2006.
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Today, on her blog, Michelle Malkin ran her second post critical of the Bush Administration’s decision to turn control of several ports on the eastern seaboard over to a company owned by the government of Dubai (one of the United Arab Emirates). As I read Michelle’s post, I realized how frequently this blogress criticizes the Administration on border control and immigration issues. Indeed, the first time I heard her speak (after Bush took office) — I believe it was on FoxNews — she faulted the president for not adopting stricter immigration controls. She has, for example, been relentless in criticizing him for tapping Julie Myers, niece to Richard B. Myers, former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to head the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in the (e.g. here).

And although Michelle has frequently criticized the president, I would never think to call her a liberal. Indeed, although we knew about her criticism of the president, we included her as one of our nominees for “Conservative Blogress Diva,” even identifying her as conservative in my first post on the contest — before we had begun to receive nominations from readers. That is, we called Michelle conservative even though she had not pledged “blind loyalty to George W. Bush.” She’s been criticizing him for years and, in our eyes at least, this great blogress remains a conservative.

Earlier this week, I made much of Andrew Sullivan’s posting as quote of the day a comment from Glenn Greenwald that “in order to be considered a ‘liberal,’ only one thing is required – a failure to pledge blind loyalty to George W. Bush” (Via The Corner). Andrew’s claims notwithstanding, Greenwald did not diagnose “the current situation accurately.” Because if he did, no one would consider Michelle a conservative.

And it’s not just Michelle. Indeed, as Marshall Wittman has written:

The reality is that prominent conservatives have been critical of this President on a range of issues – the Weekly Standard has questioned Administration’s execution of the war, the National Review and the Heritage Foundation has been critical of the President’s big spending ways. And now, a range of libertarian conservatives have differed with the President on the NSA program.

. . .

While Greenwald suggests that “loyalty” to Bush is the requirement for the right, the standard to be a member in good standing of the liberal/left community is hatred of Bush. . . . Because in the left wing universe, one must oppose everything the President supports.

(Via Instapundit.)

In the right wing universe, however, we are open to a variety of viewpoints. Far from seeing blind loyalty to the President, we have instead seen vigorous debate on a number of his policies, with general (and strong) appreciation for his leadership in the War on Terror and strong and unrelenting criticism of those who accuse him of dastardly and diabolical motives. Once again, Andrew Sullivan got it wrong. Perhaps he’s mistaken conservatives’ blunt criticism of unhinged Bush-haters as blind loyalty to the man himself.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Yet Another Olympic Gold Hottie

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:15 pm - February 17, 2006.
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I know I’m a bit delayed.. I’ll blame the tape-delayed NBC coverage, how’s that. Anyway, here’s another one of our Team USA Olympic Gold Hotties!

Seth Wescott (another native Carolinian!) in the Men’s Snowboard


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

We Have Arrived!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:00 pm - February 17, 2006.
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I can die now. Tammy Bruce (who I have a secret crush on despite both of our preferences) has listed us in her personal daily blogroll!

Many of you have indeed asked for a Tammy Blog Blogroll, so here is one for today, not in any particular order, and this certainly is not an exhaustive list, but it gives us a start. Keep in touch with these sites for all the news and updates you need. They’re ones I visit frequently, and I’ll do this every so often, with a different variety. In the meantime, I’ll chime in tonight. Have a great Friday afternoon everyone.

Pajamas Media
Little Green Footballs
Cardinal Martini
Brussels Journal
The Anchoress
All Things Beautiful
Right Wing News
Jihad Watch
Immodest Proposals
The Manolo
Gay Patriot
Tech Central Station

If the well-known progressive lesbian (who voted for W.) can embrace the two “right-wing gay nutcases”… there’s hope for humanity!

I’m just blushing….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Aren’t We Lucky?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 2:39 pm - February 17, 2006.
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American gays worry about this

Iranian gays worry about this

Where would you rather be living?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Ennis Vs. Aslan — Misplaced Hype?

Today I officially declare that I’m tired of the Brokeback Mountain hype. Over it. I’ve talked to too many folks who have seen it (no, not gay conservos either) who, like me, thought the film was just “okay.”

Sure it was a high-profile film because two macho A-list young straight actors play gay cowboys. But the film itself wasn’t the sweeping romantic, or tortured tough-guy epic that the hype leads you to believe. I reviewed the movie earlier and haven’t said much since, well with the exception of getting the Willies earlier this week.

But something struck me a few days ago when I read this post by DJ Drummond about the “cleansing” of Islamic terror by Hollywood. In it, DJ notes the following fact…

Well, at least they managed to avoid making [Sum Of All Fears] an action film about gay sheepherders, “Brokeback Mountain”, Oscar nominations or not, has only pulled in $97.6 Million worldwide, and does not appear to be gaining strength at the box office. For comparison, the much-snubbed ‘Narnia’ movie has already grabbed $511 Million at the box office.

Imagine you are a non-gay hating Red State American with kids. A single day hasn’t gone by where you haven’t heard about Brokeback and how wonderful a film it is. You would think to yourself, “gosh…that Brokeback must be the number one film of 2006!!!” But The Chronicles of Narnia and Brokeback were released on the same day — December 9, 2005. And yet DJ is right, Narnia has walked circles around Brokeback in terms of gross dollars at the box office — people voting with their pocketbooks.

Chronicles of Narnia worldwide gross to date:
Domestic: $285,283,677 43.4%
+ Overseas: $371,878,000 56.6%
= Worldwide: $657,161,677

Brokeback Mountain worldwide gross to date:
Domestic: $67,821,000 63.5%
+ Overseas: $39,000,000 36.5%
= Worldwide: $106,821,000

Now I am not trying to diminish the impact and impressive gross of the gay cowboy film at all. A $100M film (especially with a $14M budget) is damn impressive and is considered a blockbuster last I checked. But where is the relative attention to a half-a-billion-dollar film that happens to have a Christian/family theme? And having seen both, there is no debate that Narnia is the far superior movie product than Brokeback.

It certainly shows the liberal political bias of Hollywood and the news media. If you were an average joe, wouldn’t you assume Brokeback was the $500M film? This is just my way of pointing out that it is no wonder Americans think there is some sinister “gay agenda” out there seeping into society. From their perspective, there is.

**UPDATE** – I’ve noticed the commenters discussion over the true meaning of gross revenue and its relevance to which movie is more popular. It seems pretty simple to me. If you think that the average ticket is $8-$10. Then divide the gross of BB ($106M) by $10.00 and that is 10M people. Conversely, Narnia’s $657M means that at $10.00 a ticket, 65M people have seen it.

This debate seems the same as liberals convincing themselves they’ve won the last two Presidential elections despite the actual vote count. Remember, they argued the exit polls were right and trumped the actual vote count.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from GPW): We should also note that Narnia may have attracted more viewers than the 65 million people Bruce indicated in his update. This movie attracts a lot of children — and most theaters offer discounted prices for kids.