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The Democrats’ Jeff Gannon

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:46 pm - February 19, 2006.
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In a shocking mirror image, a Democrat running for a Texas House of Representatives seat pulls a “Jeff Gannon” and admits to a prostitute past.

Mirror image because when Gannon was forced out via the Lefty Bloggers, he seemed to fully embrace his gay roots, including being given a regular column by the Washington Blade. By contrast, TX House candidate Tom Malin has completely embraced his Christian roots.

Tom Malin for District 108

I am a human being with a flawed past. I have made mistakes and have made amends; changed my behavior. I stood before my Creator years ago and asked for His forgiveness, grace and redemption. I was born again and feel as if He has granted me a second chance in life and I thank God every day that I am alive and that I am able to dedicate my life to teaching others, enriching lives and acting as a vehicle of empowerment.

Funny, there’s no mention of candidate Malin at Gannongate Central. Why is that? Perhaps it is because the tactics of the radical gay “outers” have come home to roost with their own kind? Double standards by the Radical Lefties? Never!

Oh, I almost forgot…

Tom’s success as an entrepreneur has included being a Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director and Pink Cadillac Driver.
Tom was recognized as one of the top recruiters and sellers with Mary Kay and one of only 3 men to ever earn the use of the highly coveted Pink Cadillac.

And even though AmericaBlog had every piece of Gannon’s anatomy all over the Web for weeks, they why don’t they have all the dirt on Tom Malin’s (aka Todd Sharpe) escorting webpages?? (More info on that can be found at PinkDome).

Um….$500 an hour was his rate?!? Was he a prostitute or a lawyer?!?

What I find most amusing is that the results of this very micro version of a double-blinded clinical study seem to suggest that outed gay Republicans run to the Left (at least a bit!)….and outed gay Democrats run to God. What does John Aravosis think of this??

(Hat tip to V the K @ Caption This for reminding me of this story. I actually heard this on Friday on Rush’s radio show, but it slipped my mind until VdaK emailed this weekend!)

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

NASCAR Hottie Winner

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:25 pm - February 19, 2006.
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Jimmie Johnson (#48) wins the Daytona 500 for the first time under the yellow caution flag.

Jimmie Johnson – first NASCAR hottie winner of the season

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

America.. Start Your Engines!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:46 pm - February 19, 2006.
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Red State America’s favorite sport — NASCAR — has returned for the season as the Daytona 500 has been running all day today. We are in the closing laps of the race and there is nothing like watching NASCAR on HDTV!!!

It was five years ago that Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was killed during the Daytona 500 race. More on that here and here.

While the deaths of Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin and Tony Roper brought attention to the danger in stock-car racing, the death of Earnhardt, a seven-time champion in NASCAR’s top series and the sport’s most popular driver, galvanized an industry and accelerated a safety revolution.

“What went through a lot of drivers’ minds was that if Earnhardt could get killed like that, what about me?” retired NASCAR President Bill France Jr. said.

“You hate to say this, but you have to,” said H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler, president of Lowe’s Motor Speedway. “Earnhardt’s death got us all moving fast, which needed to be done. There’s never been the death of a race driver that’s had more of an impact.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Sunday’s Olympic Gold Hotties

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:18 am - February 19, 2006.
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I have some catching up to do, as pointed out in an earlier post.

First, big time props to Shani Davis, the Gold Medal Champ of the 1000m Speed Skating race. He became the first African-American man to claim an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history yesterday. Despite the controversy between Davis and Hedrick earlier in the week, this was a great race for the Americans and for Davis yesterday. Congrats! Oh, and Davis now exceeds the Gold Medal demographic expectations of an African-American on an USA team. If you consider that blacks make up about 11% of the population, Davis is ahead of that target making him represent 14% of the Golds acheived by the USA. Take that, Bryant Gumbel!

And I missed skiing hottie and Gold medalist in the men’s combined downhill contest last week, Ted Ligety (a PatriotPartner favorite.)

By the way, watching bobsledding in HiDef was really cool. And skijumping last night…. very cool. I love the Winter Games!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Norah Vincent’s Self-Made Man, A Must-Read Book on the Absence of Intimacy in Men’s Lives (Among Other Things)

When Glenn Reynolds first blogged about Norah Vincent’s new book Self-Made Man: One Woman’s Journey into Manhood and Back, I knew I had to read the book not only because I have enjoyed this iconoclastic lesbian’s columns, but also because, like me, Norah is a graduate of America’s finest small college. Despite its hype, the book did not disappoint. Indeed, I would call it one of the most important books published in the past decade, particularly important for gay people as it deals with the difficult subject of gender difference.

I ***highly recommend*** this book and regret that I will not be able to address all of the many points Norah raises. I underlined so frequently that were I just to type up the passages that struck me, I would spend all weekend on this post.

After spending one evening in drag in Greenwich Village, then watching a TV reality show where two men and two women “set out to transform themselves into the opposite sex,” Norah realized that the show’s producers “didn’t have much interest in the deeper sociological implications of passing as the opposite sex.” So, she decided to do her own experiment and live for a few months disguised as a man named Ned so she could “survey some of the unexplored territory that the show had left out.” Over the course of eighteen months, she would join a bowling league, frequent a strip club, date a number of women, live in a monastery, work as a door-to-door salesman and join a men’s group.

Of the many things she learned in her life as a man, what struck me the most (perhaps because it relates to the Ph.D. dissertation I hope to write on the role of the goddess Athena in men’s lives) is her growing awareness of women’s role as “communicators, the interlocutors between men and themselves, men and their children and even men and each other.” She found that one of the downsides of life at the abbey was that the “nurturing influence that women could provide, the communicative skills they could lend and foster were lost to these men, and much to their emotional detriment.”

We gay men are as in need of that nurturing influence as those monks in the abbey. The monks “took refuge in machismo because they feared inappropriate intimacies between men.” They feared being seen as weak — or gay. And yet, we gay men, comfortable defining ourselves as such, seem often to take refuge in a similar machismo, boasting about our sexual conquests and making catty remarks about having sex with our buddies, not so much out of sexual desire, but because we too fear intimacy. It’s far easier to boast about sex or hook up with another man than it is to forge an emotional connection with him.