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Saluting Our Best Partner In War On Terror

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:32 pm - March 2, 2006.
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Hat tip – Romeo Mike (blog-ally from Australia)

This week, Australian Prime Minister John Howard celebrates ten years in power. Most Americans probably don’t realize how important and strong of an ally Australia has been with America since 9/11. As usual, the American news media neglects reporting much about Australia, but it is probably a more conservative population than even in the USA based on reading I’ve done and the visit I made in November 2004.

In any case, I join with Romeo Mike is giving hearty salute to “Australia’s Ronald Reagan.”

Thank you, Prime Minister Howard! You are a true statesman and warrior against Islamic fascism. Hopefully the world will appreciate you and President Bush much more in the future than at present. Just like Ronald Reagan.

Related Story: Critics Left Clueless – Daily Telegraph (h/t – Romeo Mike again!)

VARIOUS polls taken to mark John Howard’s 10th anniversary as Prime Minister today show not only is he the most popular Australian leader in modern history but most Australians want him to stay on and contest the next federal election.

Given Mr Howard is without doubt the most unpopular leader in the eyes of the overwhelming bulk of the Australian media, these results are quite remarkable.

Not only do they highlight the breadth of support Mr Howard enjoys but they also underscore the alarming disconnect between the collectives which run the taxpayer-funded ABC and its print arm, the Fairfax press, with the mass of the population.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Sarah Piro — American Hero In War On Terror

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:38 am - March 2, 2006.
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This story is the reason I wrote the earlier post about the lack of heroes. I can do my part by highlighting the heroes when I find out about them.

Here is one for this week (hat tip: The Corner) — “Saint Piro“. (NOTE: The link is fixed. The story was originally on, but it is there no longer. I wonder why?)

Buzzing over this northern Iraqi city in her Kiowa scout helicopter, a .50-caliber machine gun and rockets at the ready, Capt. Sarah Piro has proved so skillful in combat missions to support U.S. ground troops that she’s earned the nickname “Saint.”

In recent months of fighting in Tall Afar, Piro, 26, of El Dorado Hills, Calif., has quietly sleuthed out targets, laid down suppressive fire for GIs in battle and chased insurgents through the narrow alleys of this medieval city — maneuvering all the while to avoid being shot out of the sky. In one incident, she limped back to base in a bullet-riddled helicopter, ran to another aircraft and returned to the fight 10 minutes later.

“They call her ‘Saint Piro’ — she’s just that good,” said her co-pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Todd Buckhouse, a 19-year Army veteran who has worked with Piro on two tours with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq.

Read the whole story! And let’s find more American heroes…. military and civilian… who are doing their part to protect us from the global Islamist movement.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Where Are All The Heroes?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:27 am - March 2, 2006.
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I’m on a “hero kick” lately. Check out these two posts to see what I mean.

Now for my biggest and angriest pet peeve in this vein: We do not have any heroes in the War on Terror, and we need them.

The area where the Bush Administration has fallen very very short in my eyes is truly making this war have meaning for those of us on the homefront. The only families feeling sacrifice in the WoT are those who have relatives in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Phillipines and all around the world where we are chasing down those who want to kill Americans and destroy Western civilization.

Part of the “war on the homefront” is having heroes. We need them, they are important. So far our only true heroes since 9/11 are the brave men and women from Flight 93 and the first responders in New York City following the WTC attacks.

But I know that there are many, many more heroes that are fighting on the ground in foreign lands and also in front of computers and maps at the NSA or CIA helping to stop attacks from taking place in the USA.

We need to hear about them!! I will do my part and ask you all to help me. Please, if you know of any examples that are allowed to be talked about… send them here.

To Those Who Make Decisions In Washington: You need to trust the American people and tell us about our nation’s successes in the War on Terror. The news media is not responsibly reporting this war. You need to step up to the plate. Many Americans in and out of uniform have lost their lives — they deserve better treatment than our news media is giving to this war. President Bush — that is your job to fix. Tell us who our heroes are.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Democrats’ Plan to Reclaim Power Exposed!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:22 am - March 2, 2006.
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(Hat tip – PatriotPartner)

Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hopelessness – The Onion

In a press conference on the steps of the Capitol Monday, Congressional Democrats announced that, despite the scandals plaguing the Republican Party and widespread calls for change in Washington, their party will remain true to its hopeless direction.

“We are entirely capable of bungling this opportunity to regain control of the House and Senate and the trust of the American people,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said to scattered applause. “It will take some doing, but we’re in this for the long and pointless haul.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reaffirms the Democratic Party’s promise to remain marginalized.
“We can lose this,” Reid added. “All it takes is a little lack of backbone.”

Satire imitating life? Or vice versa?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)