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LiveBlogging the Oscars

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:59 pm - March 5, 2006.
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Hi folks…. I’m liveblogging the Oscars here. And Dan is liveblogging them over at PajamasMedia. Just a note as we start…. PatriotPartner is allowing me to watch against his better judgment as, in his words, “there are so much better things on TV tonight.” So he’s watching under a protest flag.

8:00 Eastern – The opening montage is great… especially in HDTV!

8:02 – Great “Brokeback” reference with Billy Crystal and Chris Rock in a tent during the opening sequence pointing out that no one wanted to host the Oscars and John Stewart’s dream sequence with Halle Berry and George Clooney in bed with him. Very good, and very John Stewart-esque!

8:07 – Great crack at liberal Hollywood by Stewart – “This is the one place you can see this many Hollywood stars without having to donate to the Democratic Party. It is about time you all voted for a winner.” Not many laughs. Except in this household!

8:10 – Stewart: “Bjork couldn’t make it because as she was trying on her dress, Dick Cheney shot it.” Very funny!

8:12 – Stewart just went on a riff about how middle America sees Hollywood as a sex-filled, glitzy, Sodom & Gomorrah. “I really have no joke here, just thought you all should know that’s what people think.”