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Another Sign of the Apocolypse

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:05 pm - March 8, 2006.
Filed under: Annoying Celebrities,Movies/Film & TV

Paris Hilton has made a CD….of her singing songs. Honest.

The company [Warner Brothers] that once boasted a fabled roster of James Taylor, Neil Young, and Bonnie Raitt will release Paris’ debut in June. The track listing, on the CD she showed me, is as follows:

1.) Turn it Up 2.) Turn You On 3.) Stars Are Blind 4.) Jealousy 5.) Heartbeat 6.) Fightin’ Over Me featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss 7.) Are You With It? 9.) Do You Think I’m Sexy? 9.) Screwed 10.) Not Leaving Without You

You will notice that Paris, always cognizant of history, includes a cover of a No. 1 hit by Rod Stewart, a longtime Warner artist, with “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” She will not win a Grammy or be nominated for one.

Hey, don’t count her out for a Grammy quite yet.

After all, these guys won an Oscar.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)