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Marine Sgt. John Fry – American Hero In War On Terror

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:21 am - March 15, 2006.
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I am vowing to highlight our real life heroes in the War on Terror as I see them. Here is one that has a sad ending, but a Sgt. Fry is a hero for our times nonetheless.

Marine dies day before return home – Waco Herald-Tribune

A Marine from Texas who was due to return home from Iraq to his wife and three children this week was killed Wednesday after he volunteered to disarm a bomb in Iraq’s war-torn Anbar province.

Gunnery Sgt. John D. Fry, 28, of Lorena, south of Waco, specialized in defusing explosive devices and planned to return to his family at Marine base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for six months before starting another tour in Iraq in September.

“He believed in what he was doing,” Malia Fry said of her husband. “He was protecting his country, and he was doing his job because he didn’t want his children to grow up with people blowing up buildings.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)