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The Anti-War Protests That Weren’t

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:01 pm - March 18, 2006.
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Only 500 showed up in Sydney. Only 15,000 of the expected 100,000 in London. And on and on. Or less and less as the case may be.

I love this quote from British defence secretary John Reid who said that “the crowd ought to be supporting the United Nations and the Iraqi people rather than protesting.” I bet the moonbats brains started to ooze out of their ears at that one.

Meantime, poor PatriotPartner is in San Francisco for work this weekend and is surrounded by thousands of moonbats. He reports the crowds look larger than they really are because they are all walking in a circle. He’s seen the same signs twice in less than an hour. He also says the protestors haven’t seen the inside of a shower in about a week, and are mainly comprised of senior “Sixtian” hippies.

And he also agrees with ATG’s observation: this is mostly an anti-American, anti-Bush protest…. not a anti-war protest. Of course, it is being run by the last vestige of Communism on earth — A.N.S.W.E.R. — so what else would you expect?

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-Bruce (GayPatriot)