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Thoughts on 9/11’s Fifth Pilot

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:44 pm - March 27, 2006.
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Moussaoui Admits Lying So Sept. 11 Attacks Could Go Forward – FOX News

Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui helped himself get one huge step closer toward getting the death penalty Monday when he testified that not only did he know about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks ahead of time but that he and shoe-bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth airplane and fly it into the White House.

The self-confessed Al Qaeda member also said he rejoiced and was delighted when nearly 3,000 people were killed and the World Trade Center was reduced to rubble after the attacks that day.

Moussaoui’s three-hour long testimony in his death-penalty trial revealed stunning new details in the case, many of which were in stark contrast to his previous statements in which he said the White House attack was to come later if the United States refused to release a radical Egyptian sheik imprisoned on earlier terrorist convictions.

“I was supposed to pilot a plane into the White House,” Moussaoui responded when defense lawyers asked him if he knew he was supposed to be a pilot in the Sept. 11 attacks when he was arrested on Aug. 16 of that year. “I only knew about the two planes of the World Trade Center in addition to my own,” he added.

Some of my thoughts. First, Moussaoui should immediately be charged as an accomplice in the 3,000 murders that took place on September 11th. Second, this seems to prove that the brave American heroes on United Flight 93 prevented their plane from being flown into the US Capitol, since Moussaoui’s plane was planned to hit the White House.

Finally, shouldn’t our intelligence community have tagged Richard Reid and prevented him from boarding an airplane, much less wearing a shoe-bomb, since his was apparently one of 5 other intended 9/11 hijackers?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Log Cabin Supporter Weighs In On “Convention”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:26 pm - March 27, 2006.
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Equal time rule applies on this blog! This is a reply from a staunch supporter of Log Cabin (Republicans) to this posting from earlier today.

Subj: Dumb

The posting from Ted at Charging Rhino is just flat out stupid… the convention is key noted by Senator Danforth, honors the only openly gay R member of Congress, includes pieces on immigration reform, the war on terror, and reigning in spending… there is also a piece on Republican women that includes former Gov Jane Swift… and this doesnt sound like a Republican organization? give me a break… there are legitimate complaints and then there are the desperate and pathetic rants, that honestly dont even make sense when you read them… that posting is little more than pathetic…

I’m still not sure where I see any venue for reports on what LC(R) is doing, or any grassroots voting on issues or the makeup of the Board of Directors. But hey, I’m not wasting my money to go.

-Bruce (GayPatriot… on Pathetic Avenue today)

GP Reader Mailbag

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:49 am - March 27, 2006.
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I’ve received two emails of note lately that I wanted to bring to your attention.

First, this one from a reader in Missouri.

Subj: Your principled stance on marriage.
Just had to drop a note to high-five your clear and excellent thought process on this emotional issue. As is your style, you cut to the essence of the debate with honesty and feeling. It reminds me a little of when my daughter and her boyfriend were presenting all sorts of logical and economic reasons for which they should live together. I was so annoyed with them. I said, “Don’t give me economics, give me passion as your reason.” It felt right at the time and it feels right still. I want everyone to be able to love the person of his choice. Marriage is not a prerequisite to having that. Yes, civil unions are a good answer and I support them.

And then this one from a GP reader who contributed a significant amount of money via PayPal to this blog. It was so significant I wrote him back to make sure he hadn’t gotten a decimal point in the wrong place. Here’s his response.

No, that was definitely not a mistake, though I understand your wish to confirm it. I have given similar amounts to Independent Gay Forum and Andrew Sullivan in the past. My wife and I ardently support gay rights, but who we REALLY love are gay moderates and conservatives who know that there are other important issues out there, too. The most pathetic scene has been yours truly sitting next to a militant lesbian at a black-tie fundraiser for a well-known national gay organization and foolhardedly trying to convince her that being gay doesn’t necessarily require her to be a Maoist anarchist intent on destroying the system that, after all, provides refuge for all and will, with time, move ever forward, if slowly. Usually, I get a polite look that suggests I might be from some outer planet in the solar system. If they think that Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell are bad, the humorless men who will bring Sharia law to Western Europe in 2030 will make them look like Chelsea
boys on Pride Day.

I was also very upset last year about an outing of a sponsor of a gay conservative web site (to his employers) by the self-appointed leftist thought police that resulted in the shutting down of the site. This is intimidation of the worst kind. Anyway, that is my story. I hope that this contribution helps to keep your site active.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support of this site and the message we are trying to get out to mainstream America!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Convention? This Ain’t No Stupid Convention!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:08 am - March 27, 2006.
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Ted @ Charging Rhino has reviewed the … ahem… “program” for the Log Cabin “Republicans” convention and he’s not a bit impressed.

The following open-letter was faxed to Patrick Guerriero at Washington, D.C. Headquarters

24 Mar 2006


I’ve spent the last several days looking at the program for the LCR National Convention; looking at Expedia and for a better deal on rooms….and stewing. Looking at the options and mulling whether to skip Thursday-night, or just go Saturday, etc… And part of my problem is the Agenda…or rather what’s not on the Agenda.

If your NOT a VIP or Trustee; there’s the Thurs. Reception at the Capitol Club and the party later-on at Remington’s….but if your not a VIP you’re not invited to the intervening dinner. There’s no open-attendance dinner or party Friday other than the Trustee’s cocktail hour, and the Saturday evening party is for VIP’s-only as-well. And Sunday morning is the brunch for those “available”. As I read this, that means that the general LCR members will not have an opportunity for interacting with the VIP’s at-all socially between Thursday’s reception and Sunday’s brunch. All of the opinion-shapers and decision-makers will be out-of-reach and out of earshot for the duration of the LCR Convention after Thursday afternoon’s reception.

The official program bothers me in that it’s the agenda of a gay-rights group, not a Republican electoral organization. On Friday we have;
A speech in Gay Marriage, A speech on DADT, Keynote Speech by Bishop Robinson’s speech on Faith and Sexual Orientation, Followed by a panel discussion on religious intolerance, and a “Gay Rights” panel discussion.

On Saturday is the LCR Convention: GOP Women and the Big Tent, “Insights” into 2006 ands 2008, and “immigration reform, the war on terror and the spending situation in Washington.”

I don’t see any “partisan politics” being committed…and I don’t see any accountability of LCR-National to the general membership, nor the membership assembled. There’s no General Membership Business Meeting scheduled, and I don’t see any reports being made on the performance of the National, and I would have liked to hear some reports or comments from chapters on what was successful for them and not-successful. How they went about raising funds, soliciting both for their chapters functions, but also how they raised monies that where then channeled to their local, county and state GOP organizations. You and I both know that the two things that can any political organization influence in either party is the ability to mobilize manpower and money.

Where’s the grassroots organization and activism?? No small-group discussions? I see lots of “rights activism” but little “Republican political action”…and that worries me. Why no break-out seminars on getting involved in the partisan-political process. Presentations on why a gay Republican should run for local office. The How-to of organizing and growing chapters; or how to make a difference. I don’t see anyone speaking on how their Chapter has made in-roads into the GOP establishment…nor on how chapters can synergistically aid other chapters. Where’s the “politics”? How to orchestrate a mailing campaign. How to effectively lobby state legislators without waving huge bags of money. Where’s the the real-world examples of how to be effective on a county GOP committee to gain influence with the Committee.

I would like to attend, but I figure it’s $1500.-minumum at attend; and do what? Other than sitting in the dark, I don’t see the general membership of the LCR doing-much that counts; either at the Convention, nor once they get back home. At the moment, I think I’ll just leave my options open.

Yeah… and there doesn’t look like a chance for members to vote on the Board of Directors either. Perhaps that’s because it is fait accompli by the time the “membership” gathers.

At least there is democracy flourishing in the Middle East, even if it doesn’t at our national gay organizations.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)