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More Republicans Favorably Disposed to Israel than Dems

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 2:35 pm - March 31, 2006.
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When I was in college during the Reagan Administration, I could still find Republicans not favorably disposed to the State of Israel. Back then, the Democrats seemed the most consistently pro-Israel party. And while Secretary of State George Shultz was a good friend to Israel, his successor in the Administration of George H.W. Bush, James A. Baker, III was not a friend to the Jewish State.

As recently as the election of 2000, I was concerned that George W. Bush might not recognize the strategic importance of our alliance with that outpost of freedom in the turbulent Middle East. Shortly after the election of 2000 was decided, I told a member of my synagogue that I feared Bush (43) might be like his father on Israel. Well, his record has quieted my fears as the incumbent president ranks, along with Ronald Reagan and Harry S Truman, as among the best friends Israel has had in the White House.

And the president is not the only Republican favorably disposed to the Jewish State. According to Gallup, more Republicans have positive views of Israel than Democrats — 79% vs. 60% — nearly 20 points! It’s heartening to see this shift in Republican attitudes. And I’m delighted to note that while the Left has tried to use the “coaltion of the oppressed” argument to turn Democrats against that Middle Eastern democracy, a solid majority of that left-of-center party remains favorably disposed toward the Jewish State.

(H/t: Michelle Malkin.)