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Andrew Sullivan’s Troublesome Manner of Expression

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 8:08 pm - April 1, 2006.
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As I have been collecting notes for a large post outlining my major areas of disagreement with Andrew Sullivan, I read his latest column in the Advocate, which, despite one sentence, shows that Andrew still retains the iconoclastic voice that gained him respect in conservative circles — and among other thinking people. But, it’s his choice to include that sentence which helps explain why so few conservatives take him seriously any more. (To be sure, if it turns out that the Advocate editors added that sentence without his say-so, I might develop (once again) a more favorable opinion of that columnist and blogger.)

First, I’m amused that the Advocate continues to call Andrew’s column “Against the Current,” something which applies more to Andrew’s opinions for the better part of the Clinton era and the first three years of the Bush Administration (when (the viewpoints of some conservative bloggers notwithstanding) he really did take positions at odds with those of the gay establishment) than it does to his writings of late. While Andrew may (as in the case of this column) write about things that other prominent gay writers fail to address, for the past two years (well, the past two years, one month and six days to be precise), he has been at pains to swim with the gay current, albeit (given the quality of his prose) with a much stronger stroke.

In his latest column, “World war on gays,” Andrew makes the valid point (with which I agree) that we need to “wake up” to the persecution of gays around the world. In Andrew’s words:

as gay people in the richest and most powerful country on earth, we owe our brothers and sisters facing terror and violence abroad more than passing concern. We owe them solidarity and attention and help—now more than at any time in the recent past. Our biggest organizations are, as so often, useless. We need to demand they do more. We are in a global war against fundamentalist religious terror. We are rightly alarmed by the rise of the American religious right. But compared to the Muslim religious right, empowered by weaponry and state violence, the American evangelicals are milquetoast.

Exactly. It is unfortunate that it is iconoclastic for a gay person to say as much, but as Andrew rightly puts it, “the gay movement seems [instead] stuck in petty domestic loathing of Bush.

It is how Andrew follows that sentence which helps show why many serious conservatives no longer take him seriously as a critic of the president (or his Administration). He writes, “There’s plenty to loathe.” (Emphasis added.) Had Andrew changed just one word, “loathe,” to “criticize,” I would see this piece as a sign that Andrew was returning to his pre-02/24 self, a responsible, iconoclastic voice. But, his choice to include this one word is line with his over-the-top rhetoric since the President came out in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment. It’s one thing to disagree with the president, it’s another to join the unhinged radicals in hating him.

These past two years, my problem with Andrew has not been so much his ideas as his manner of expressing them. It’s too bad he has joined those he once derided in loathing the president because as this column shows, he still has something valuable to contribute to the debate. The more he demonizes the president, however, the less seriously those on the right will take him.

-Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest):

Update on the GayPatriot Country Music Fest

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:19 pm - April 1, 2006.
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The Brad Paisley concert on Thursday night in Knoxville was incredible. PatriotPartner and I recently bought a bunch of western wear duds, including my first pair of cowboy boots and a Stetson hat. So we got all dressed up for the part and headed to the Thompson-Boling Arena on the campus of the University of Tennessee (home of the Instapundit!)

We found ourselves only about 5 rows from center stage on the floor. I have never been that close to the stage in any of my limited concert-going experiences. Brad was great and we and thousands of others wound up being part of a Country Music Association promo to air on CBS in the coming weeks. The CMA awards are on May 23rd from Las Vegas.

Plus, after the “official concert”, Brad shot a video for an upcoming new single: “The World“. There were giant beach balls that looked like Planet Earth being bounced around the audience during the song. Awesome. So look for us close to center stage in any of those video clips!

Also, Sara Evans did an incredible opening set for Brad. She sings so many songs that I know that it wasn’t hard to sing along to every one. She is a high energy performer, and quite a hot-looking woman I might add. She is a mom of three kids and has been married for 12 years! And the girl looks 24. Tammy Bruce would enjoy. Heh heh.

Sara’s newest song is a great country riff and she told the crowd it is one of her favorites now. “Cheatin’

The night in Knoxville started off with smoking hottie country singer Billy Currington. Let me tell you folks, Ace from American Idol could learn a helluva lot about the “smoldering” look from Billy Currington. Whoa! He also sang some great songs like “Party for Two” (a duet with Shania Twain) that he sang with the ladies in the audience, and his very smoldering new hit “Must Be Doin’ Something Right.” If Billy comes to your town…. I suggest all the guys and girls check him out. Great performance, high energy, easy on the eyes.

These aren’t photos from our concert, because stupid GayPatriot forgot to bring his camera…. and we would have gotten awesome photos considering how close we were! But you get the idea.


Tonight, we are headed to the new Charlotte Bobcats Arena to see another one of our favorites. Martina McBride! I *will* be taking my camera… and hope to post some photos tomorrow. We are going to be going early as both of our local country stations are having tailgating parties before the show.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)