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United 93 — A Must See

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:35 pm - April 2, 2006.
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When the trailer played before “Inside Man” last week at the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, audience members began calling out, “Too soon!” In New York City, where 9/11 remains an open wound, the response was even more dramatic. The AMC Loews theater on Manhattan’s Upper West Side took the rare step of pulling the trailer from its screens after several complaints. “One lady was crying,” says one of the theater’s managers, Kevin Adjodha. “She was saying we shouldn’t have [played the trailer]. That this was wrong … I don’t think people are ready for this.” (via

Wrong…not too soon. This movie is in fact long overdue. Watch the trailer yourselves at the official movie website below.

United93 – Universal Studios

It is about time that Hollywood addresses the War on Terror upfront and based in reality. Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans and are organized in world war to do so. Not Russians, not neo-Nazis…. Islamic radicals whose teachers are in this country and all over the globe spewing hate and death to a generation. They publicly pledge to bring down Western civilization. Yet we are afraid to deal with the facts. Instead, Hollywood glorified a fantasy film by a left-wing ideologue. United 93 is long overdue.

How dare we offend Upper West Side sensibilities! *sarcasm off*

Again my friends, offending the liberal sensibilities and ostrich mentality is also long overdue. The Democrat Party and their collaborateurs at the TV network news divisions have tried to bleach from our memories those horrific images of 9/11/2001. I thank God that director Paul Greengrass and Universal Pictures have the guts to show some of our American heroes during the hours of our nation’s darkest day.

I saw “Flight 93” on the A&E Network and it was enraging, enthralling, horribly sad, and wonderfully uplifting. This is an American story that must be told. I hope to be first in line on April 28 to see United 93.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UK Foreign Minister Calls for “Safe Diplomacy”

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:47 am - April 2, 2006.
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Ha, ha, ha, ha!…. hat tip: AllahPundit @ Michelle Malkin.

Slip of the tongue – Telegraph (UK)

He said it. Jack Straw really did say it.

There he was standing before some 200 dignitaries in Blackburn, the cameras were rolling and Condoleezza “Condi” Rice was listening attentively.

As he introduced his guest, the Foreign Secretary held up a copy of a local newspaper and read out the headline: “Condom….er, Condi Comes to the Centre of the World”.

I admit I missed this unfortunate slip of the tongue. A more alert colleague pointed it out to me, but I refused to believe it.

I asked another journalist and she said she had indeed heard it, but I still had my doubts. Maybe Straw was just mumbling, as he does on the Today programme, I thought.

So last night I found my tape recorder and played through the speech. Suddenly, at one minute 32 seconds into the recording, there it was in its full, delicious glory: US Secretary of State Condom Rice.

Jack must be praying that Condi didn’t hear it. He may deny it, but I have the evidence on tape.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)